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How To Buy a Happy Home – The Secret To Avoid Trouble

The Secret to Buying a Happy Home

-or- How to avoid a divorce, illness, job loss, or worse..


When you buy a home, what you are buying is the next phase of your life.  By the end of this article, you’ll know some major things to look for.

Why would you want to imagine what it’s like to live in their shoes?

If you buy their home, you will begin to live the same life.  If it’s a wonderful life, buy now.   But unless you use “Feng Shui eyes” you could be in for an unexpected turn of events.  In my experience, homes don’t lie.  Rarely is a home so toxic it can’t be solved, but it does happen.  Most often, the energy can be adjusted but if you don’t know the difference–you’ll be in for trouble.

Things that matter when buying a home:

  • The Outside: Neighborhood, Land, Style & Layout
  • The Inside: Style, Layout, Colors, Shapes & Items
  • The History

Feng Shui wisdom can save you a trip to the divorce attorney or worse.  If you find a home that you love and that home has some challenging Feng Shui issues, you can usually reverse the negatives by making some changes that won’t cost a fortune:  that’s the beauty of the science of Feng Shui. 

The Outside – The Neighborhood
     determines your ability to be effective in the world


1.    A healthy and vibrant neighborhood:  good life force means you won’t be drained or asked to devote YOUR energy to keep it vital.  It will support you rather than drain you.

2.    A healthy business district, health trees, well-maintained homes, gardens and streets.

3.    Not directly near a cemetery, hospital or church –while these are important aspects of a community, living too near these can deplete your own health.  Avoid living near a prison or municipal buildings such as Fire Station, Police Station or water treatment plant.

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Timing is EVERYTHING: Light and Color Activate Health in our Bodies

Blue light tells our bodies to “Wake Up!” The Blue TV and Computer light at night is wreaking hormonal havoc on our bodies.

You may have heard about Circadian Rhythms, the cycles of life driven by the sun’s rising and setting and the amount of light and darkness in our days.

What you might not know is that light is color and color is light.  The colors of light, at specific times of the day, activate our bodies to respond in different ways.  Mix up the colors and the rhythm and you would be challenging your body’s ability to regulate itself through sleep and hormonal cycles.  Some recent studies have actually shown decreased human growth due to overexposure to the ‘wrong’ color light at the ‘wrong’ time of day.

Researchers have discovered that blue wavelength light, which is most available in the morning, has a way of signaling the pineal gland to stop producing Melatonin, the sleep hormone.  No melatonin, you lie awake unable to sleep and you body is unable to regenerate itself as efficiently and you are deprived of the all-important REM sleep needed for a healthy mind, body and soul.  The answer, turn off the TV and the computer in the early evening or at least an hour before bedtime.  You’ll have better sleep and perhaps more cuddling with your significant other.

Wall Color

Color is actually Light, and each color is its own frequency that speaks to our bodies unlocking different responses in our physiology.  The color around us, either on our walls or reflected to us from the greenery outside, or from the TV or computer screen,  speaks directly to our bodies rearranging our ability to be healthy, happy and wealthy.   Feng Shui has known this and .

Here’s the bottom line:  the colors of our spaces influence us:  our moods, our associative memory and our phyisology.  Feng Shui has been telling us this for thousands of years, the Egyptians for thousands of years before that and now researchers are proving it with scientific accuracy.   To paraphrase T.S.Elliot, its as though  our explorations have led us back to the place where we started and we know it as if for the first time.  (full quote here.)

A Better night time color scheme: warm, soft “flesh tones” and sunset colors. Prior to sleep: full darkness allows our bodies to regenerate and reach REM sleep.

Excerpt and link:

Research Team Shows Skin Stem Cells Run By Circadian Clock

( — Most everyone has heard of the circadian rhythm or the internal clock that people have that tells them when to do things, such as go to sleep. In fact, researchers have actually located where this “clock” resides in the human brain. It’s in the suprachiasmatic nuclei, a pair of distinct groups of cells located in the hypothalamus. So, that would seem the end of it right, except it’s not; new research by a group in Spain has found that individual stem cells in skin have their own circadian clock of sorts that tells the skin when to do certain thing, like regenerate. The team led by Peggy Janich and Salvador Aznar Benitah, has published the results of their study in Nature.

