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Multitasking: What you NEED to know


Multi-tasking:  What you NEED to know.

Have you ever been around a little child who is engaged in what they are doing? Their focus is laser-like. Our society trains that out of us so it’s up to us to put it back.

 “Unfortunately, the human mind cannot, in fact, multi-task without drastically reducing the quality of our processing.  Brain activation for listening is cut in half if the person is trying to process visual input at the same time. A recent study at The British Institute of Psychiatry showed that checking your email while performing another creative task decreases your IQ in the moment 10 points. That is the equivalent of not sleeping for 36 hours-more than twice the impact of smoking marijuana.”

The above quote was excerpted  from a beautiful blog article by Timothy Ferriss, best-selling author of The 4-hour Work Week.  

I recommend this article:  It’s a surprise and very well written:

The Multitasking Virus and the End of Learning (part 1)

To get the most out of your day and life, learn how to manage yourself and learn about multitasking and time management fallacies, watch this great free video .  It’s just plane good advice about how to be successful in life.  Wake Up Productive


Quick start: You’ll need a routine that works for you daily:  one you can do every day to create the persistence needed to build a great life.  Here are some suggestions from the video, but it is really worth watching.

1.  Clean Focus spans of 90-180 uninterrupted minutes.  Eliminate interruptions: clutter, email, distractions, interrupting others-focus only on the task at hand.
2.  Pulse:  focus and then relax.  Based on our bodies’ ultradium rhythm our natural cycle is a rhythm that occurs every two hours.  (This is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s transition of energy from organ system to organ system.  Every two hours is associate with vital energy nourishing a particular ‘organ system’ of the body.)   The ability to have clean focus requires clean breaks:  drop it, go outside, don’t think about it and then return refreshed.
3.  Create Routines.  We are creatures of routine.  Create ones that strengthen you:  In particular:  how you start your day sets the tone.  Get up, have a big drink of fresh water (add some lemon is you can), exercise (for a fresh mind and freed emotional body), sit in silence for 5-20 minutes, eat a healthy breakfast, read something renewing and you’ll be excited to live your best life.
4.  Renew yourself.  Take time off, at least 1-2 days a week and at least 1-2 weeks a quarter.  You’ll be more productive, create more value in your life and more value for those around you.  And for your sake, get enough sleep.  (Read my article about how lack of sleep will ruin your life.)

You need a home that supports your routine and rituals for your day. 

If your home and office do not create a background for your life that is supportive, you need to revise and use Feng Shui to help it–and you–flow better.   


Where to start? 

Watch yourself throughout your day, honestly.  Where are you duplicating effort?  Where are your energy and flow “speedbumps?”  (Those things that slow you down or muddy your tasks.)   Are you spending time looking for things, repeating motions, walking out of the way to get from one place to another? Does your home support your routines?  Does the design and layout of your home and it’s furnishings make it easy to stay organized, feel focused, happy and engaged in your activities?  

Check out the Clear Your Clutter Weekly Plan to begin to look at yourself and your spaces differently.  Go to my website and sign up for the plan.  Then you can call me, we can start where you are and get you a plan that will work for you, your time and your budgets (emotional, physical and financial). 

 Let me know what you think.



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Program Your Day for Success

How to Write a New Script So That Miracles Occur

“What you are thinking, you are creating in your life.”  Esther Hicks

We don’t often realize it but what we think will occur in our days is usually what does occur, except for that random moment when something fantastic happens and we think — how’d that happen?

Well, I can tell you exactly how that happened:  at some point you thought or dreamed it and have forgotten that you actually programmed that piece of your day and life.  Most people don’t want to believe it, but we are powerful beings in the ability to create our lives.

Take a moment each morning to program your day.  Push the thoughts toward the joy you are wanting, like skiing through spring snow, it might be difficult at first but you’ll soon be sailing on well groomed thought patterns toward your best day.

Here’s how: The Old Script Has GOT to Go

The few moments between sleep and wakefulness are magical moments.  Of course, all moments are magical, but these are ones that, in our current state of ‘doing the day’ seem to be the closest we actually get to the magical flow. 

You can use those moments to script a different day, write a different story and program your day.  I want to show you how to do it, because it works!  Of course you can do this at any time, before a meeting, when driving to work (see the traffic moving smoothly) when looking for a parking space (imagine a great one where you’d like it to be and then let the thought go–pay attention to the flow of traffic knowing this is putting you in the right place at the perfect time for your parking space, etc.)  Just reprogramming your expectations will reprogram your day and your life for the better.  

