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2 responses to “Sign Up to Get the Everything Matters Newsletters

  1. We get so caught up in everything that we can only see and touch and don’t realize the power of the energy that surrounds each and everyone of us…it’s very different trying to connect with yourself and feel the vibrations of the positive energy as well as negative that we all have within us. Once we do connect it makes so much sense about what happens to us in our every day lives. Thanks for the newsletter Fawn! Andrea Pohl

  2. Hi Andrea, You are so right and it’s my pleasure. Being designers, i think we are more aware of how colors, shapes and placement affects and reflects us. I think those little ‘negatives’ can become just speed bumps we can slow down for, remove and get past. Seems like there’s always something to learn but it CAN be easier–I know it.
    So wonderful to hear from you! I hope you are great!
    Many hugs! Fawn

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