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Great New Product — Do You Care About the Color?

formcard-com-screenshotDesign and color aren’t separate.

We are attracted by the next new “thing” and then make instant, often subconscious judgments about the product many of which are based on color: what to do with it, how it will perform, if we want to take the next step to investigate or even purchase it.

If you watch the video for Formcard, notice your response to the color as it is used.  This is not meant to be a spoiler by any means, I think the product is fun and useful…it kind of reminds me of Gumby and Pokey, but maybe that’s the joy of it along with the McGyver factor.  The saturated, “happy” colors add to this whimsy.

Notice your response and you’ll begin to understand the power of color in your own life and purchases:

Do you wish the color were different when used as a stand for the mobile phone?  Do you like the spunkiness of the product, and do the colors add to that for you?  Does it matter that the yellow Formcard is used as a repair for a tent pole?  Is the marketer using the color to draw your attention to the product and its capacity to offer quick repair? (If you have set up a tent in the wilderness, you know that you probably don’t have a glass of boiling water just sitting around–but the concept is exciting–quick repair!)  Will anyone use the yellow Formcard to draw attention to the repair, or will it be attractive to bees and you won’t know why?

Would you buy more of this product if it came in colors that were more like the items in your life already?

All of those questions above are secondary to my excitement about the product itself.  If you try it, let me know how you like it … and the colors!





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BOLD Color is Back! Trends for 2012/13

2012/13 Colors Inspires Intensity for Life and Unplugging from It All 

color wheelThe need for hope and happiness is drawing us to richer, brighter colors. Backgrounds can still be neutral but we’re adding some “pop” or accents to remind us that we’re alive, well and moving toward a more joyful future. Bright colors bring happy times. Muted colors are softer and less stressful. Dark colors calm us-although too much of them can be depressing.

Perhaps there is no such thing as a “new” color but at certain times, particular colors bubble to the surface to become the “now” color. Why?  Something about that hue or the way it’s paired with another color speaks to a fresh new attitude, and our emotional response is piqued and satisfied. You may initially balk at this “new” color; first you see it, hate it, then a few months later you love it, wear it, paint it . . . then a few months or years later you are ready for a fresh reflection of your new mood, interests and changing emotional needs.

 Of course, with interior design, it’s never about one color: The way colors are placed together creates a specific feel and energy. Color palettes are designed to create harmony, excitement or punch. A few years ago, for example, “avocado green” came back as a response to Baby Boomers’ need to feel safe, but instead of “harvest gold” we saw the avocado paired with a soft, pale blue to make it fresh and light.

Color for 2012 and beyond:  a Two-fold Quest

It’s time once again to live! Color is bringing back the eagerness and joy we need in our lives.  More than just struggle to survive, we want to boldly thrive. “The return to strong color will gain momentum this year,” predicts Dee Schlotter, brand manager for PPG’s Voice of Color. “Those of us who were reluctant in the past will take the leap into deep, vivid hues because our world has changed and we’ve recognized that there’s only one life to live and there’s no time to waste.”

“Intensity” is the key word and this quest is two-fold: A search for euphoria for some and, for others, a vivid longing for a sense of oneself. This intensity-although it may be only transitory-is positive; it brings energy, impetus and a self-sustaining enthusiasm. Living intensely spices up the tastes of the world, while reflecting and reconnecting with its quiet beauty, such as the small pleasures and modest instances of happiness-like the smell of moss in the underbrush, the feel of wind, a brilliant sky at sunset and the laugh of a child.

“Intensity is a survival strategy in crisis times,” explains Dee. “For some, it means seeking out extremes of sensation, rebelling against the bland existence that comes with cynicism and disenchantment. For others it means ‘unplugging’ in order to reconnect with a life they feel is fleeting.”

As a result, we may seek to amp up the chromatic density of our lives with vivid hues. We will go for colors that stir the senses and set them in motion. Our choices will be vibrant, optimistic colors that pack a punch and can’t be ignored. For those of us needing intensity, our spaces will be full of strong contrasts: heavy and weightless, shadow and light, hot and cold. Bold colors that help you stand out in a crowd and showcase your personality. Consider injecting your décor with deep indigos like Blue Tang, saturated reds like Rum Punch, big purples like Grape Juice and almost-neon yellows like Citrus Spice-just four of the 20 key colors presented in PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ 2012 trends.