  1. Write a different script.  
    1. The stories we tell ourselves, sometimes without even knowing it, are creating our lives.  Take time to write a different script to positively program your day.  See the Script Below and make changes to suit your life.  
  2. Next, take control of your life by learning to create limits and boundaries.
    1. I am a big fan of the book, The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferris.  There are many hints within this book to learn how to positively delegate, take control of your time and your energy and thrive in life and business.  I read between the lines of many of his antics (no judgment–it’s all an open field as Rumi says, “Out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing is a field; I’ll meet you there.”  What he has done has made his life rich and most of the tips and information are extremely valuable.   One of my favorite tips:
      1. Only check emails two times a day.  Note on your signature:  I only check emails at 11:30 and 3:30.  It works.
  3. Give yourself and others a break.  Forgiveness might sound lofty at best or impossible at worst but truly forgiving everyone and allowing things to be different opens the space within your life that your world can change.  
    1. Forgive yourself for everything that you often regret or feel guilty about.  This wipes the slate clean even though you might have to do it a few times.  (The ancient Hawaiian method called Ho’o PonoPono is a significant help and very easy…Watch Michael Goddard explain how to use this method easily to shift everything for the better.)
    2. See the people you are familiar with acting in a different way and then step back and allow it. When you recognize it, you’ll be amazed.  If you don’t recognize it, you’ll still experience better flow throughout your days.
  4. Watch your language.  We often repeat cultural ideoms and responses because it’s our habit.  Really listen to what is bumping around in your vocabulary cache because this is what is being created by your subconscious.  Instead of the negatives, catch yourself and change it:  “I am lucky, I live a charmed life, I am always happy to see ______, I always get a raise, money comes to me easily and from expected and unexpected sources…”  

As I mentioned, you can do this at any time you think about it…making a shift in your internal world will always make a shift in your outer ‘reality’.   The same holds true in reverse,  with Feng Shui knowledge, you can make a shift in your outer world that will always make it easier to remove struggle and make life, wealth, health and happiness easy.  It can be easy.  It can be easy.  That was easy!

My Script

My post New Book Finds on My Nightstand, I posted the script from Carol Tuttle’s book, Remembering Wholeness.  It’s a great book and she’s a wonderful Energy Therapist, I recommend you Check her out.  But her script, although beautiful, wasn’t what I wanted for my own life so I wrote my own.

I keep this on my bedside table and each morning and each evening I read it.  I also have one on my desk that I can glance at throughout the day.  Periodically,  I adjust things here and there, but I have to tell you: it works. 

Here is my script:

  Good morning.  (usually have the tune of “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” rolling through my head and heart) I am so lucky,  I am so happy with how easily my day goes.  Everything in my life flows smoothly, easily, and happily.  It is as if the Universe knows who I am and what I want and things flow to me in a perfect and timely way. It is as if I’m dancing with the Universe.  It’s easy for me to choose those actions and things that bring me the most joy and align me with the greatest potential to live my true potential.

     Every morning I awake, eager for the beauty I will experience today.  I am infused with the energy of well-being throughout my day.   I am rested, refreshed and filled with love.  I am so glad to be alive.  I can hardly wait to exercise my body .  I am healthy and perfectly fit. 

    I am thankful for each moment I can spend with my children.  When they awaken, they are joyful and happy to be alive, rested, healthy and eager to join in the day and live their full potential.  We have such fun interacting with one another.  We laugh and embark upon our day together–positively anticipating what will unfold and expecting marvelous things to happen, great and small surprises, gifts from Universe every day.  I love being a Mom.  I ask that I be given opportunities to show and tell my children how special they are to me, to tell them how much I love them and to guide them through their lives toward fulfillment, peace and pleasure. I receive their expressions of love into my deepest my joyful heart and into every cell.

    As I go through my day, it’s a lovely time.  I see beautiful nature, beauty in everyone I meet.  I so much appreciate all the wonderful people in my life.  I love to see their smiles and joy.  I love and appreciate everyone I meet.  Just by being around them, my joy helps their lives go more smoothly.  So much well-being abounds. 

  As I travel through my day,  I sense those little urgings of my inner guidance and know just the perfect way to travel, the perfect speed and the perfect route, traffic flow is smooth and easy, I send sparkles of love and peace, harmony and laughter ahead of me on the roadways as if they were a ribbon of love, light and healing for everyone to absorb.   I love new surprises that come, my ability to move with them, and the inspiration tht comes to me effortlessly.

