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How To Buy a Happy Home – The Secret To Avoid Trouble

The Secret to Buying a Happy Home

-or- How to avoid a divorce, illness, job loss, or worse..


When you buy a home, what you are buying is the next phase of your life.  By the end of this article, you’ll know some major things to look for.

Why would you want to imagine what it’s like to live in their shoes?

If you buy their home, you will begin to live the same life.  If it’s a wonderful life, buy now.   But unless you use “Feng Shui eyes” you could be in for an unexpected turn of events.  In my experience, homes don’t lie.  Rarely is a home so toxic it can’t be solved, but it does happen.  Most often, the energy can be adjusted but if you don’t know the difference–you’ll be in for trouble.

Things that matter when buying a home:

  • The Outside: Neighborhood, Land, Style & Layout
  • The Inside: Style, Layout, Colors, Shapes & Items
  • The History

Feng Shui wisdom can save you a trip to the divorce attorney or worse.  If you find a home that you love and that home has some challenging Feng Shui issues, you can usually reverse the negatives by making some changes that won’t cost a fortune:  that’s the beauty of the science of Feng Shui. 

The Outside – The Neighborhood
     determines your ability to be effective in the world


1.    A healthy and vibrant neighborhood:  good life force means you won’t be drained or asked to devote YOUR energy to keep it vital.  It will support you rather than drain you.

2.    A healthy business district, health trees, well-maintained homes, gardens and streets.

3.    Not directly near a cemetery, hospital or church –while these are important aspects of a community, living too near these can deplete your own health.  Avoid living near a prison or municipal buildings such as Fire Station, Police Station or water treatment plant.

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Intentional Feng Shui For Any Event

Sending Roses (or any flower that you love) -- White is the color we historically associate with light, goodness, purity or life beyond this one. Notice the Color You See When You Mentally Send Roses Ahead--all colors offer a healing response to the individual or situation.

A friend of mine was edgy: he was meeting with his former wife for the first time in a while to discuss the wedding plans of their daughter.  “It never goes well,” he said.

“Change it,” I said.

“Right.  If I could I would.  How do you recommend I do that?”

“Focus and send love forward into the situation.  Just rewrite it ahead of time. And if you can’t do that, just fill the space and the room with roses (or your favorite flower).”

I saw him two weeks later and he’d forgotten about the event.  I asked him how the meeting went.

“Oh my…I forgot till just now that I did what you recommended.  It was the best meeting we had in years.  My ex-wife wasn’t angry and I wasn’t defensive.  It was actually pleasant. It must have been the roses or something…”


You can dramatically change any experience by using your own intention and thoughts.  You can do this anytime—it would be great if we could do this all the time.  But that is an “advanced move.”

Daily our focus is pulled in so many different directions that it’s very difficult to be present in every moment, radiating Love in all directions.  That is what Practical Feng Shui is for: to access and anchor positive energy flow when we can’t be vigilant.

We can’t make Feng Shui adjustments to each space we visit, we can affect the outcome with this simple trick.

Try it now:

Imagine a situation that normally makes you feel tight, bored, sad, scared, or any other contracting, negative emotion, preferably one coming up soon.  Now imagine you are watching that situation as though it were a scene in a movie. Nothing in particular changes until suddenly—the “camera” zooms out and the picture softens as the edges of everything glow with soft pink and golden or white light, hearts soften, smiles form, people are listening, agreeing, voices are lighter and laughter is present.  Everyone is ‘in love’ with life and enjoying the best qualities of those in the room.   Everything goes smoothly, gently, easily.

Let it continue until everyone is home safely and happily in bed.  Seal it with an “and so it is, Thank you.”

There, you just did it.  You sent positive energy forward into a situation.  The more you do that, the more you will notice life flowing more easily for you; I use this technique every day and still I am surprised that it works. It even works with traffic!