For others of us feel our lives have become a race to the future at the expense of the present, we will turn inward, slow down and simplify. We will gravitate towards quiet, understated palettes accented by deep, rich colors that bring mystery and invite intimacy.

 Find Yourself Here:

View the four new trend palettes in PPG Pittsburgh  Paints’  Voice of Color program for 2012-2013 and if you don’t fancy these, read on below:

PPG 2012 Local Revival
Local Revival Color & Design Palette
is natural, solid, in rhythm with local beauty.


Local Revival

This trend is about unplugging from a complicated life and living more simply, in harmony with one’s community. It’s about reconnecting with the rhythm of the seasons, homegrown foods and the materials of the region. Craftsmanship is valued. Materials are strong and classic: leather, wood, aged metal. Design forms are simple and familiar: antique-industrial and retro-mechanical. Folkloric patterns tell the stories of generations. The palette is a mix of red berries, stone gray and solid brown refreshed by a creamy white. PPG colors in this palette are Rum Punch (231-7), Burnt Red (133-7), Pralines and Cream (117-3), Earl Grey (522-5) and Poppy Pods (526-6).


PPG 2012 Beauty Queen
Beauty Queen is Sophistication meets Disco, sort of like Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta


Beauty Queen

This palette speaks to the unapologetically confident woman. It’s the return of glam with  disco sophistication. Beauty Queen strikes a feminine note but doesn’t exclude her suave, charming man. It’s high-intensity color that can turn light and airy on a dime. Lush and mysterious, soft and fresh, girly but not; the built-in contrasts sensation-seekers want. Ultra-slick surfaces like Lucite and mirrors capture the best spirit of the 70s. Sharp fuchsia pink and juicy purple are softened with cosmetic pink and freshened with this year’s brighter teal and white. PPG colors in this palette are Grape Juice (240-7), Tutti Frutti (138-7), Whirlpool (202-3), Candlelight Beige (216-1) and Brandy Alexander (535-3).


PPG 2012 Quiet  Tech
Quiet Tech is soft, quiet, and richly intellectual.


Quiet Tech

It’s impossible to unplug without a place to escape to, so minimalism is the foundation of this trend.  Rooms have visual interest without complication. Details and embellishments are kept to a minimum. Pale and mid-tone wood tones don’t overpower the space. Shapes are rounded and tactile to keep rooms from feeling barren or cold. In the palette, ink blues play with earthy and calming neutrals.PPG colors in this palette are Gray Stone (517-4), Blue Tang (449-7), Chinese Porcelain (449-6), Earthy Ocher (315-5) and Spice Delight (215-2).


PPG 2012 Deco Candy Voice of Color
Bold color and power packed punch,
Deco Candy is just plain fun and alive.


Deco Candy

Bringing together vibrant colors and fun design, Deco Candy transforms a home into an intensely joyful playground. A vivid harmony of citrus accented by this year’s bright blue, clean green and tangerine, the color scheme is irresistibly optimistic. Stripes and color-blocking bring a sense of organization to what could otherwise be too boisterous a spectrum of hues.

Colors awaken the senses. PPG colors in this palette are Mother of Pearl (513-1), Persian Blue (153-5), Hearty Hosta (208-5), Tangerine Dream (123-7) and Citrus Spice (110-7).

Choose Your Colors: Get Advice in Your Home

You can now get color advice in your home by color experts!

ExcitingColors! Certified Color Consultants are available in select cities throughout North America to help you choose just the right color for your home to bring you years of happiness.

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Smelling, Scenting and Designing — Unlocking the Vault

What Marketers Know-and our project will bring to light

Do you SMELL that?    You Did and It Worked!

Major corporations understand the impact of smell on their bottom line.  We will stay longer, spend more money, and be forever loyal to a product or a place if the smell can unlock memories, emotions, our wallets and wonderful experiences.  

what does your design smell like

Daisies lack a floral scent; they look beautiful but unlike a rose or gardenia or even the freshness of a spring or fall day, daisies don't offer the richer experience scent can bring to create a more perfect moment.

What does your laundry smell like?  What does your child smell like?  What does your retailer, school, or interior design smell like?  Do you know that smell is a key factor for motivating behavior?