     I listen and my guidance moves me to the highest opportunities for joy and to do my work, to help others live the bliss and happiness that is just a thought/feeling frequency away. I am so thankful to be able to align with my Divine Guidance and my High Self.  I ask that I be cleared, cleansed and aligned with the Divine, that my chakras and energy systems be balanced and that all my relationships be clear of negativity and infused with clarity, joyful communication, understanding, respect, love and laughter.  I love connecting with the Infinite Power and Knowledge of my life, I love the joy of the unfolding.

     My Universal manager, and my Universal committee are always working to align me with my greatest potential and opportunities for success.  My Universal secretary takes care of everything, feeding it to me with grace and ease; my day goes smoothly and I am always pleased with the wonderful surprises.  (Here I usually insert something that I’d like to see or receive like:  my sons smiling with me or succeeding in school or with friends, I see an animal that I have never seen before, # new clients each week , huge sums of money from expected and unexpected places, an opportunity to exponentially help more people, delightful vacation travel, a new dear friend, or that someone anywhere on the planet feels the love they need…or whatever I would like to bring into reality.)

   I see all my current, past and future clients thriving.  I am so happy that I can help others make positive differences in their own lives.  The people that come to me are thriving because I help them see the power inside them; Divine Guidance comes through me giving my clients exactly what they need to joyfully create their best lives.  I love remembering to tune in and I am excited by how perfectly everything unfolds.   Most I love knowing that I can participate in anything I want to participate in.  I love knowing I have infinite choices.  Thank you for this beautiful day.”

How to create your own script:

Copy and paste this one into a document and change whatever you’d like to change.  Give attention to your health, your wealth, your roles (family, friends and work), and what you are grateful for.  Don’t be shy about appreciating the ‘things’ you have been asking for, but it’s a great idea to analyze as well the feelings underlying the ‘things’.  You may be wanting a new job, new mate, new car, new clothes, new body, but the feelings under that wish may be:  more freedom, happy relationship, no worries, self-confidence, or self-esteem, feeling secure within yourself and your world.  You can have it all… when you are grateful for the feelings, the things come more easily.  Your Divine Self sees you as perfect now, when you start to love yourself in that way, miracles flow to your and through you.

An important key

Phrase it in such a way as though you have it now and love it.  No matter what you have or don’t have in your current experience, be thankful and craft your script so that you are thankful that you already have what it is that you are creating.

Watch the feeling inside that might clench and say: no way, I want revenge, that person is a jerk and will always be so, or traffic is always backed up….  This is where you get to create a miracle difference and allow another reality.  That’s all, just allow it.  If you can’t do that, then just pretend you have hired a better actor for that role, someone who is funny, someone who is smarter, kinder, more centered and helpful–it’s YOUR screen play.   Go write the best day you can think of–imagine what it’s like to get that call from the headhunter that so-and-so GotRocks Company wants to hire you at such-and-such, which is 20 times what you thought you wanted…and then imagine how your new life will be–fantastic work, enjoyable creative people, great projects, fun with your family, you in those great vacation commercials.  Go for it. It’s only your mind–but that’s the engine that creates.

Word of caution

Whatever you think, you are creating and if you are creating a negative experience for someone else it will always backfire on you.  What you send out, you receive, so if you want to write a character out of your script, see them moving on to a new and joyful life somewhere where they will thrive, feel great for them moving out of your life.  This will help you create more in your life in an easier and better fashion.

Other Notes

Wording and feelings are subtle.  For instance the saying, “the rich get richer” carries with it a negative, “isn’t that bad and aren’t they taking advantage of the poor” connotation.  It’s often true that the ‘rich get richer’ because why?  It’s what they focus on…it’s their though pattern, it’s their script.

There’s enough for everyone and if you think your good comes from someone, you are missing the boat.  Your good comes from Source and when you focus on that and program your day, with your focus on what you want, you’ll be very pleased that this is always true:  “the rich get richer”

Example of a limiting program: I love anticipating all the positive changes in my life. (This will put you in the mode of constant anticipation)
Better:  Each day I am healthier and richer in all ways and more wise.

Feel free to send me your draft and I’ll critique it for you.  Between the two of us, you can be sure that your ‘script’ will see you living your best life in each and every ‘now’ moment.


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The Power Position: Your Body Knows!

“One cannot choose wisely unless he dares to listen to himself–his own self–at each moment of his life.”  Abraham Maslow 

Right now, take a moment to notice your body in your chair, what is around you?  Who is behind you, what’s above you, do you feel like you are powerfully seated, protected and able to be creative?