When sending a mental rose to my son one day, I was shocked and scared to see that a beautiful black rose appeared in my mind.  But, within a few moments I realized that black is the color of protection, in pigment it is closest to all colors mixed and in light it is considered the absorber of all color, reflecting none.

I remembered that there is a wisdom greater than mine when dealing in the esoteric world of energy and color and that my son must have needed to absorb all the wave lengths of color for his own healing.

Here are some associations that you might see when sending roses ahead into your life situations:

  • Pink — unconditional love and healing
  • Blue — relaxation, vision, rest and independence
  • Green — the color that is easiest on our physical eye, the color of nature and the Heart Chakra, the color of healing love
  • Yellow — warmth, nourishing and grounding, self-esteem, will, determination, thinking and good digestion (of food and issues)
  • White — purity, clarity, spirituality, all colors of light
  • Purple/Violet — spirituality, action and rest at the same time
  • Black — protection, depth, mystery
  • Red — passion, action, deep love (usually romantic)
  • Gold — especially powerful healing color, associated with the highest and best [did you know that gold is really so rare “that all the gold ever mined from Earth would fill only 3 olympic-sized swimming pools”  Brian Cox, astrophysicist and create of Wonders of the Universe for Science Channel.  I love this; Brian Cox explains the Universe with a mixture of science and loving awe.]

Send it Forward

Now you do it!  Send some roses ahead on your drive home, on the roads see them covered with rose petals; to the phone calls or people you love, send them roses.  Then forget about it…go on about your day, stop and buy some flowers, switch off the grumpy news, drive in silence for a few minutes to connect to the power at your center and you will arrive at your event refreshed and flowing with the Life Force, ready for your day and able to enjoy whatever comes along.

(See Post on Rewriting Your Daily Life Script)

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Why do I Crave Orange? (Or Any Other Color…)

One of my recent clients is drawn to orange and can’t explain it.
‘It’s like the color “orange” is a panacea, a drug of sorts making me feel better; I can’t explain it but I need it!’
First: no need to explain it, just go with it.

The room on the right gives a happy bit of social orange to this family. (The white activates the space even more, adds active YANG energy in a dark, cold YIN basement depending on the location). The room on the right might be too much orange for regular usage, but for a room in which you spend little time, it could be just what the Color Doctor ordered.

Color is a direct fulfillment of an emotional (and then biological) need.  Color is medicine.  Color is light and it’s not like the moth’s flame, you won’t get hurt.
BEWARE:  too much color for too long or in the ‘wrong’ place can have a detrimental affect.  Be attuned to your response and be read to change when you have had enough.The real world of nature isn’t digital–either on or off–it moves slowly.  Being aware of your needs and moving to fulfill them is a good thing.  If you are drawn to it, go to it.  When you are no longer drawn to it, change it.
The short version explaination of why she was drawn to Orange:
I looked at the relationship Nine Star Ki of her family.  I use this when I do Feng Shui for all my clients and it’s uncanny.  My client’s energy showed that she is not supported energtically of anyone else in her family, she offers the support to her husband and kids (She’s Tree and Earth Energy, her children and husband are Tree and Metal energy…Metal cuts Tree, Metal drains Earth.  Her Relationship energy is Earth and there’s no fire support in her family for her Earth so she gets exhausted supporting and being drained by her family relationships.)
Enter Feng Shui and the Power of Color!
We arranged her space to include much more Fire energy—Light, laughter, levity, red (she doesn’t like) but Orange! she loves.  The orange will support her energy and it is a welcome relief.  The Orange will also take the edge of the excess Tree (independent vibrant upward moving, lots of ideas and plans, vitally needs grounding of Earth) and support her OWN Earth energy so that she can aid her children to still be idealistic, visionary and independent but give them the grounding to have them choose one project to completion, focus on the details and be nourished by the gathering of family.
This type of analysis helps tremendously for two reasons,
  1. we take the pressure off the people because they see this is something that is not their ‘fault’.  That’s a huge relief
  2. we allow the environment to do the work, so they can focus on being wonderful versions of their tremendous energetics.
Awareness is a powerful thing.  Our homes, the shapes and colors we place around us influence behavior, can work for us or against us and using Feng Shui has for thousands of years proven to make life easier, more pleasant and more powerfully fulfilling.