We do it all the time:  smell gives us clues.  We know the smell of our mate, of crayons, of laundry, mold, sour milk, and other smells that inspire us or warn us. We were taught that mother animals will not retrieve its baby if they smell humans.  (A fallacy, by the way, moms smell us but the mothering instinct is stronger.)

Smell is an extremely powerful indicator and motivator, one that brings up a strong response,  immediately presenting us with memories, attraction or repulsion, information about how safe or enlightening something is.

Retailers & Manufacturers have been doing this forever

According to Tracy Pepe, Perfumer and Scent Designer and owner of Nose Knows Consulting: businesses, retailers, event planners are increasing their bottom line by incorporating scents to create a totally designed sensory experience, increase profit and customer loyalty.  Tracy works with many of the companies whose products fill your shelves, companies who know that one key to increasing their bottom line is by creating a scent that will increase profit and customer loyalty, and it works, we are hooked by the scent and the emotion it elicits in us.

Scenting designed spaces is more than lighting a candle in the stink (or darkness, if you wish).  It is science, marketing and psychology.  Done properly and with natural ingredients spaces and people are transformed. Because people’s emotions and memories are so closely associated with scent,  improperly designed scents and spaces can have a negative, even disastrous, effect.  (Feng Shui, it’s what I do.)

Tracy works with Event Planners and Chefs, Hosts and Hostesses, Wedding Planners:  anyone who would like to create a something that is so eloquent,  profound and enveloping the guests won’t forget the experience ever.  I promise you that…back to the project.

Michigan Avenue Research

Recently in Chicago for a presentation, we took some time to do research on Michigan Avenue:  the Miracle Mile of retailers, restaurants and leading edge design of everything you can think of.

Hanging out with and working with Tracy (and Jean Jennings of PPG Industries) is amazing. Besides being totally fun, it was research.  Ok, totally fun research.  We visited clothing stores, audio stores, restaurants, coffee and chocolate shops, even a few lingerie shops,famous for using scent to inspire a mood and desire — to purchase that is.  We talked about the Feng Shui of the cutting edge design of British Clothing Company  AllSaints Spitalfields, smelling the space, watching the colors and the layout.    I first saw AllSaints unique retail design in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

AllSaints Spitalfields  London UKAllSaints Spitalfields Michigan Ave StoreAllSaints Spitalfields Michigan AveAllSaints Spitalfields Michigan Ave

Rows and rows of “old school’ sewing machines, machine parts and great clothing for Gen Y, Gen X and anyone else less than a size 10 with a sense of Industrial Prairie Style — very cool.  Can you imagine what this design smelled like?Great Dress at Allsaints Spitalfields


What does Purple smell like? The Nose Really Knows


What Tracy can do is walk into a space and name the many ingredients used to scent it.  She is also amazing at matching a scent to a feeling and even a color.  Her work with major corporations, has given her the ability to create magic…retail magic.  Ask her to create relaxation, jazz, or darkness and she’s already working on which raw materials will create the beginning, middle, end and experience with scent.

As we visited Michigan Avenue’s LaPerla, Tracy chose to investigate the black bottle of scent. “This should have been in a different color bottle; what color do you think?”  She knew the color but was educating me, allowing me to make the connection, in a cross-sensory association of smell to color.  “Purple,”  I said, “this smells round and purple.”

Scenting spaces and events is artful.  In Tracy’s Brampton, ON studio, one whole wall is filled with what she calls “Raw Materials.” The smaller the vial, the higher the price.  It takes 60 to 70 years to become a Master Perfumer, training the sense of smell to follow the ‘Notes’ and the “Accords” of smell, travel first with the “top note” through with the layers of scent.  Layer upon layer these molecules fill our noses, directly access our brains and create desire, experience, memories, loyalty and create profit for those who know how to use them and sell them to the rest of us.

Smell is one of our most important indicators and a strong motivator.  

Read more on my post about how our sense of smell can motivate, indicate health, non-health (take the  very important Alzheimer’s Test), signify agreement or harm.

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Top 10 2011 Hotel Openings — Design Trends?

Because I travel North America talking about Hotel Design Trends, when I came across this article while reading a trade web, I was intrigued.  I don’t know if I agree with their choices, would you?

Here is ‘s ranking of the Top 10 Hotel Openings for 2011.  Take a look at the design see if you notice any interesting design and trends.