Your body knows whether it feels safe.  Our bodies have tremendous awareness and if you doubt that, just notice next time something drops, or something flies at your face:  you automatically flinch just in time.

Where you sit, sleep or work influences your ability to be your best. Notice the next time you have an option for a seat at a restaurant or the auto-repair shop.  How do you know which seat will give you the best outcome for your time spent dining or waiting?  After you read this article, you’ll know.

By placing yourself, your desk, chair, bed, sofa, even your stove in the power position, you are able to access more creativity and health than you may have known you were missing out on.  It allows your body to relax, feel safe, and not on alert.  You are “protected” and  that allows you to access the higher-order thinking and relating areas of the brain.

Dragons and Godfathers 

This ‘power position’ is called in China the ‘Belly of the Dragon” because it is where you are safely snuggled and protected. In the west we call it the “arm chair” position or as I like to call it, “The Godfather” position.  Watching “The Godfather” as a young teenager, I was captivated by the ritual the ‘Wiseguys” took to seat the Godfather for a meeting…know what I mean?

 They positioned him with his back protected,  seated him furthest in a room, not directly across from the door but where he could see someone approaching and have full commanding view of everything going on in the room.  They never placed him in ‘line of fire’ between a door and a window, or two windows or doors.

The power position is based on placement relative to what is in the room:  windows, doors, closets, washrooms, overhead beams, jutting walls, water, electricity, etc.   Your body is best served when not being ‘assaulted’ by fast moving energy or what the Chinese call sha ch’i,or “poison arrows”…meaning edges of walls, beams, things hanging “over your head,” “negative” shapes pointing directly at you.  It’s best to move yourself out if the way of those sharp edges or you can place something between you and the sharp edges of walls or furniture.

 Power Position 1 Desk

Bedrooms, Offices, Kitchens and more…

The next time you go to a restaurant, take notice of the best seat in the house.  It is the one that is away from the door, away from the kitchen and traffic pattern, and follows the ‘godfather’ scenario:  furthest in the room, view of the surroundings, back protected.  Most men know this and when arranging themselves for a lunch or for a meeting, and you can always tell who has the power in the group.

Power Position 1 Bed

Where Feng Shui Comes In

When  you read these suggestions, you may think your layout options are hopeless but don’t despair.  If you cannot have the perfect Feng Shui, there are options to make changes to be sure that the spaces are supportive.  The changes don’t have to be the ‘traditional’ Feng Shui cures of bamboo flutes, Chinese statuary, crystals or ribbons–those work but there are ways to make changes to suit any decor.not power feng shui

If you can’t place yourself in the ultimate Power Position, do the best you can to secure your back against a solid wall or at least place something solid behind you.

What if you are unable to face the door?

~ In an office or cubicle, place a mirror so that you can see behind you.  Be careful of what it reflects because you can be doubling your work or your bills or a crabby co-worker.  Make it reflect something beautiful and happy.  It only need be large enough for you to see behind you.

~ In a bedroom, place the mirror so that it does not reflect the sleeper, but instead offers a view of the door.  Mirrors are recommended against in a bedroom because mirrors activate a space but this use may be necessary.

~ In a kitchen, the stove in an island facing the family or guests is the best position.  If that’s not possible, use the mirror cure to allow the cook to feel secure and part of the crowd.

~ At a table, dining or in a living room:  everyone needs to feel ‘powerful’ and able to be their ‘best self’.  Check to see that each person has a powerful position.  Offer a view of the door when possible, protect their back with a solid chair back or by placing something between the door and their chair, place mirrors strategically so that they can have a view around the room if possible.

Feeling powerful is vital to our well-being.  When we feel safe only then can we be vibrantly healthy and productive. Arranging our homes and offices, knowing how to chose colors and shapes that we love and support us, allow us to make life for everyone around us better than we could ever imagine! 

When we feel safe and in control of our surroundings, we have seventy-five percent of the battle won.  Safety is the foundation for your ability to create your life and what A. Maslow calls the “Hierarchy of Human Needs” leading you to full self-actualization, meaning, living your highest joy creating your particular contribution to humanity in peace and love.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s your birthright and we need you to be wrapping your work in joy.

 More Feng Shui Steps for Success:

·        Put yourself in the power position.

