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Multitasking: What you NEED to know


Multi-tasking:  What you NEED to know.

Have you ever been around a little child who is engaged in what they are doing? Their focus is laser-like. Our society trains that out of us so it’s up to us to put it back.

 “Unfortunately, the human mind cannot, in fact, multi-task without drastically reducing the quality of our processing.  Brain activation for listening is cut in half if the person is trying to process visual input at the same time. A recent study at The British Institute of Psychiatry showed that checking your email while performing another creative task decreases your IQ in the moment 10 points. That is the equivalent of not sleeping for 36 hours-more than twice the impact of smoking marijuana.”

The above quote was excerpted  from a beautiful blog article by Timothy Ferriss, best-selling author of The 4-hour Work Week.  

I recommend this article:  It’s a surprise and very well written:

The Multitasking Virus and the End of Learning (part 1)

To get the most out of your day and life, learn how to manage yourself and learn about multitasking and time management fallacies, watch this great free video .  It’s just plane good advice about how to be successful in life.  Wake Up Productive


Quick start: You’ll need a routine that works for you daily:  one you can do every day to create the persistence needed to build a great life.  Here are some suggestions from the video, but it is really worth watching.

1.  Clean Focus spans of 90-180 uninterrupted minutes.  Eliminate interruptions: clutter, email, distractions, interrupting others-focus only on the task at hand.
2.  Pulse:  focus and then relax.  Based on our bodies’ ultradium rhythm our natural cycle is a rhythm that occurs every two hours.  (This is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s transition of energy from organ system to organ system.  Every two hours is associate with vital energy nourishing a particular ‘organ system’ of the body.)   The ability to have clean focus requires clean breaks:  drop it, go outside, don’t think about it and then return refreshed.
3.  Create Routines.  We are creatures of routine.  Create ones that strengthen you:  In particular:  how you start your day sets the tone.  Get up, have a big drink of fresh water (add some lemon is you can), exercise (for a fresh mind and freed emotional body), sit in silence for 5-20 minutes, eat a healthy breakfast, read something renewing and you’ll be excited to live your best life.
4.  Renew yourself.  Take time off, at least 1-2 days a week and at least 1-2 weeks a quarter.  You’ll be more productive, create more value in your life and more value for those around you.  And for your sake, get enough sleep.  (Read my article about how lack of sleep will ruin your life.)

You need a home that supports your routine and rituals for your day. 

If your home and office do not create a background for your life that is supportive, you need to revise and use Feng Shui to help it–and you–flow better.   


Where to start? 

Watch yourself throughout your day, honestly.  Where are you duplicating effort?  Where are your energy and flow “speedbumps?”  (Those things that slow you down or muddy your tasks.)   Are you spending time looking for things, repeating motions, walking out of the way to get from one place to another? Does your home support your routines?  Does the design and layout of your home and it’s furnishings make it easy to stay organized, feel focused, happy and engaged in your activities?  

Check out the Clear Your Clutter Weekly Plan to begin to look at yourself and your spaces differently.  Go to my website and sign up for the plan.  Then you can call me, we can start where you are and get you a plan that will work for you, your time and your budgets (emotional, physical and financial). 

 Let me know what you think.



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Mercury Retrograde: What it’s all about

RE:  The Miracle of Mercury Retrograde

Ready to review and renew?   Re-connect, re-establish, re-view:  “RE-“ is the key for this month.  How good are you at ‘going with the flow’?  Watch these next few weeks and decide for yourself.


Mercury Retrograde is an astrological occurrence that I have followed for the last 20 years that is probably one of the most widely recognized and popularly dreaded astro occurrence.  


“Oh no, not Mercury Retrograde again…”

 I have found that the 3-4 times per year that the planet Mercury goes “retrograde’ can bring the re-turn of opportunities we think we may have missed, the re-turn of an old friend or re-connection to life’s purpose.  It’s all a matter of where you have set your ‘happiness meter’ as to how you will experience this weird phenomenon that lasts about 4 weeks.  [You may have noticed electronics doing weird things for the last few weeks, sometimes a strong planetary influence will amplify the effects…But not all Mercury Retrogrades are the same and this one has it’s own special flavor.  (check it out at www.Astrology.com)


All of this can be either good news or unpleasant experiences.  Personally, I have had more re-connection with old friends, lost articles, abandonded projects re-emerge, clients re-connect and more wonderful things happen during Mercury Retrograde. 


It seems like a time to loop back on all that we do, get clear about handling things that are hanging on preventing our movement forward and those things that love you come back to love you again.


What to notice:

  • Missed communication:    re-state your understanding
  • Missed appointments:   re-schedule or re-evaluate
  • Electronics acting ‘weird’:  back-up your files, try to avoid buying a new electronic gadget, computer, phone, car, etc.  
  • Phone tag & re-scheduling:  Relax, they are experiencing it too.


What to do:

  • Re-lax, re-adjust, re-member peace
  • Accept the gifts


What to know:

  • Re-evaluate major purchases or electronics
  • Re-evaluate contract signing (unless you want to redo it later, or re-gret signing)
  • Re-lease old/negative ways of thinking, things that don’t serve you or make you happy.



For more information about what causes this rift and shift, visit http://www.astrologycom.com/mercret.html

Be gentle on yourself and those around you. 

Re-member: Just keep loving and


Row, Row, Row your boat,

Gently down the Stream,

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

Life is but a Dream.


Check out this video from Esther Hicks about The Stream in which we all live. 




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