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Q&A Is this a Bad Idea?

I really enjoyed giving this Energy Dynamics teleseminar.  You can Listen Again Here.

To Recap:   Colors, shapes, people and activities have unique qualities.  Feng Shui categorizes those qualities as to how they move.  People have specific qualities that are enhanced or drained by colors or shapes or people.  This is the entire basis of Feng Shui:  the flow and movement and interface of energy.

The 5 categories are ones we all understand because we understand these basics of nature by its action:

Water:  flows, seeks the deepest level, can be reflective, etc.
Tree: sprouts forth with vigorous energy, uplifts and is prolific in creating (leaves, seeds, etc.)
Fire: expands, is brilliant, burns away the dross, is clarifying, but needs fuel to burn
Earth:  is stable, grounding, and the source of nourishment
Metal:  is dense, cutting, will hold people accountable, like money, the sword and the scalple bring duty, honor and conditional support

Colors, shapes and many other attributes of life are filed into these categories and the results are uncanny.  At first it might seem unlikely, but when you begin to look at life as to how energy flows, you’ll begin to understand the essence of life:  everything is energy, it’s all interconnected, there are not co-incidences and everything is always moving.

If you listen to the free recording, you’ll begin to get an idea of how to be the master of your own life by using colors, shapes and energy to positively make a difference in all your relationships and life.   You can Listen Again Here.

Here is one question that came up that explains a little about how to use different colors, shapes or energy to get to where you want to be.   Also, check out Alicia’s beautiful website

Q: Is This a Bad Idea?
Hi Fawn,

Thanks very much for giving this Teleseminar. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to your upcoming webinars in August.

One quick question: my husband (7,6,6) and I are both metal, with myself having both earth and fire as well (6,2,9).

Intuitively, I decorated our current home with a lot of earth colours to support us, and it has been great, and we have been happy here for 20 years. Next year we want to build a home, but I am so tired of the earth colours that I want to decorate in light water colours reflective of where it will be built (beside a lake).

All the floors will be hardwood or slate, however, and I had originally thought of going with a grey stained floor, looking like driftwood. Would we be better off, happier, with more “earth” coloured, orangey flooring?

This is a picture of what I have in mind for our new home:

From Tuvalu Home, Coastal Living Design Store, Laguna Beach, CA

Alicia Dubrawski, Holistic Interior Designer “Vibrantly Colourful, Vibrantly Healthy”

 A: Great Question!

Hi Alicia,

Thank you SO much for being part of the Teleseminar. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

Great question!  The great thing about Feng Shui is that we look can balancing our spaces and our energy using color and shape and energy interchangeably. So we don’t have to stay with only color, we can use the colors we love and make sure that the spaces have other components of the elements that support us within the rooms.

As regards the floors, you are right: grey based, (barn-washed floors) would add more metal energy into your space.

Here’s the thing with Feng Shui, balance is key. If this is going to be your primary residence, and if you and your husband are going to spend a lot of time off there together, all that Metal energy might cause you to over do it in the conditional support arena (I did this, so you do this) or becoming too rigid and accountable, harsh or going out and socializing to excess. These are possibilities with an abundance of Metal energy, not certainties. It’s important that you begin to notice trends and patterns and the sooner you do, the easier it is to make adjustments. We can’t separate one piece of the puzzle from the rest in Feng Shui, it’s all connected, but we can make different adjustments that influence all the others.

So, that said, take into consideration the amount of time you’ll spend there and THEN:

Choose the floor you love. If you LOVE, (and I do) absolutely LOVE the grey-ish barn-washed flooring, go for it, and adjust the excess metal energy with the blues and greens (of a compatible undertone) and more Earth energy than you might normally using other components of Earth element: a bit of yellow, low comfortable shapes, ones that are square and rectangle (with a slight radius curve so as to not produce sharp edges) in the décor.