“No.10 St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London, London, UK

The golden era of glamorous rail travel is long gone (at least for those who can’t quite afford the Orient Express), which is why London will welcome the return of Britain’s showiest railway hotel with open arms when it reopens in March. Formerly called the Midland Grand Hotel, no less than £150 million has been invested to return the original Victorian-Gothic structure to its former glory. A 10-year renovation has ensured that all the best bits have been kept and painstakingly retouched (such as Sir George Gilbert Scott’s cantilevered staircase), while shiny new additions, such as the 189 bedrooms in the extension at the back, are in keeping with the building’s original style. A 120-seat fine-dining restaurant will wrap things up nicely, no doubt flanked by the capital’s most chic commuters. 

No.9 W London, London, UK

As the most anticipated hotel opening in the UK this year, W London certainly has a lot to live up to — and if early media whisperings are to be believed, it will. Scheduled to open on February 14th in an attempt to capitalize on an already bled-dry holiday, this hotel is the W brand’s first opening in the UK and is well located on London’s tourist-filled Leicester Square where the Swiss Centre once stood. No less than £300 million has been pumped into the project by parent company Starwood, which has seemingly forgotten about the recession, allowing for 194 blingtastic rooms, a destination restaurant, a bar-club combo, a fully equipped spa, and an on-site store selling party frocks and whatnot. There’s even a 48-seat cinema should leaving the premises prove a little too strenuous for would-be guests. Expect the launch party to raise the roof (and more than a few eyebrows, with celebs getting up to no good inside).

No.8 Waldorf Astoria Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Bringing a big slab of New York-style hospitality to Germany this year is Waldorf Astoria Berlin, housed inside a 31-floor glass-fronted tower in the business district of Kurfürstendamm. Catering predominantly to the corporate crowd, Waldorf Astoria Berlin will boast 242 extremely well-appointed rooms as well as an on-site restaurant, bar and spa. The crowning glory of this new build, however, will be 1,000-square-meters of conference and meeting facilities, sure to lure hundreds of white-collar office workers through its doors once the ribbon has been cut on opening day. Waldorf Astoria’s signature no-nonsense approach to service will also ensure that the city’s notoriously discerning (read: picky) residents will be kept in the manner to which they’ve undoubtedly become accustomed. 

No.7 The Queen Victoria, Cape Town, South Africa

Having enjoyed good press and endured bad press last year, it’s good to see that Cape Town‘s public perception is once again tipping to the more positive side of things with the opening of a new boutique hotel in March. Called the Queen Victoria, this sumptuous new stay (housed in an existing building in the Victoria and Albert Waterfront) is small but perfectly formed, with just 35 rooms for weary guests to hunker down in. Murals of Queen Vic (who else?) abound inside, while plush furnishings, rich fabrics and a muted color palette of oyster, taupe, gray, silver, and burgundy link public spaces. The hotel’s most impressive feature, however, will be its grand entrance, characterized by a spectacular triple-volume atrium with a spiral staircase and glass elevator. Indeed, if this doesn’t get five stars, we don’t know what will.

No.6 W Paris-Opéra, Paris, France

While W Paris-Opéra isn’t due to open until the end of 2011, the buildup begins now. Found in the trendy Parisian district of Opéra, just minutes from the Garnier Opera House, the plush property will add 90 sumptuous rooms and suites to the capital’s already chic hotel scene. Housed inside an elegant 1870s Haussmann-era building, the hotel (the brand’s eighth in Europe) will be an all-encompassing destination station, with a restaurant, bar, fitness facility, spa, and lounge. As with all W properties, the W Paris Opéra will boast the brand’s signature Whatever/Whenever concierge service, providing guests with anything from a gourmet picnic in Jardin du Luxembourg to shopping excursions in the emporiums of Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

No.5 Ritz-Carlton Montreal, Montreal, Canada

In renovation since 2008, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal will finally reopen this autumn after a $150-million face-lift. The iconic stay, located at 1228 Sherbrooke Street West, will celebrate with a paparazzi-worthy opening to show off its revived facade, lobby, Palm Court, Grand Ballroom, and Ritz Garden — all of which have been restored to their former dazzling glory. The best bit, however, will be the 46 private residences that have been added to the property, all furnished to shades-on superstar standards. Having this as your home address would certainly be a talking point with the ladies.