·        Reduce negative influences

·        Bring in healthy and positive energy

·        Hire the Heavens: Invite Divine Assistance

·        Be happy


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Tap In to the Infinite Energy

Here is a huge secret:  you have the ability to tap into the same energy that is working for the movers and shakers of your world, whomever that is.  Want to be a better musician?  Want to be a more savvy investor?  Would you like your own high-level advisory team,  time manager, a business manager, mentor?

I first came across this information 10 years ago through Stuart Wilde.  In his book, Infinite Self,  Stuart explains that the energy that inspired all the greatest people that ever walked the planet is still around and accessible in this moment.  The energy that inspired Solomon, Socrates, Aristotle, Einstein, Ben Franklin, The Pharoahs, you name it, is running through you now and it’s yours to claim for the asking.

Read Jean Slater’s book:  Hiring the Heavens.  In it, Jean makes it easy to learn just how to tap into the resources you have waiting to serve you.  She tells you that you have an unlimited account to hire the best in the Universe, whatever and whoever you need to help you.  I have done this and it has made my life work in uncanny ways. 

For instance, I “hired” my committee and have meetings daily and weekly.  Do I sound certifiable?  Just listen:  on my heavenly Board of Directors I placed a time manager.  Since then, if accidently double book myself, if I have appointment slots open, if I need to meet a deadline, it always has resolved itself without my pushing or straining.  The double bookings?  One of them calls to reschedule at the last minute.   Doesn’t mean I can go brain dead about life, just that with awareness and request for Divine Assistance, things always work out.

I keep hearing stories about others using their “parking angels.”  I have been doing this for years and it really works.  The key:  calmly ask that you have a parking space exactly where you’d like it.  If it doesn’t work at first, don’t give up, just don’t forget to ask and soon you’ll be amazed.  I also have asked that I be in the right place at the right time for my best health, wealth and happiness–so I know if I don’t get the parking space I just asked for, it’s because there’s something else that’s a higher priority.  It’s a real time way of working with the intuitive side of yourself, setting up your priorities and allow the support of your invisible team to guide you.

I have also heard about “green light angels,”  “enough money Angels,”  the list goes on.  The point is, you have more support around you right now than you can imagine–so, get to imagining! AND at the very least, you’ll open your awareness to the world and it’s possibilities around you.  Trust.

Here is an uncanny example:

One day in mid-May,,  it was my turn to provide the snacks for my sons’ Varsity tennis match.  I gathered the items, packed them in the car and went to the field where I thought the match was.  As I pulled up, everything seemed just as I expected it and the Coach said, “Oh good, you got the email, I called but I had the wrong number and I was concerned that you wouldn’t have gotten the message that the match was at home and not away.”   All I could do was laugh!  I check the schedule daily, and in my  mind the match was ‘at home’ but it was originally on the schedule as an ‘away’ match.  I would have driven 40 miles out of my way, but my time manager was on it and rearranged the whole thing in my mind.   

Dumb luck?  Oh sure, call it what you will, but I know that it all worked perfectly because I asked for help. 

I always get a great parking place, the phone call at the right time, the nudge that I should turn left instead of right, stop or slow down.  I bless those little delays because I know it’s just a matter of the energy lining up for everyone.

Try It

Sit quietly for a moment a, connect into your inspired place within and ask for a favor.  Start as simple as you’d like, perhaps something that you don’t have an emotional charge around.  Something like:

I’d like to see beauty today.  –or–  Can you show me something wonderful that I’ve never seen?  –or– Can you bring to me the people that need my talents and pay me richly for it?  –or– can you help me write a better proposal?  –or– make a healthy dinner –or– find the perfect words, happy relationship, joyful evening, enjoy a restful sleep?

Then let it go and go on about your day.  When it shows up, you can smile and know you were answered and you just Hired the Heavens…wherever they might be.

More Feng Shui Steps for Success:

·        Put yourself in the power position.

·        Reduce negative influences

·        Bring in healthy and positive energy

·        Be happy

Years ago a philosophy professor paraphrased Descartes ‘Brain in a Vat’ argument:  “We live 100% of the time in our head” and when you think about it, it could be true.

I have decided though to live 100% of the time in my heart and my head and it’s been an amazing unfolding of the magic of being alive.

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Success Blocker #743: Not Allowing It In

Sometimes we get so used to bracing ourselves, looking around the corner for the thing that is going to dis-allow our success, make us work harder, thwart our dreams that we FORGET that bracing has set up a vibration that brings more of that vibration.

One Way to Open the Space to Let Your Goodness IN…Thank you to my dear friends for my new Kate Spade tote bag.

