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How To Buy a Happy Home – The Secret To Avoid Trouble

The Secret to Buying a Happy Home

-or- How to avoid a divorce, illness, job loss, or worse..


When you buy a home, what you are buying is the next phase of your life.  By the end of this article, you’ll know some major things to look for.

Why would you want to imagine what it’s like to live in their shoes?

If you buy their home, you will begin to live the same life.  If it’s a wonderful life, buy now.   But unless you use “Feng Shui eyes” you could be in for an unexpected turn of events.  In my experience, homes don’t lie.  Rarely is a home so toxic it can’t be solved, but it does happen.  Most often, the energy can be adjusted but if you don’t know the difference–you’ll be in for trouble.

Things that matter when buying a home:

  • The Outside: Neighborhood, Land, Style & Layout
  • The Inside: Style, Layout, Colors, Shapes & Items
  • The History

Feng Shui wisdom can save you a trip to the divorce attorney or worse.  If you find a home that you love and that home has some challenging Feng Shui issues, you can usually reverse the negatives by making some changes that won’t cost a fortune:  that’s the beauty of the science of Feng Shui. 

The Outside – The Neighborhood
     determines your ability to be effective in the world


1.    A healthy and vibrant neighborhood:  good life force means you won’t be drained or asked to devote YOUR energy to keep it vital.  It will support you rather than drain you.

2.    A healthy business district, health trees, well-maintained homes, gardens and streets.

3.    Not directly near a cemetery, hospital or church –while these are important aspects of a community, living too near these can deplete your own health.  Avoid living near a prison or municipal buildings such as Fire Station, Police Station or water treatment plant.

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Green OR Healthy? Why the Choice?

On the road to personal and global health, we shouldn’t have to choose:  Green OR Healthy…Let’s do Both!

Consider this:  fluorescent light bulbs have been linked to  migraine headaches and worse.

Modern life has brought new exciting developments, most of which make life and living more fun, none of which alone would have a negative affect, but added together, our bodies have trouble adapting.   As we take a look at these influences and how to shift gently we can lessen our experience of ‘allergies’, illness and crabbiness, to mention a few.

The Light Link

Although florescent bulbs use less electricity and run cooler than incandescents, the use of these lights has been linked to minor and even more severe health risks.   Migraines, epileptic seizures, decreased immune system function, nervousness, inability to focus and depression are some of the problems linked to time spent with fluorescent lighting.

What are our options?  We have a few:

  • Install New Fixtures
  • Use full-spectrum bulbs
  • Integrate natural daylight
  • Use new LED replacement bulbs for florescent fixtures (avoid blue spectrum bulbs if you can)

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health says that some of the problem comes from the “flicker” effect of the fluorescent light bulbs.  That ‘flicker’ effect is inherent in the operation of the bulbs as bursts of electricity ignite the gas inside the tubes. The effect is worse in older fixtures.  According to the CCOH, you can reduce the ill-effects of ‘flicker’ by buying new fixtures which have electronic (rather than magnetic) ballasts, by replacing your bulbs frequently and making sure all parts of the fixtures work perfectly.

A study done by the CCOH also showed that employees whose offices were located on upper floors (where there is greater exposure to daylight) suffered less ill effects from the bulbs.

Question: If there is a way to reduce stress, inability to focus and immune system suppression, and help our children in schools, our employees everywhere (hospitals, banks, prisons, you name it) shouldn’t we DO IT?

“Flicker” is not the only issue.  Most of us use ‘cool-white’ bulbs, and Jacob Liberman, OD, Ph.D., in his groundbreaking and hopeful book Light: Medicine of the Future, suggests that we can reduce the ill-effects even further IF we use the correct fixture and ‘full-spectrum’ bulbs.  These bulbs are more costly initially but when that cost is weighted against our ill-health, increased crime rates the figure becomes minimal.