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How to Stop Terrorism

How to Stop Terrorism

Do you remember where you were on 911?  Or remember how you felt when you heard of the recent attack in Mumbai on the Taj Hotel tourists? 

globalwarmingwithloveWhy do I ask?

Because I have a secret for you.  A secret that is so painfully simple a solution to terrorism in our world that it could actually stop the clocks. But it’s not easy.

You see, terrorism isn’t just out there, isn’t just introduced with weapons or “foreign” looking and sounding people.  Terrorism lives inside of us…but how?

When I heard of 911, I was doing the pre-flight for another hour of flight instruction and got the news that we were grounded—then ‘hell broke loose.’   I got in my car and headed toward my children’s school.  In the days following the siege, as we tried to make sense of our new lives, I looked to see what was happening inside me to produce what I experienced on the outside. The question I asked:  How am I terrorizing myself?

Mumbai? I was numb.  I immediately made the mistake to associate the Taj Hotel in Mumbai with the Taj Mahal (which is in New Delhi) and (regardless of the detail accuracy, my intution asked me to question myself this: How am I numb to or assaulting the love I could be receiving? Do I honor love, am I receiving love? What is sacred in my life?  The questions opened the door for a dialogue I hadn’t considered, which was the point of healing a part of my own life and begin to stop terrorizing my own life.

What does this have to do with Feng Shui? 

Everything matters, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant detail:  your home is vital to peace in our world.

 Take a quiet and honest moment.  Ask yourself this deep and personal question:  How do I terrorize myself?  Where do I feel held and blocked and allow trauma and terror in my day and life?

Do you feel totally safe in your home, is everything working perfectly, can you express your opinions and fears, humor and beauty in complete abandon and support?  Do you love to come home? Does it reflect your joy and who you are?  Can you feel free to paint your walls any color you wish?  Do you terrorize yourself with rules, how-to’s, trend directives?  Where are you limiting your inner self? 

Recently a highly successful California developer sat next to me on an airplane and asked me:  “According to Feng Shui, where’s the best place to have sex?”—I couldn’t even answer him because when you have to have a rule like that, you are missing the point of life and love.

I am not the first to make this connection. 

If there be truth
In the heart, there will be
beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the
Character, there will be
Harmony in the home.

If there is harmony in
the home, there will be
Order in the nation.

When there is order in
each nation, there will
be peace in the world.

(Ancient Chinese proverb)


You deserve to love yourself.

Here’s a passage sent to me by a dear friend, Kathy Graham.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  After you read it, I hope you are inspired to be nice to you:  feel happy, express yourself in your home kindly and clearly, listen deeply to those around you, forgive everything.   From Kathy:

“Sharing with you some words from the book, Telos, Volume 3 — Protocols of the Fifth Dimension, with thanks to Bunty Khanna for introducing me to this book:

“It is the allowing of self-compassion that moves you into the vibration of grace.  It is the fusion of the physical Earth with the etheric realms, of the merging of an awakened truth with the power of love that moves you into your mastery….

“When we speak of love, trust, faith, compassion, grace and gratitude, we do not speak of intellectual concepts.  Compassion is not an idea whose time has come.  Compassion is an energy that creates great oscillations in the fabric of your universe.  Grace is not a religious notion or promise, it is a palpable energy that can be witnessed and utilized in the world around you.  Faith and trust are not promises made or bargains to be kept.  They are the frequencies that power each breath that you take in the physical.  With each in-breath and out-breath your soul takes in the divine. Gratitude is not polite statements you are taught as children.  It is an energetic acknowledgment to the universe that you are in alignment with Source.  And love is not a romantic or religious exclamation.  Love is quite profoundly the energy that powers all of creation.” justforyou


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How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy

Want to ‘be happy’?  Well the trick is to find a way to feel happy.  If that made you nuts, just read on.  