By being in the moment and allowing this moment:  just this moment, to be good, fresh, happy, silly, weird, even if we allow this moment to be awful, we give it permission to be and make space for the next moment.  And it CAN be good, building on good, building on just great.

If you want to know what might be blocking your success ask yourself, “I am letting it in?”

Exercise Try This

“I allow the ________ in.”*

Sometimes we don’t let ourselves receive or deserve what it is that we are want or are given.

When I first started saying this remedy and filling in the blank, I was amazed at how my body responded. I softened and flowed with the grace of allowing.

*Try it:

I allow the slender in.

I allow the beauty of my body in.

I allow Time to expand for me so I am in perfect time.

I allow organization to come in.

I allow laughter in to my days.

I allow the peace to come into my heart and conversations.

I allow this traffic to be protecting me so I arrive safely in the perfect moment to avoid anything negative or in perfect timing to get the perfect parking space.

I allow the riches of this Universe into my bank account, my home, my thoughts, my experience.

I allow ease and flow and health to come in.

What are you struggling for or against? Find it’s opposite and allow that in…you’ll see results and be amazed.

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Intentional Feng Shui For Any Event

Sending Roses (or any flower that you love) -- White is the color we historically associate with light, goodness, purity or life beyond this one. Notice the Color You See When You Mentally Send Roses Ahead--all colors offer a healing response to the individual or situation.

A friend of mine was edgy: he was meeting with his former wife for the first time in a while to discuss the wedding plans of their daughter.  “It never goes well,” he said.

“Change it,” I said.

“Right.  If I could I would.  How do you recommend I do that?”

“Focus and send love forward into the situation.  Just rewrite it ahead of time. And if you can’t do that, just fill the space and the room with roses (or your favorite flower).”

I saw him two weeks later and he’d forgotten about the event.  I asked him how the meeting went.

“Oh my…I forgot till just now that I did what you recommended.  It was the best meeting we had in years.  My ex-wife wasn’t angry and I wasn’t defensive.  It was actually pleasant. It must have been the roses or something…”


You can dramatically change any experience by using your own intention and thoughts.  You can do this anytime—it would be great if we could do this all the time.  But that is an “advanced move.”

Daily our focus is pulled in so many different directions that it’s very difficult to be present in every moment, radiating Love in all directions.  That is what Practical Feng Shui is for: to access and anchor positive energy flow when we can’t be vigilant.

We can’t make Feng Shui adjustments to each space we visit, we can affect the outcome with this simple trick.

Try it now:

Imagine a situation that normally makes you feel tight, bored, sad, scared, or any other contracting, negative emotion, preferably one coming up soon.  Now imagine you are watching that situation as though it were a scene in a movie. Nothing in particular changes until suddenly—the “camera” zooms out and the picture softens as the edges of everything glow with soft pink and golden or white light, hearts soften, smiles form, people are listening, agreeing, voices are lighter and laughter is present.  Everyone is ‘in love’ with life and enjoying the best qualities of those in the room.   Everything goes smoothly, gently, easily.

Let it continue until everyone is home safely and happily in bed.  Seal it with an “and so it is, Thank you.”

There, you just did it.  You sent positive energy forward into a situation.  The more you do that, the more you will notice life flowing more easily for you; I use this technique every day and still I am surprised that it works. It even works with traffic!


When sending a mental rose to my son one day, I was shocked and scared to see that a beautiful black rose appeared in my mind.  But, within a few moments I realized that black is the color of protection, in pigment it is closest to all colors mixed and in light it is considered the absorber of all color, reflecting none.

I remembered that there is a wisdom greater than mine when dealing in the esoteric world of energy and color and that my son must have needed to absorb all the wave lengths of color for his own healing.

Here are some associations that you might see when sending roses ahead into your life situations:

  • Pink — unconditional love and healing
  • Blue — relaxation, vision, rest and independence
  • Green — the color that is easiest on our physical eye, the color of nature and the Heart Chakra, the color of healing love
  • Yellow — warmth, nourishing and grounding, self-esteem, will, determination, thinking and good digestion (of food and issues)
  • White — purity, clarity, spirituality, all colors of light
  • Purple/Violet — spirituality, action and rest at the same time
  • Black — protection, depth, mystery
  • Red — passion, action, deep love (usually romantic)
  • Gold — especially powerful healing color, associated with the highest and best [did you know that gold is really so rare “that all the gold ever mined from Earth would fill only 3 olympic-sized swimming pools”  Brian Cox, astrophysicist and create of Wonders of the Universe for Science Channel.  I love this; Brian Cox explains the Universe with a mixture of science and loving awe.]