Consider just this ONE study:

“…The development of full-spectrum artificial lighting…prompted Ott to further investigate the possible negative effect of improper lighting on health and performance in human being.  In 1973, Ott and the Environmental health and Light research Institute undertook a study involving four first-grade classrooms in Sarasota, Florida.  Full-spectrum, radiation-shielded fluorescent light fixtures were installed in two of the window-less classrooms in Sarasota, Florida.

“Full-spectrum, radiation-shielded florescent light fixtures were installed in two of the windowless classrooms, while standard cool-white fluorescent fixtures were installed in two other identical windowless classrooms that served as controls.  Concealed time-lapse cameras took random sequences of student and teachers in the classroom. Although teachers were aware of the program, neither they nor their students were aware of when they were being photographed.

“The photographed results were significant.  Under the cool-white fluorescent lighting, some students demonstrated hyperactivity, fatigue, irritability, and attentional deficits.  In the classrooms with full-spectrum lighting, however, behavior and classroom performance , as well as overall academic achievement, improved markedly within one month after the new lights were installed.  Furthermore, several learning-disabled children with extreme hyperactivity problems miraculously calmed down and seemed to overcome some of their learning and reading problems while in the classrooms with full-spectrum lighting.

“This study additionally demonstrated that children in rooms with full spectrum lighting developed one-third the number of cavities in their teeth as children in the classrooms with standard cool-white fluorescent lights.”  Liberman, Jason, Light: Medicine of the Future, Rochester, VT:  Bear & Company Press, 1991

Empower your home:

  • If you must use fluorescent bulbs, use new electronic fixtures and full-spectrum bulbs.
  • When possible, daylight is best.   Take advantage of the healthy properties of sunlight.

Think you can’t more daylight into your home?  Think about installing Sun Tubes (aka Solar Tubes, Sun Tunnels…do an Internet search) which allow natural daylight to enter even your ‘captive’ rooms.  There are many companies making and selling them; be sure to use a reputable installer.

Here is a link to the Daily Mail article:
Energy-Saving Bulbs Causing Migraine Headaches


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Easy Secret to Eliminating Negative Emotional Energy

The Secret to Successfully Eliminating Negative Emotional Energy
“The worst of the environmental toxins is a toxic relationship.”  Deepak Chopra, MD

  “I hate to go to work, she’s miserable, expecting me to do her work…always making me do everything over, piling more work on me, talking about everyone, it’s just miserable.”  Sound familiar?  Are your biggest complaints about the people around you?

If one reason you aren’t happy to greet the day is a bad relationship with a co-worker or boss or employee, Feng Shui can help you change that!  Anger, backstabbing, negativity, squabbles and pettiness are toxic to your career and your health.  These distractions drain your energy and bank account and are the worst of toxins you’ll face each day. 

How do you reclaim your joy and wealth?   Discover the easy secret to successfully eliminating negative emotional energy.

·         Plant your day: Write a new script

·         Send them off with mirrors (weird but it works) Continue reading


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Get Started Now with Feng Shui

 Life is Great

You don’t have to wait to begin to enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui now.  By the end of this article, you will know exactly where to start and the steps to take to demystify the Ancient Science of Feng Shui and bring it home.  

Here are the steps I recommend that all my clients begin with:

1.    Clear the clutter.  Clutter takes your energy down.  You will notice the benefits of energy moving more freely when you remove that negative energy.  The best way to do it is to just do it.  You can check out my Clear Your Clutter Challenge which helps you begin gently, builds confidence and skills that will last your whole lifetime.  Removing everything that you don’t love or use will have your home, office and your family glowing with bright free energy. 


2.    Get fresh: Fresh air and lots of light are what bring good energy into your home and life.  Open the windows and push back the shades.  Plants and flowing water act as air purifiers, bring active ch’i and also enliven your spaces to provide you with good quality air.   You can also try ionic air purifiers and UV wands to freshen the energy in your home.