If you have even one ear to the ground on the newest rumbling in the spiritual community, you will know that the key to manifesting whatever it is you want is to Be Happy.  

We are told that to wait for the outside to make us happy is to wait for a long, fruitless occupation.  Think about it, who would you rather be around, someone who is waiting for you to make them happy or someone who is just enjoying themselves, smiling and being “Happy.” 

Carol Tuttle, an amazing energy healer says we are living our lives backwards.  The current model is:  HAVE – DO – BE.   Explained:   “what do I HAVE to DO to BE happy, loved, healthy, wealthy, you fill in the blank. “ 

Carol says is that this is directly opposed to our birthright of freedom. 

We need to BE – DO – HAVE.     Be (happy, loved, healthy—feel it in all your cells) , then DO (what is put in front of us) and we will HAVE (whatever we want!)  That’s a universal guarantee. 

It’s the same as Jack Canfield (author of Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul).  Jack tells of the power of acting “AS IF” you already have what it is that you say you are wanting.  His book, Success Principles, tells of a “Come as you Will Be” party where all the invitees prepared themselves to appear as they hoped they would in 5 years.   In five years time, nearly all of them had met those goals.

It’s the same as Esther Hick’s reminder that all we need to do is “let it in”…let in the goodness rather than acting like Ninja warriors fending off all the goodness the Universe is sending us.   Throwing Ninja stars of “but, can’t, shouldn’t” we can open our arms and breathe in the “of course,”  “I’m allowing it,” and if you can’t get to that then “just get off the subject all together” and think of something happy.

To help you Be Happy and act “As If”, set up your office and home to remind your subconscious of all that it is that you are creating.   Pictures and words, clarity and organization all put the feeling into your cells so that you become an attractor magnet for the situations you are wanting to live.

Can’t muster “Happy”?  Try Gratitude.  Then Appreciation. Then Love.

Feelings have frequencies and when you can hold a high frequency feeling, you are ‘vibrating’ at a level that will draw to you only good things.  To get to the highest frequency, which is love, may take some travel through feelings to get there. 

First try Gratitude.  Finding things to be thankful for will start to raise your frequency.  It may take a few minutes, but try it like this:  Well, the good news is:  then look for some good news.  It may be a simple as:  “The good news is I am still breathing.”  If even that’s not good news,  try a smile.  Then the good news will be “my face still works.”   When you find things to be grateful for, you begin to resonate the a much higher frequency of energy.  

It doesn’t mean that by being grateful you are giving in or giving up on yourself.  What it does mean is that you are now more powerful than you have been when you were hating.  You have risen to the level of self-determination and expansion.  It’s the grease that the Universe uses to move you to your next step.

Take it up a notch to appreciation and you’ll be at the highest frequency we can get to:  appreciation and love.  The frequency of love is a key that unlocks the treasure chest of what is available to you.   Just think of the most beautiful thing you can think of; try these:  a kitten,  a puppy,  a still night sky, aura borealis, the smell of fresh rain,  this song (Claire De Lune, by Debussy—my favorite).  Make it a habit to get to that space as often as you can and then while there, put your vision of your perfect life right in the middle of it.  You’ll be amazed because you’ll be meeting your heart’s desire in no time.

Each day you spend approximately 1/3 of it in your bedroom and 1/3 in your office.  Another 2 hours are spent in transit from place to place.  That leaves 5 to 6 hours to ‘do what you want to do’.  What if all 24 hours were spent renewing yourself and living the ‘doing what you want to do’?  Use a little Feng Shui wisdom and you will soon be enjoying your moments that stream into enjoying your days and enjoying your life.