No.4 Palazzo Versace Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Versace isn’t known for its understated aesthetic, but when the Italian brand comes into contact with Dubai — land of flash and trash — you can only imagine what would happen. In fact, you don’t need to imagine, as the Palazzo Versace showcases what would become of such a meeting. Following in the flamboyant footsteps of Versace’s sister outpost on Australia’s glossy Gold Coast, this £400-million wonder will be one of the United Arab Emirates’ most ridiculously over-the-top stays when it opens mid-2011. Inside will be 213 suites and 169 private residences, as well as a host of slick restaurants and bars, an on-site superspa, a ballroom, and a boutique for the not-so-subtle flogging of Versace wares. But the hotel will also feature its own “refrigerated” beach, plugged into a system of heat-absorbing pipes and wind blowers to keep beachgoers in barely there swimwear calm, cool and collected. The green scene clearly hasn’t caught on here.  

No.3 The Breakwater, Miami, USA

Although it rang in the New Year by opening on January 1st, the Breakwater’s launch will be remembered long after the streamers have been swept away and the champagne has been mopped up. Fulfilling its promise of “chic and sexy and unfiltered individuality,” the hotel boasts supersleek interiors by renowned designer Stephen B Jacobs, with decor that sets a more serene scene than the rock ‘n’ roll-inspired Clevelander next door (where TVs are chained to walls to avoid them being thrown out of windows). Think minimal furnishings and muted tones across 100 spacious rooms, with bright pops of color adding extra pizzazz. The rooftop lounge, obligatory at any Miami hotel worthy of its Art Deco facade, is the perfect place to kick back, with the deck flanked by daybeds during the afternoon and lit with candles by night. Date night, anyone?

No.2 Mondrian New York, New York, USA

Thank God there’s something else to focus on in February other than Valentine’s Day; opening in the most depressing month of the year is the Mondrian New York, the brand’s downtown debut. While details are being kept hush-hush, pics forwarded to us by in-the-know PRs (now unemployed, we imagine) reveal wonderfully trippy Alice in Wonderland-style interiors (courtesy of superstar designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz), particularly throughout the enchanted manicured gardens drenched with moody-blue lighting. Indeed, if you haven’t smoked anything suspicious prior to entering, you may want to in order to appreciate the head-spinning aesthetics. The theme carries through to 270 jaw-droppingly beautiful rooms as well as the destination restaurant to be headed up by none other than culinary genius Sam Talbot.

No.1 Shangri-La Paris, Paris, France

While current Paris gossip is largely centered on French Vogue’s new editor, we’re more concerned with the much-anticipated Mandarin Oriental Paris opening on Rue Saint-Honoré. When is another story, with the launch date having been pushed back countless times, but we do know that it will throw open its doors toward the latter part of 2011. With 138 rooms, a slew of restaurants, a spa, and an inner courtyard in which to smooch with your loved one, this hotel will have the city’s other hotels shaking in their designer-heeled boots — particularly Shangri-La Paris, which opened in December and has every intention of holding on to its press attention.”

I am compiling my own list of Top 10 Beautiful Hotels (shhh–my favorite hotels are the Mandarin Oriental Hotels anywhere in the world)

What is on your list?

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Color and Design Directions 2011/2012 from PPG Voice of Color

Get ready for a grown up attitude and one large dose of color, fantasy, organization, real beauty and innovation.  

PPG Color Trends Patricia Urquola Chair Bloomy

Bloomy Chair by Patricia Urquiola signals beauty, form, function and enterprise, exactly what we are looking for in 2011

Color trends reflect who we are as a collective and where we are going; they reflect what’s going on inside of us as well as in our world. 

Some of us may not see ourselves at all in the new color and design trends; but rest assured, there’s a subtle scent that will find you whether you shop at Target or Neiman Marcus, some of this beauty and structure is wafting into your life, or you will want it soon.  In my post about the upcoming energy of 2011, you’ll see that these color and design trends help us each and all stay focused on what is really important.

We are different this year than last, more positive and victorious, yet we understand that true victory over adversity means we stay focused on what got us out of the mess and into the sunshine.