Send it Forward

Now you do it!  Send some roses ahead on your drive home, on the roads see them covered with rose petals; to the phone calls or people you love, send them roses.  Then forget about it…go on about your day, stop and buy some flowers, switch off the grumpy news, drive in silence for a few minutes to connect to the power at your center and you will arrive at your event refreshed and flowing with the Life Force, ready for your day and able to enjoy whatever comes along.

(See Post on Rewriting Your Daily Life Script)

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2012 — Year of Water Dragon Outlook Ahead

A Year of Change, Direct Communication,  Deep Emotion and (It’s up to you:) Positive Outcomes

US Postal Stamp 2012 Year of the Dragon

“New Year’s Days” are a turning point toward a fresh start.  It is true, there are unseen but felt forces influencing us:  ‘We can feel a change a-comin’.”

Some years are like music to our souls, and others are music that makes us cringe.  We all experience and use the energies differently and you can discover how to use the cycles discovered by the Ancient civilizations to your advantage.

If you are apt to look to the weather forecast for any given day, you know that things change.   Just like a weather forecast, the cyclical predictions of what we can expect in a new year can help us prepare for our dance with the Cosmic energies in which we live.

There is a note: you are at the center of your Universe and have the ability to view information as beneficial.  Prediction of any sort is not finality–it is an optional outcome which we can choose to change by our action, attention or intention.


  • December 31 marks the end of the Gregorian Calendar year, and co-incidentally, the time when the “New Year Star” Sirius is at its pinnacle above the Earth’s Horizon.  This star gave the Egyptians important information regarding the flooding of the Nile, which impacted their economy.  Celebrate this New Beginning with visions of what you’d like to experience in 2012.
  • January 23, 2012 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  This date, the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice, starts the Spring Festival also known as Chinese New Year.  The 2-week holiday takes advantage of the New Moon energy and the rushing force of Spring germinating deep under the soil.  Clean your home, clear the clutter, invite prosperity into your home with warm celebration with friends and family.
  • February 4, marks the “Solar” New Year: another shift in energy from a Nine Star Ki perspective, shifting the energies from one ‘song’ to another.

Chinese New Year 2012 

January 23, 2012 marked the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon.   Dragon years bring prosperity, change and an intangible sense that something great is happening.  Whatever that means in your life, be sure to look deeper than first impressions to get the whole story before committing your time, money or (in this Presidential election year)  your vote.

In the East, Dragon energy is associated with benevolent life force, power, great luck, and support.  A symbol of the Emperor, the Dragon is ambitious, dominant, passionate, enthusiastic, kind and nourishing.  Dragon years bring energy that propel change and disruption, but not always for an unwanted outcome…when properly harnessed this energy creates new life, growth and spring like qualities.  Without awareness it will be easy to get out of control this year.    Dragon energy usually heralds change and good fortune but requires integrity in order to benefit well.

The Chinese Zodiac

For thousands of years, the Chinese have studied and qualified the cyclical nature of human affairs and packaged them in metaphorical terms for easy understanding.  The years follow a 12-year cycle of animals and their characteristics and a 60-year cycle of nuances attributed to earth’s elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  Having taught elementary school, I saw an amazing general trend: children born in different years exhibited the best qualities attributed to this animal zodiac and it made me smile.  [Children born in 1992 were facile, joyful, social and clever – just like the Monkey; 1991, methodical, quiet and ingenious—just like the Goat, and so on.]

Legend of the Chinese Zodiac told beautifully for all ages.

The Chinese Zodiac is passed on through the folk tale of The Great RaceThe amusing and clever story is beautifully told in Cat and Rat by Ed Young and explains how the animals had  to get to a meeting called by the Jade Emperor.  To do so the animals had to cross a river.  The sequence of their arrival at the meeting would indicate their place in the calendar.  Rat, by being intelligent and cunning arrived first, followed by Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake and Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig, because he stopped to eat, arrived last.

The Year of the Water Dragon Expectations

In general we’ll find that this Year of the Water Dragon will be grand, exciting and hopeful.  Not trivial at all in their understanding of life and human nature, the Chinese warn that in the Year of the Dragon those grand fortunes can spiral out of control without proper research and attention to completion of one project at a time.   No matter how good things seem, the Water nature of this Dragon year will inspire us to step back, investigate further, and thoroughly evaluate to make smart decisions.