Your idea to bring in the greens and blues that would relate more to the lake scenery is a good one. Those greens and blues are actually Tree energy and will take the edge off the excess Metal, introduced by the grey of the wood. Try to select complex greens and blues that don’t have so much grey but mowarmer undertones to them if you can.

I would recommend that you also continue to support your energy with a little bit of reds, lots of light, laughter, music, photos of people, perhaps subtle animal print, leather or faux fur or ultrasuede.  Books and written word, are also is Fire energy and will support your Earth energy. All that Metal energy can be draining to you if it’s too much or for too long.  Being near the waterwill also take the edge off the strict and stringent Metal energy; make sure your views are beautiful and if you can, get out to the water for some extra, special healing.

Supporting energy flows in a clockwise fashion from ‘element’ to ‘element’. We are ‘controlled’ by the energy ‘lines.’  Discover YOUR “Energy”  Here

Your elements: 7,6,6, and 6,2,9 would be well supported by Earth element. In relationship, your energy is very supportive of your husband, you create him to be more of who is naturally is. His nature (6) would help you be more accountable, accurate in your expression of details and help you take your beautiful self out to the world.  An excess of Metal energy might drain you unless you stay balanced and take care of yourself. You would need more Fire energy around you in order to be sure that his energy doesn’t deplete you over time…say if he retires and both of you are home and around each other a lot more than when you are working.

Also, the photo you sent is beautiful…the flooring here looks warm, yes, it looks orange based, but this is a digital representation of a printed image…those two processes will not allow the truth of the color to be seen. Once you get the real floor, or a true sample from the dye-lot, or if you are having the wood stained yourself, you’ll have an idea of the undertones of the wool.

A few notes about the bedroom shown here:  The door and the bed are not in the optimal position…the door is not visible from the bed.  Also, more than one door to a bedroom often results in one or both partners leaving the relationship.  Our bodies literally absorb the metaphors of our spaces.  Too many easy exits = easy exits.  Beware of beams overhead, as they are cutting energy and can influence ill health.   However, the post and lintel construction of the beams behind the bed add a bit of sacred geometry energy to the room.

A bit about Floors  It’s also an important consideration in Feng Shui that the floors feel ‘heavier’ than the rest of the room in order to ‘ground’ us and mimic the way nature behaves. After all, we are a component of nature and we naturally understand the sensation of feeling ‘grounded’ or not. For instance, light flooring reminds our bodies of sand and we might feel not so secure knowing that sand moves away from our feet as we walk, whereas we expect a more solid experience from earth. In the same way, sleek, highly polished floors remind our bodies of water and make us tense up, thinking we’ll slip, slide and fall.

When designing, it’s good to know the results of our designs so we can use that information to create the desired effect.

To wrap up: Choose the floor that you love, you can’t go wrong if it is a deeper color than the rest of the room. Use other manifestations of the element EARTH to support your Metal energy, but remember, it’s all about balance. So the amount of time you’ll spend, the balance of the colors, the shapes, the energy and the environment all become factors. You can get the floor you love and the support you need by interchanging color and shape.

Also, be sure to check the property and the footprint of the home with the Bagua to make sure you aren’t missing some vital energy to make your new home a nourishing and wonderful place for a long time to come.

Fawn Chang Feng Shui

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Who (or What)’s Zoomin’ You? Listen Again…


Get the free mp3 teleseminar
You probably have felt it…a place or a person that just drains your energy.  Sometimes we think another person is just annoying, when in fact they are but only to US! because our energies stress each other naturally.

And then there’s the opposite: a friend, colleague, place or even a color that helps us restore ourselves, take a deep breath and feel on top of our game again.


Energy that is inherent in colors, shapes and people can make us exhausted, chaotic, drain us OR it can nourish and support us.

The key is in the Ki…understanding how you are influenced by the people and things around puts the key back in your hands to take control and make simple changes, through color, shape, energy or people and know why.