3.     Do a space clearing:  without this piece, it’s like living in dirty laundry.  Space clearing removes negative energy and introduces higher order energy into your spaces.  Beyond cleaning with Natural and Organic Petro-chemical free products, space clearing addresses the energetic component of your home.  Especially when you move into a new home or office,  this should be done every day to start fresh and clear out the old.  (coming shortly: How to Do a Space Clearing) There are many wys to do a space clearing, some deeper than others.  Just clapping your hands will change the energy of a space, coupled with your intention to bring Light and Love and Fresh energy, you have increased the clearing enormously.  Traditional peoples used the smoke of sage (many use a grey-green her to purify their spaces and ceremonies), some use incense, crystals, water, sound (bells, drums, changint, etc.), intention, light, focus and call on Infinite Grace to assist them in restoring their spaces to Divine Light.  Check my website ( for learning space clearing or having it done for you. 


4.       Develop your awareness: 

a.    Begin to notice the energy flow around your home:  pay particular attention to the 4 most influential areas of you live in: your bedroom, your bathroom, your kitchen and your office.

b.    Start to trust all your senses:  Your good Feng Shui will come from your own ability to read the world around you, truthfully interpret it and have the courage to act on it.  Building awareness comes from learning to read the input from our senses: the window onto the world.  If your eyes are the window to your soul, your senses are the window to the world.  Learn to read the information and to trust yourself is critical to success in life and in your own good Feng Shui.

                                                               i.      Sight: Notice where you eye goes:  where you eye goes, energy goes.  Follow your eye and notice where it goes.  Then really look at what is there.  Here is how I let my eyes talk to me.  What your eye sees, creates your reality.  This step is very important, Feng Shui Masters thousands of years ago watched what was happening, corroborated with other and then developed the science we are still using today. 

                                                             ii.      Smell:  Smells are a very important bit of information about the quality of life in your home, quickly eliminate foul smells and the underlying cause.  Then, learn how to use aromatherapy to bring more and fresh life force balance into your home and life. For instance, lavender is antiseptic and calming at the same time, vanilla is warm, sensual, relaxing and sexy, citrus is clearing, grapefruit will help you lose weight and so on…  Natural cleaning products are important to the life in your home because they clean without toxicity to life, they eliminate dirt, bacteria without harming the life around it.

                                                            iii.      Intuition:  I have found that Life speaks to me through thought, feeling and coincidence.  The messages are subtle at first.  Howard Gardener talks about the Genius Dip, we all had it at birth, it’s socialized out of us, that’s the reason it’s get back in touch with your intuition and begin to trust and act on it.  You will find you have your own direct line to the GodForce and the Power of Now.

                                                           iv.      Don’t rule out Taste, Touch and Hearing:   Feng Shui is all encompassing and all aspects of your life are interconnected and interrelated.  All your senses give you information, warnings and/or lead you to the next glorious opportunity.  Feng Shui includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbs and more; a true Feng Shui Master can look at your body and tell you what your issues are as well as look at your home and do the same.    Begin to pay attention to what you taste, feel and hear.  Then ask yourself, what is this telling me? Listen and act to head the message. 


5.    Discover your Feng Shui Elements and your Astrological makeup:  Knowing just the date of your birth, you can discover the energy that most supports you. 

a.    Nine Star Ki is the method I use to correlate space, time and Feng Shui as I have found it enormously accurate.  Get your free online energy readout that will give you your Primary Feng Shui energy and that of those you love.  In this way, you can quickly determine, by downloanding the free guide and by listening to the free mp3, which colors, shapes, placement and people deplete or support your energy.  You’ll also discover how to make simple adjustments to your spaces to bring everything into balance.    Once you know these, you can use the other elements to create harmony and balance in yourself, your home and all your relationships.  [Click here to get your 3 numbers that will help you discover and then use the colors, shapes and placement of those to balance and invigorate your life.]

b.    Your Western Astrology:  Your Birth date, place and time, tells you another piece of the story.  Feng Shui used to include all this information but throughout dynasties and thousands of years, much of it was deleted or permitted to be used by only the ruling classes.  Luckily, Western Astrology still holds the keys.   I use this because it can tell me things about your situation and energy that Nine Star Ki doesn’t.  Feng Shui and Astrology is formula to help you get the most from your decorating.  Use this free Western Astrology birth chart to get a glimpse of what Astrology can tell you.  An expert Astrologer can help you make sense of energies that otherwise seem unfathomable.