More Feng Shui Steps for Success:

·        Put yourself in the power position.

·        Reduce negative influences

·        Bring in healthy and positive energy

·        Hire the Heavens: Invite Divine Assistance

·        Be happy






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Sleep: The Best Work You Can Do All Day

Sleep: the Best Work you can do all day 

If you think that 5 hours a night is all you need,  you might be surprised to learn you are actually sleep deprived, operating with a diminished IQ, immune system and a decreased ability to be efficient or effective, impossible to show up as healthy in your relationships.  All of which severely impair your ability to be effective, healthy, and happy.  
Dr. Gary Feldman ( Sleep Basics for Children and Parents )

states that  over 47 million American adults are what is termed ‘sleep deprived’, not getting the 7-8 hours per night they need to  function.  Teenagers, need 9 hours per night and children need more, up to 16 hours per day for infants.
 The BBC has a fun test (and a great website) where you can check your own response time to tell how sleep deprived you might be:   Sheep Dash  


Keys to good sleep:

—  Get enough exercise in the day to expend excess energy, release and develop endorphins.  Fresh air and nature help you sleep.
—   Establish a good daily routine and a good going-to-bed routine. 
—   Limit sugar, caffeine, white flour, and eating before bedtime.
—   Create a calming, “wind down” phase and make it predictable
—   Limit video and audio input; instead read, meditate.
—   Be consistent.
—   Set up your bedroom for sleep success.
Feng Shui for good sleep:

Remember my article about the most important room in your home?  Your bedroom is responsible for the most important activity of the day:  sleep.    

1.   Eliminate clutter in your room, especially from under your bed.
2.   Remove or cover mirrors, remove vibrant art work or artwork with water in it.  Limit photos of people
3.   Remove electronics and Electro-magnetic affects.  Eliminate computers, TV, etc.  Place your clock and phone across the room.
4.    Monitor what you are feeding your brain before you go to bed.
5.   If your bedroom is above your kitchen or a garage, you could have sleep problems.  Use the ‘mirror’ cure:  place a round mirror under your bed (this will be easy because there is no other clutter there, right?) and face the reflective side down.  With your intention say, “good luck with that down there, I draw the boundary for myself.”
6.   Avoid bright colors, patterns and bright lights; use calm tones; warm rich “flesh” tones (light yellows, beige to pinks, browns and cocoas) for enhancing relationships, cool tones (light green or blue) for distance and separation increasing independence.


Have a Teenager?

My research was initiated by my desire to learn how to stay connected to my teenage sons.  


In his book  Staying Connected to Your Teenager   Michael Riera, Ph.D. states,
“given the current configuration of most school districts, teenagers are unintentionally set up to accumulate serious sleep debt, which in turn impinges on their moods, concentration, stress levels, and general ability to learn.”  A conservative estimate is that teens, on a weekly basis accrue a sleep debt of about 13-15 hours.  “Sleep experts agree that for every hour of sleep debt we accrue, we lose one point from our function IQ.”     
PS:  if you want to be available to connect with your teen, hang out in the kitchen after midnight–it’s when they are ready to blab away.  Be sure you are doing something, not just waiting to ambush.  Your best response:  ‘ah-huh, oohhhh,  hmmmm, really?”  It seems like a good book; I plan to review it for you soon. 



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Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian Healing