Uncanny, validating and accurate.

Nine Star Ki is a simple Feng Shui system that helps me help my clients.  I want to share it with you so I recorded a Teleseminar and posted it for you.  Thousands of years old, and applicable to modern life, you’ll be amazed that there is a scientific body of information that proves what you have only felt…until now.

Free TeleSeminar tells you:

  • What makes you tick and what motivates you.
  • What and who drains and/or supports you?
  • Which Colors, Shapes, Energies do you NEED to thrive?
  • Which colors, shapes, energies, and people drain you and what to do about it!
  • Your energy and handouts with graphics and descriptions to help you.

Go ahead.  Take a listen.  You have nothing to lose, it’s free.

You have wisdom to gain…get in control of your life again.

Click Here to Listen to the Who (or What)’s Zoomin You? mp3

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Intentional Feng Shui For Any Event

Sending Roses (or any flower that you love) -- White is the color we historically associate with light, goodness, purity or life beyond this one. Notice the Color You See When You Mentally Send Roses Ahead--all colors offer a healing response to the individual or situation.

A friend of mine was edgy: he was meeting with his former wife for the first time in a while to discuss the wedding plans of their daughter.  “It never goes well,” he said.

“Change it,” I said.

“Right.  If I could I would.  How do you recommend I do that?”

“Focus and send love forward into the situation.  Just rewrite it ahead of time. And if you can’t do that, just fill the space and the room with roses (or your favorite flower).”

I saw him two weeks later and he’d forgotten about the event.  I asked him how the meeting went.

“Oh my…I forgot till just now that I did what you recommended.  It was the best meeting we had in years.  My ex-wife wasn’t angry and I wasn’t defensive.  It was actually pleasant. It must have been the roses or something…”


You can dramatically change any experience by using your own intention and thoughts.  You can do this anytime—it would be great if we could do this all the time.  But that is an “advanced move.”

Daily our focus is pulled in so many different directions that it’s very difficult to be present in every moment, radiating Love in all directions.  That is what Practical Feng Shui is for: to access and anchor positive energy flow when we can’t be vigilant.

We can’t make Feng Shui adjustments to each space we visit, we can affect the outcome with this simple trick.

Try it now:

Imagine a situation that normally makes you feel tight, bored, sad, scared, or any other contracting, negative emotion, preferably one coming up soon.  Now imagine you are watching that situation as though it were a scene in a movie. Nothing in particular changes until suddenly—the “camera” zooms out and the picture softens as the edges of everything glow with soft pink and golden or white light, hearts soften, smiles form, people are listening, agreeing, voices are lighter and laughter is present.  Everyone is ‘in love’ with life and enjoying the best qualities of those in the room.   Everything goes smoothly, gently, easily.

Let it continue until everyone is home safely and happily in bed.  Seal it with an “and so it is, Thank you.”

There, you just did it.  You sent positive energy forward into a situation.  The more you do that, the more you will notice life flowing more easily for you; I use this technique every day and still I am surprised that it works. It even works with traffic!


When sending a mental rose to my son one day, I was shocked and scared to see that a beautiful black rose appeared in my mind.  But, within a few moments I realized that black is the color of protection, in pigment it is closest to all colors mixed and in light it is considered the absorber of all color, reflecting none.

I remembered that there is a wisdom greater than mine when dealing in the esoteric world of energy and color and that my son must have needed to absorb all the wave lengths of color for his own healing.

Here are some associations that you might see when sending roses ahead into your life situations:

  • Pink — unconditional love and healing
  • Blue — relaxation, vision, rest and independence
  • Green — the color that is easiest on our physical eye, the color of nature and the Heart Chakra, the color of healing love
  • Yellow — warmth, nourishing and grounding, self-esteem, will, determination, thinking and good digestion (of food and issues)
  • White — purity, clarity, spirituality, all colors of light
  • Purple/Violet — spirituality, action and rest at the same time
  • Black — protection, depth, mystery
  • Red — passion, action, deep love (usually romantic)
  • Gold — especially powerful healing color, associated with the highest and best [did you know that gold is really so rare “that all the gold ever mined from Earth would fill only 3 olympic-sized swimming pools”  Brian Cox, astrophysicist and create of Wonders of the Universe for Science Channel.  I love this; Brian Cox explains the Universe with a mixture of science and loving awe.]