Design Directions Follow Emotional  Needs and Values

We are making choices based on what we value, regardless of our age, income or social status.  What we value now is deeper, richer and more a reflection of the beautiful humanity within each of us.  We are similar and we are different, and we are more aware of the need to take care of our own worlds, to make our individual homes reflect that nourishment we need and to live and let live, thrive and let thrive.  We are also looking for meaningful beauty, design and products tied to our core values for a richer, wiser planet.  The colors and design are a reflection of who we are and an illustration of our highest desires and ideals

Fawn Chang Design and Feng Shui PPG

Voice of Color's 2011 Harmony Trends Palettes

Some companies introduce one “color” of the year and hope that that one color will tell the whole story for everyone.  When PPG introduces colors to Homeowners, Architects and Designers, in context of a color palette, of trending designs, and of overall zeitgeist of the era.   Beyond that, Voice of Color doesn’t imagine these trends will appeal to everyone, and don’t feel that trends should never override your particular taste and style but embellish it.  

Take a look at what is being predicted to be the “color trends of the year” for interior architecture:

Because a trend is never about just one color but rather about all the colors in a room or space, The Voice of Color creates a signature five-color palette card that expresses the mood of each new palette and offers colors for paint, fabrics, flooring and accessories.

The four new “Wow Color Now” palettes in PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ The Voice of Color® program for 2011-2012 are:


The soul of this palette is warm and authentic. It fuses the ancient, the mythological, the raw, and the primitive with a highly technical and minimalist modern-day aesthetic. A mix of ethnic

Fawn Chang Design and Feng Shui PPG

Vincent Wolfe's designs illustrate the warmth and organization of INstinct.

exoticism and modern urban sophistication, this style befits the grown-up taste of a true citizen of the world. This palette is the most muted and grounded, organic rather than adorned. It blends light and dark woods, burnished leather with raw utilitarian stitching, and deep browns and natural charcoal stones.

The palette is refined but essentially basic and showcases the colors of materials with rich earthy qualities—leather, minerals, wood, and fur—enabling their natural beauty, grain, and texture to emerge.

PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Dark as Night, Timber Beam, Angel Food, Almond Cream, and Rum Runner.



Fawn Chang Design and Feng Shui PPG

This warm, pink-based red -- PPG Rum Runner -- brings life and love to spaces. A little or a lot, you decide.

With a focus on the “amour,” Glamour is mysterious, sophisticated, sensual, and intricate. It’s déjà vu from a contemporary perspective; always intentional, never shy. Slightly theatrical, conjuring an atmosphere of a new-age Sleeping Beauty, Glamour’s take on pattern is bold and sharp, with plays on negative space to constantly surprise and delight.

The palette incorporates glorious neutrals inspired by the most sumptuous materials, and inspires thoughts of time-worn limestone, starkly modern crystal, magnificent black marble, the warmest gold and other color-infused metallics. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Dark as Night, Timber Beam, Angel Food, Almond Cream, and Rum Runner.

NEW Bohemia

Fawn Chang Designs and Feng Shui PPG 2011

Quirky, fun, storied and colorful, "I drank what?" is the Gypsy-Jetsetter look of New Bohemia

Personality exudes from every inch of New Bohemia through a whimsical sense of design, a rebirth of craft, and the appearance of secondhand objects and other quirky and nostalgic elements. It’s a vintage aesthetic for a contemporary age, at once authentic, romantic, imaginative, and poetic— it positions the room as a discovery center or personal scrapbook. The style is gypset, fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set.

With fantasy, fairytale, floral prints as an inspiration, color is innocently romantic and untamed. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Red Cedar, Happy Trails, Hat Box Brown, Green Wave, and Aqua Fiesta.


Fawn Chang Design and Feng Shui PPG 2011 Trends

UpCycle: Clean, nature colored, lots of wood and a rich blue signify grown-up sustainablity that no longer hurts but is fun.

The green movement grown up, UPcycle is about living simply with beautiful, useful, and sustainable objects. It is a philosophy steeped in the desire for clarity, function, and craftsmanship; it repudiates wastefulness and embraces the authentic, the meaningful, and the simply fun. Honest yet elegant, UPcycle is optimistic, clever, and proactive.

The palette is simple, honest, and upbeat, as the colors coordinate with wood, basic yarns, wool, cotton, untreated metals, and simply glazed ceramics in tone-on-tone. A color-blocking effect injects the dose of “up” into this color cycle and lights up pale wood tones. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Brown Basket, Allspice, Gold Buff, Chalkware, and Adventure.




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