I heard a fantastic story of a psychologist who was able to close the Ward for the Criminally Insane at the Hawaii State Mental Hospital because he used an Ancient Hawaiian Healing method to cure the ‘inmate patients’ who were healed and returned, without incident, to daily life in society.   I thought, yeah, yeah, I’m sure.  
My friend, Spiritual Master Energy Worker, Tod Foster, introduced me to the book  Zero Limits,  in which Joe Vitale tells how Ho’oponopono changed his life on a fundamental level.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Even though I read the book, no matter how “authentic” a story is, if I pass it on, I have to know it’s true.  So I traveled to Philadelphia in August 08 to see Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. to experience this for myself.  Joe was right: it shifted something fundamental inside me, in a very good way.
 As soon as I signed up for the workshop I didn’t feel like the same person.  It is almost as though something was working on me at a subconscious level.   When I paid my tuition, I could tell I was in for a major change in my life.  What happened?  I didn’t think the same way I was used to thinking-I was not the same old me, although I couldn’t put my finger on it-it was unusual, remarkable, but inexplicable and weird.
At the workshop, each of us was greeted personally by the sponsor of the workshop.  I burst into sobbing tears.  More weird.  Energy workshop people are used to emotional releases, especially unexplained ones.  The woman hugged me and said, “I’ll clean on it, too.”  Another weird response-
Clean on it
 “Ever notice that when there is a problem, you are there to witness it?” He didn’t say “Clean it,”  he said “clean on it.”  There’s a huge Karmic difference in that distinction.     The ‘deal’ with Ho’oponopono is that you are the center of your experience and that everything in your awareness is yours.  That gives you the right to clean it up as long as you own it as your experience.  If you blame another, say it’s ‘their fault’,  infringe on others’ rights to do their lives the way they do it, try to ‘save’ them, you are taking on heavy karma.  
So here is the distinction:  now that you own it-it is yours and that ownership then gives you the right to clean it from your reality, from your body and experience. You are noticing it (whatever ‘it’ is) as being a block between you and the Divine, keeping you from experiencing the full glory and abundance, forgiveness and peace in the NOW.
Then, as soon as you remember:  say to The Divine the Ho’oponopono words:  “I love you.  Thank you (for allowing me to erase this from the world).”  Sometimes it goes away immediately, sometimes it takes longer. But you just keep “cleaning,” all the time, to everything (hint, hint-everything: even chairs, toilets, walls, rooms-just as in Feng Shui, the Hawaiian’s know that everything is energy and everything is alive with that energy).  “I love you. [I’m sorry. Please forgive me.] Thank you.” 
Did he cure those inmates? 
He tells the story very factually as though it were a serious of inexplicable coincidences. For twenty hours a week, from his office at the Hospital, he would read the charts of the patients and ‘clean on them’.  He never even ‘saw’ a patient.  He explains that he would ‘find’ the place in him that was reacting or holding that person and the judgment of the crime or criminal or victim in his (Dr. HL’s) reality.  Dr. HL would perform a “Ho’oponopono” and just keep doing it.  Not stopping or thinking, he’d just “clean on it.”  Within a few months the employees were no longer fearful for their lives, sick days lessened, people were happier.  Within 6 months, inmates were no longer in shackles.  Within one year, work release programs were started up.  Within 3 years, there was no reason for the ward to be open.  That was his response.  (“Just the facts, ma’am.”)
The mind wants to ask questions.  How? What if? Shouldn’t? How can you just? Why?  “I don’t know, clean on it,” he would say.  Any time someone would ask a question, there was a 95% probability they’d get that response.   By the end of the weekend, we could see how much time we each spend in the past and future, running around trying to justify, playing catch-our-tail to make it reasonable, rational and ‘right.’  And we saw how little experience we have with living in the right NOW.  Just clean on it.   The hardest part is to allow yourself to continue to accept a positive situation–accept forgiveness. Yikes! Is that scarey?  Try it:  how long can you be ‘happy’?  Just keep saying, “I love you” to everything and everyone. 
Because he’s been performing this method in his life for so long, there is a field of energy around him.  Being near him or even thought about by him, he is cleaning and you are changed.  We learned that when you sign up for a conference, Dr. HL is given your name on a card and he “cleans on it” clearing everything that comes up in him while he’s focusing on you.  I guess that’s why I was feeling weird-I was being healed.  
What are we ‘cleaning’? The collective memories.
We are all hardwired to be love, loved and loving, loveable.  It’s what we are: Love.  But we have experienced and be taught otherwise.  For thousands of years, our ancestors (and now) we have been reacting to and acting out ‘memories’ of eons of negativity, judgment, pain, etc.  