Send it Forward

Now you do it!  Send some roses ahead on your drive home, on the roads see them covered with rose petals; to the phone calls or people you love, send them roses.  Then forget about it…go on about your day, stop and buy some flowers, switch off the grumpy news, drive in silence for a few minutes to connect to the power at your center and you will arrive at your event refreshed and flowing with the Life Force, ready for your day and able to enjoy whatever comes along.

(See Post on Rewriting Your Daily Life Script)

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The Power and Purpose of Winter

Feng Shui = Body, Mind, Spirit and Space:
Tips for Using Winter’s Magic

What do Winter, receiving love and wisdom, your front door, water, your career, your kidneys, your sexiness, reproductive capability, your ears and your ability to live a life truly aligned with your deepest soul’s purpose have in common?  


They all signal and determine just how much fun you are having in life and how well connected you are to your Heart’s desire.
Everything is connected.  In our Western modern world, we tend to look at parts to see how they fit together to make a whole.  We don’t often know of the underlying matrix of systems and cycles that actually compose, energize and activate the body.
Your Life Force Essence is depleted by being overworked, anxious, ‘multi-tasking’, “99 Lives” we all live.  Winter’s invitation to slow down  can received and our Life Force, the Well of Being, can be restored more easily during Winter’s long dark nights, allowing us to be fully prepared and eager to ride the crest of energy that will arrive in Spring.
Buried Treasure There is treasure buried deeply in winter.    For thousands of years, humans have used winter to go inside, repair, rest and mend and return to stillness, entering what Feng Shui calls a yin state of rest, reflection and spiritual connection.   In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, Winter cold drives the flowing water deep below the frozen surface of streams, lakes and rivers.
Living in cities, working in high-rise buildings, TV’s in every room, car and restaurant, everything in our modern world seems to be on high volume 24/7/365; non-stop activity is pace of life today and it is toxic to career and life fulfillment and creates in our bodies an environment where overthinking, mental chatter, anger and illness occupy the space where love, clarity, calm and happiness should be living.  Winter allows us  need to follow the subtle whisper of our body’s desire to slow down and go deep within.


Your own life’s purpose is like a deep, flowing river feeding your being.   Think about it: are you excited to get to work? If you answered anything from “no” to “duh” or “yeah, right” you are probably not living your “life’s purpose & true potential.”

Take some time this Winter to access this inner knowing and calling. These tips will help you find it, and  have the ‘heart’ and courage to make the simple changes to put you on the right path once again. Living your Life Purpose, you have a powerful impact on all life around you, work seems like play, relationships are rewarding and it’s like being ‘in love’ all the time.

Tips for Using Winter’s Power:

Mind:Our minds are products of the 21st Century; like monkeys,  they are constantly jumping and leaping from branch to banana, all the while exhausting our ability to restore our Spirit.  Meditation is one way to calm the mind but for many, meditation becomes more frustrating than following the trail of thing to thing to thing…but its benefits, even just trying, nets big results.

  • First thing in the morning, grab a pen and paper and start writing, whatever comes to your mind, continue for 3 pages and then rip it up.  This little trick helps dump those pesky thoughts demanding attention. I also do this before I go to sleep and have wonderful restful sleep as a result.
  • Breathe.  A few deep breaths will center your spirit and calm your mind.
  • Look to the near left corner of your spaces–your desk, your home, your rooms.  Clear this space of clutter, and leave it quiet and empty with the feeling of being in a sacred library. This will help calm the mind and enhance Wisdom & Self-Knowledge.
  • Remove clutter, visual clutter comes in the form of many things, even a lot of different colors in the same place, or magazines or CDs or books all together will cause visual clutter.  Pictures hung randomly (use a grid pattern to calm the mind and ease the spirit.  This allows soft flow of vision rather than focus jumping around).