The need for harmony at all costs will be replaced by our desire to be clear and accurate with our agreements, verbal and contractural.  As water signifies what is deep, flowing, emotional and spiritual, we may find that we have a more emotional response to situations but we will also find ourselves wanting and needing to speak clearly, especially about the details of any endeavor.

Dragon energy can also bring out arrogance, aggressiveness, & violence.   In 2012, things will most likely seem ‘larger than life’ and ‘blown out of proportion.’  The best advice for a Water Dragon year: Respond don’t React. Take a breath and step back consult your gut feelings;  be clear and kind.

Dragon people, those born in the Year of the Dragon, (1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012) are leaders:  innovative, enterprising, flexible, self-assured, brave, and passionate.  The other side of the coin is that their focus can lead them to seem conceited, tactless, and quick-tempered.

Some famous people born in the Year of the Dragon:  Reese Witherspoon,  John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr., Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony, Sigmund Freud, Mae West, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Lee, Jose Conseco, Orlando Bloom, Keanu Reeves, Liam Neeson, Nicholas Cage, Gregory Peck, Raquel Welch.

If you’ve been to a Chinese restaurant, you probably know which year in which you were born but what you might not know is that the Chinese New Year doesn’t begin January 1 but instead begins at the second New Moon after the Winter Solstice.  If you were born in January or February, you may be a “different animal” thank you thought.  Check the internet for when Chinese New Year began in the year in which you were born.

Nine Star Ki 2012 – Japanese Perspective on Feng Shui Timing

2011 was a 7 Metal Year which means for most of us, it was a time we were focused on how things ‘looked’ and how we socialized and took time for ourselves.  It was a year that allowed us to challenge our own enjoyment of life.  It may have helped us evaluate how we have used our resources and how we plan to use them in the future.

2012 is a 6 Metal Year.  In a 6 Metal year we can reap great harvest afforded to us by our efforts and ability to be accountable, interested in community and global affairs.  It is the energy of Father, benevolent, dutiful, honorable and conditionally supportive.  The last 6 Metal year was in 2003…look back to review that year for yourself: what were the themes in your life in 2003?  Did you experience new beginnings?  Were you releasing what didn’t serve you?  Perhaps you were confronted with how well you were able to account for your involvement in the details of your life, your finances and community involvement?  Did you encounter a Mentor or become a Benefactor?   2012 will be similar in its tune but a bit softer.

Check out  at   or email me for your personalized energy forecast and how to arrange your spaces to create harmony with those you love and work with.   (

Don’t be fooled: The Year of the Water Dragon can show you what lies beneath the surface, require direct communication and bring up a lot of emotion. Respond don’t React. Take a breath and time to step back to see if things aren’t initially larger than life.

Planning Ahead

How can you make necessary changes in these last few weeks of Rabbit energy to allow the change in your life to be beneficial?

  • Be clear, honest and ruthless with the questions you ask yourself and be proud that you are asking them.   “Am I on target with my heart’s desires?”  “Is there anything that I am living with that I need to release? (emotions, perceptions, expectations included)
  • It’s all good, release the ballast and plan your next glorious adventurous year.  What is on your Bucket List? (The list of things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’.)
  • Check out Miracles, by Stuart Wilde for a beautifully short version of how to’s for creating your own life’s miracles.
  • You don’t have to do it alone:  be sure to get professional advice if you have made less than the best decisions in the past and know you need to make plans that include your own best interest.  When you thrive, all those around you benefit.
  • Tend now to your own Water issues and energies:
  • Check your home’s plumbing,
  • Check ‘Water under Earth’ — keep an eye on gutter drains, etc.
  • Check your car’s engine,
  • Make sure your front door and all the doors to your home and office work perfectly.
  • Tend carefully to your body and emotions:
  • Support your kidneys and adrenal glands, bladder, reproductive organs, blood, spleen with plenty of rest, balanced work/life, pure water, limited alcohol and coffee
  • Allow emotions to be named and released.  Validate your ‘feelings’ if even to yourself.  Check out The Emotion Code, by Bradley Nelson.  I have experienced personally how emotions get stuffed into our cells and not released until we have the maturity or support to deal with the little and major traumas of life.  This works.
  • be sure that your career  is aligned with your true Life’s Purpose.

2012 is sure to be a powerful year, one in which we could easily discover the depths of love for ourselves, our families and friends and our world.  Be well and contact me if you would like help to make your life even more fun.

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