Raising children I know this to be true:  we are taught nearly everything.  “Clean, Erase, Erase, Return to Source.” as written in Joe Vitale’s book. 


As Dr. HL calls it, “the 11 million ‘memories'” are guiding our reactions, “memories” we don’t even ‘remember’ because they are imbedded in our systems, DNA, environment, conversations, perceptions, beliefs that we didn’t come up with but continue to pluck the note of separation from love.  Ho’oponopono works to erase those false memories and return our bodies and minds to Love. 
You can’t know and you don’t have to know.
Why?  Because it’s like going through the clutter in your home, you pick it up, your look at it, roll it around, make a decision about it, remember the memories, bring the memories into the present, visit the past (pleasant or not), then make another decision about it and then move on to the next “memory”.  All the while, you are not experiencing the Divine NOW, you are somewhere else.  
When you discover that if you are in the present, you see that so much more opens up to you.  You don’t respond from patterns or predictions, you can flow with the Divine inspiration, connected to your heart and soul: your internal guidance system.  When you get to the point when everything you think and feel is LOVE, it’s not important to be anywhere other than NOW.  Now here.  No where.  Now Here.  Love.   Dr. HL said if you just say “I love you, thank you” you’ll be doing all you need to do.  Sometimes I do both, many times I use his other methods too. 
How To
Try this: see how you feel when you say: I love you. I love you. Keep saying it until you feel so expanded and open and alive, sparkling with golden sparkles of Love. When you are in this state, you are allowing yourself to attract the love you deserve. Stay there. Stay ‘in love’ and think only of the good things that you want to experience. Experience your best wishes, feel it, imagine it. I love you. I love you. I love you.


Hawaii, Candy canes and more

The “I love you” method is the easiest way to get things done.  But there’s more.  Just as Dr. Hew Len recieved Ho’oponopono through oral transmission, there is an energy component to being shown the methods by a master.  I believe that is why we are not permitted to share the methods.  Everything is sacred (notice the similarity in these words:  sacred / secret).

We shown the methods and given a binder filled with healing methods, 2 days of visuals and images that are meant to act as facility for healing all parts of a mind, body and soul.  We also received a manual with Ancient Hawaiian methods, updated for today that we agreed to not translate or transfer to maintain its purity.     What I can tell you:  there is beauty and magic all around you, just keep saying “I love you” and it will show itself to you.  


For instance, the Hawaiian language carries a sacred call to the Divine.  The word Hawaii means: “The Breath & the Water of Divinity.”  [Ha=breath, Wai (pronounced VIE)=water, I=Divinity]     Hmm:  Feng Shui:  wind, water.  Hmm.  Just saying the word  “Hawaii,”  can change your energy. Try it, how does it feel?

Right now, as you are reading this, I am “cleaning on” you. I am asking that whatever negativity might be affecting you, be cleaned.  “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”  This isn’t directed to you, I am talking to the Divine.  There’s a reality I see–a memory–and I’m taking responsibility for it because I can see it, feel it and heal it.  I am saying it to the Divine and releasing it from both of us.
You never have to (and don’t want to) go into the feeling of guilt, shame, supplication or subordination-stay in Love.  When I come across any shame, guilt, fear, judgment, I try to remember to “Clean, Erase, Erase, Return to Source” or just say “I love you. Thank you.”  It takes awareness because it’s all layered and sneaks up on you like a negative thought.
I love you=Appreciation. Thank you=Gratitude. They are different and you can learn about it on this video by Esther Hicks. 
Next time: My Weekend with Dr. Hew Len and The Kieki

There is a Weekend Seminar for Ho’oponopono on November 8 & 9 in DC.  Check their website for more info and other workshops throughout the world. 

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