6.    Define the BaGua:  The BaGua is a map of the energy of your home and how it affects the aspects of your life.  You will know which area of your home (or apartment, office or desk) is associated with aspect of your life.  There are two ways to use the bagua: I first use the Western Form School application because it is generally the easiest and works.  [The other: Compass method works also but is a little more confusing.  Whichever you choose to use, stay with it. Mixing the two at first will confuse you. Later you will see that both can apply and add another dimension to your Feng Shui.]  Learning to use this grid takes a few minutes but it is well worth it because it will show you how your home corresponds to the aspects of your life. 


7.   Use the Feng Shui Elements  All things are comprised of energy but not all energy is the same.  Some is upward moving (wood) some is outward and brilliant (fire) some is gathering and nourishing (earth), other is accountable and mentally stimulating (metal) while other energy is flowing, deep, spiritual, thoughtful or bubbly (water).  There, you have just had your first lesson in Feng Shui element theory.  The Ancient Taoist Masters noticed that all energy could be categorized in these five ways; they also associated colors, shapes and emotions, compass directions, seasons, times of day and human body energy fields, organs and food.  There won’t be a test on all this but it’s true:  everything is interconnected.  Learn to use the elements to support you, your work, and your relationships.


8.    Be Happy: Feng Shui is an inner and outer science.  This may sometimes be the hardest piece to master but just by being happy, recognizing a thought for what it is and changing it to what you want to live is powerful Feng Shui.  Smiling and knowing that your positive focus is bringing all your goodness to you is working.  It is working and wondering just how your goodness will show up and delight you will bring more goodness and delight your way.     


Everything is always moving, changing and affecting everything around it.  You now know how to begin to use Feng Shui to make your life simple now!  Stay tuned for Feng Shui, Design and Color Tips by signing up for Fawn’s newsletter eZine…stay on top of this ever changing life and begin to enjoy yourself more!


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New Moon on July 2: Timely Feng Shui for Nourishing Relationships

New Moon on July 2: Timely Feng Shui for Nourishing Relationships

You will be supported in love on this New Moon on Wednesday, July 2.  “This is the New Moon to completely surrender into the heart of love: compassion for self and others. On this New Moon of love, we can truly cultivate the intention for living each day as a loving, heartful, mindfully, compassionate being.”  Read more from Lisa Dale Miller at

Feng Shui for this new moon: 

This new moon brings energy that will help you feel as though it’s time to heal and be more in touch nourished by the relationships with yourself, your Source, and everyone in your life.   Are there any unhealed relationships in your life?  Two areas to focus on to bring in fresh energy are your bedroom and your kitchen:

Your bedroom.  Where you spend almost 1/3 of your life, this room affects your ability to nourish yourself with rest, reconnect to your Source, your deep self and your partner. Clear out the clutter, remove what is under your bed and take a good look around.  Is there anything in your bedroom that you don’t like?  If so, give it away or give it back to the GodForce to manage for you (throw it away).  Continue reading

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Energize where you live

Energize where you live  




Spending more time at home due to the increase in the price of fuel?  July 2nd will give us a nice push of positive energy to make some real new changes to energize our homes and improve our relationships.  

Your home is a mirror of where you are in your life right now, it is a living, breathing entity, with a personality, vibration and influence all its own. Your issues and secrets are wrapped up in the setup and layout of your home or office.  You’ll be amazed at how simply changing your surroundings can impact your health, wealth, happiness and more. 

Get Fresh:

·         Here I go again:  clear your clutter.”  Go through all those little drawers and spaces and clear out the stuff that’s been there for 6 months or more.  Wipe it all with a citrus-scented natural cleaner to bring in fresh and lively energy.  Every space that you ‘own’ also ‘owns’ you: every space.

·         Open windows and doors for some fresh energy.  Air conditioning can feel great, but it’s important to at least daily open your front door to bring in fresh energy.  The closed system of our Continue reading

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