In Winter, our bodies require different nutrition than in other season.  Cold and darkness drive us inside to seek inner warmth. The ability to listen clearly (ears) is heightened in the cold, silent months.  To keep your Life Force strong, incorporate Salty & Bitter foods into your diet, as they have a centering quality that drives the body’s energy deeper into the core, leaving the surface of the body cooler, and thereby we notice the cold less.  Use only pure Sea Salt and in moderation.  These foods also protecting the heart-mind balance by adding a few bitter foods as their energy ‘enters the heart’.

  • Rest more and earlier.  Take advantage of the extra darkness.
  • Winter asks us to store physical energy–in the form of a little extra weight.  It is important to maintain activity to keep the spine and joints flexible.
  • Fluid movement activities like yoga, dance, chi gong, walking all help the body gently process its energy for restoration.
  • Use a body brush to move lymph and stay healthy: starting at feet and then hands, brush toward your heart.   A loofa sponge or shower mitts will also help exfoliate the skin and move the lymph.

Good Foods Heal the Body, Mind & Spirit:  Paul Pitchford’s landmark book combines the wisdom of ancient AND modern sciences.  It’s one of the books I am devouring this winter (with some sea salt and maybe lettuce :)).  Healing With Whole Foods, Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition    Bitter foods include:  lettuce (try this in a soup, it’s amazingly delicious), watercress, asparagus, alfalfa, rye, oats, as well as:

  • Grains:  Amaranth, Corn
  • Legumes:  Red Lentil
  • Nuts/Seeds: Sunflower, Pistachio
  • Vegetables: Beet, Dandelion Root, Okra, Red Bell Pepper, Scallion, Tomato
  • Fruits: Cherry, Persimmon
  • Cautions: Chocolate, Sugar, excess salt


Relationships are nourishment for the Spirit.  The quality of your relationships depends on how well you know yourself and how comfortable you are with exactly who you are.

All of this works together to bring you more in tune with your Intuition, Your Source and then available for a glorious relationship with another.   The primary relationship to get ‘right’ is the one with Self–“Know Thyself” and I say Love all of you.  Accept all the emotions that traverse your being, validate them and release them.   Check out this book for the connection between your emotions and your ability to heal:  Five Elements, Six Conditions

Winter is the perfect time for reconnecting to yourself and your Source, and for taking time to reconnect with those you love.

  • Feed your own Spirit and those of the ones you love by Listening more deeply.  Look into the eyes and faces of those near you as you listen for the love or pain between the words.  This method of receiving someone allows you to be truly connected to the beauty of each soul, and the heroic human experience as we all search for the Love our Souls are capable of receiving and sharing.
  • Receiving (and Listening) is an Art.  Receiving means being open, trusting, centered, vulnerable, fearless and flexible.  With these attributes you are more available to see the beauty in every situation, and every situation as a step closer to the wisdom and love you are wanting.    Even receiving that traffic delay as a gift–could it be the perfection of timing so that you are in the right place to miss a negative event or to make the perfect connection leading you to a fantastic experience.   Winter is associated with receiving.  It might take a bit of soul-searching but there’s a gift in everything, somewhere.

Space:    Feng Shui is a lot like ‘house psychology:’ your life and your home are a metaphorical match when seen through Feng Shui eyes.

Winter, water, North and your Front Door, or any door, reflect how you connect with the flow of your own life, your life’s purpose, your career and your ability to Receive.  (there it is again)

Your front door is of major importance as it serves many Feng Shui purposes: inviting vital life force to your home, life and career, it is a sentry with a watchful eye, announcing who you are, what is important to you and what guests can expect when you open the door.  Doors in general open us to opportunity and should be beautiful, work perfectly and open completely onto a beautiful view, inside and outside.

Your front door is known as the Mouth of Ch’i.  Do you use it daily?

Most of us don’t use our front doors daily, some don’t use them ever.  This is equivalent to going through life with your hand over your mouth and nose.  No fresh breath enters your body, and no freshness enters your life and your home if you don’t use your front door.   [Note:  your front door is the door with which your address is associated, not the back door or garage door you might use all the time.]

  • Open your Front door daily
  • Make certain it works perfectly and opens completely, nothing behind it.
  • Make sure it opens onto a beautiful view (no powder room or view of the second floor or sleeping areas)
  • Be sure it is beautiful, place a new welcome mat and seasonal flowers, but make sure that it looks wide and open to receive.  
  • Make sure your house numbers are visible and either horizontally displayed or in an ascending layout.
  • Add lighting…balanced is best.
  • Be sure that you don’t have a ‘floating door’ one that doesn’t look attached to the walkway, porch or earth.  A “floating door” will unsettle and un-ground you and your opportunities.
  • Make certain ALL your doors work perfectly and fully open.  You’ll have greater health, increased opportunities and a happier life flow and career.
  • Check that your plumbing is working perfectly.

In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, Winter snow drives the flow of water even deeper than the surface of streams, lakes and rivers.  This is Nature’s way we need to follow the subtle whisper of our body’s desire to slow down and go deep within.  Take advantage of the benefits of Winter to deepen your ability to access your truth, receive insight, connect to your intuition and know your true, beautiful self.

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Why do I Crave Orange? (Or Any Other Color…)

One of my recent clients is drawn to orange and can’t explain it.
‘It’s like the color “orange” is a panacea, a drug of sorts making me feel better; I can’t explain it but I need it!’
First: no need to explain it, just go with it.

The room on the right gives a happy bit of social orange to this family. (The white activates the space even more, adds active YANG energy in a dark, cold YIN basement depending on the location). The room on the right might be too much orange for regular usage, but for a room in which you spend little time, it could be just what the Color Doctor ordered.

Color is a direct fulfillment of an emotional (and then biological) need.  Color is medicine.  Color is light and it’s not like the moth’s flame, you won’t get hurt.
BEWARE:  too much color for too long or in the ‘wrong’ place can have a detrimental affect.  Be attuned to your response and be read to change when you have had enough.The real world of nature isn’t digital–either on or off–it moves slowly.  Being aware of your needs and moving to fulfill them is a good thing.  If you are drawn to it, go to it.  When you are no longer drawn to it, change it.
The short version explaination of why she was drawn to Orange:
I looked at the relationship Nine Star Ki of her family.  I use this when I do Feng Shui for all my clients and it’s uncanny.  My client’s energy showed that she is not supported energtically of anyone else in her family, she offers the support to her husband and kids (She’s Tree and Earth Energy, her children and husband are Tree and Metal energy…Metal cuts Tree, Metal drains Earth.  Her Relationship energy is Earth and there’s no fire support in her family for her Earth so she gets exhausted supporting and being drained by her family relationships.)
Enter Feng Shui and the Power of Color!
We arranged her space to include much more Fire energy—Light, laughter, levity, red (she doesn’t like) but Orange! she loves.  The orange will support her energy and it is a welcome relief.  The Orange will also take the edge of the excess Tree (independent vibrant upward moving, lots of ideas and plans, vitally needs grounding of Earth) and support her OWN Earth energy so that she can aid her children to still be idealistic, visionary and independent but give them the grounding to have them choose one project to completion, focus on the details and be nourished by the gathering of family.
This type of analysis helps tremendously for two reasons,
  1. we take the pressure off the people because they see this is something that is not their ‘fault’.  That’s a huge relief
  2. we allow the environment to do the work, so they can focus on being wonderful versions of their tremendous energetics.
Awareness is a powerful thing.  Our homes, the shapes and colors we place around us influence behavior, can work for us or against us and using Feng Shui has for thousands of years proven to make life easier, more pleasant and more powerfully fulfilling.

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