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Multitasking: What you NEED to know


Multi-tasking:  What you NEED to know.

Have you ever been around a little child who is engaged in what they are doing? Their focus is laser-like. Our society trains that out of us so it’s up to us to put it back.

 “Unfortunately, the human mind cannot, in fact, multi-task without drastically reducing the quality of our processing.  Brain activation for listening is cut in half if the person is trying to process visual input at the same time. A recent study at The British Institute of Psychiatry showed that checking your email while performing another creative task decreases your IQ in the moment 10 points. That is the equivalent of not sleeping for 36 hours-more than twice the impact of smoking marijuana.”

The above quote was excerpted  from a beautiful blog article by Timothy Ferriss, best-selling author of The 4-hour Work Week.  

I recommend this article:  It’s a surprise and very well written:

The Multitasking Virus and the End of Learning (part 1)

To get the most out of your day and life, learn how to manage yourself and learn about multitasking and time management fallacies, watch this great free video .  It’s just plane good advice about how to be successful in life.  Wake Up Productive


Quick start: You’ll need a routine that works for you daily:  one you can do every day to create the persistence needed to build a great life.  Here are some suggestions from the video, but it is really worth watching.

1.  Clean Focus spans of 90-180 uninterrupted minutes.  Eliminate interruptions: clutter, email, distractions, interrupting others-focus only on the task at hand.
2.  Pulse:  focus and then relax.  Based on our bodies’ ultradium rhythm our natural cycle is a rhythm that occurs every two hours.  (This is the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s transition of energy from organ system to organ system.  Every two hours is associate with vital energy nourishing a particular ‘organ system’ of the body.)   The ability to have clean focus requires clean breaks:  drop it, go outside, don’t think about it and then return refreshed.
3.  Create Routines.  We are creatures of routine.  Create ones that strengthen you:  In particular:  how you start your day sets the tone.  Get up, have a big drink of fresh water (add some lemon is you can), exercise (for a fresh mind and freed emotional body), sit in silence for 5-20 minutes, eat a healthy breakfast, read something renewing and you’ll be excited to live your best life.
4.  Renew yourself.  Take time off, at least 1-2 days a week and at least 1-2 weeks a quarter.  You’ll be more productive, create more value in your life and more value for those around you.  And for your sake, get enough sleep.  (Read my article about how lack of sleep will ruin your life.)

You need a home that supports your routine and rituals for your day. 

If your home and office do not create a background for your life that is supportive, you need to revise and use Feng Shui to help it–and you–flow better.   


Where to start? 

Watch yourself throughout your day, honestly.  Where are you duplicating effort?  Where are your energy and flow “speedbumps?”  (Those things that slow you down or muddy your tasks.)   Are you spending time looking for things, repeating motions, walking out of the way to get from one place to another? Does your home support your routines?  Does the design and layout of your home and it’s furnishings make it easy to stay organized, feel focused, happy and engaged in your activities?  

Check out the Clear Your Clutter Weekly Plan to begin to look at yourself and your spaces differently.  Go to my website and sign up for the plan.  Then you can call me, we can start where you are and get you a plan that will work for you, your time and your budgets (emotional, physical and financial). 

 Let me know what you think.



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How To Buy a Happy Home – The Secret To Avoid Trouble

The Secret to Buying a Happy Home

-or- How to avoid a divorce, illness, job loss, or worse..


When you buy a home, what you are buying is the next phase of your life.  By the end of this article, you’ll know some major things to look for.

Why would you want to imagine what it’s like to live in their shoes?

If you buy their home, you will begin to live the same life.  If it’s a wonderful life, buy now.   But unless you use “Feng Shui eyes” you could be in for an unexpected turn of events.  In my experience, homes don’t lie.  Rarely is a home so toxic it can’t be solved, but it does happen.  Most often, the energy can be adjusted but if you don’t know the difference–you’ll be in for trouble.

Things that matter when buying a home:

  • The Outside: Neighborhood, Land, Style & Layout
  • The Inside: Style, Layout, Colors, Shapes & Items
  • The History

Feng Shui wisdom can save you a trip to the divorce attorney or worse.  If you find a home that you love and that home has some challenging Feng Shui issues, you can usually reverse the negatives by making some changes that won’t cost a fortune:  that’s the beauty of the science of Feng Shui. 

The Outside – The Neighborhood
     determines your ability to be effective in the world


1.    A healthy and vibrant neighborhood:  good life force means you won’t be drained or asked to devote YOUR energy to keep it vital.  It will support you rather than drain you.

2.    A healthy business district, health trees, well-maintained homes, gardens and streets.

3.    Not directly near a cemetery, hospital or church –while these are important aspects of a community, living too near these can deplete your own health.  Avoid living near a prison or municipal buildings such as Fire Station, Police Station or water treatment plant.

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Green OR Healthy? Why the Choice?

On the road to personal and global health, we shouldn’t have to choose:  Green OR Healthy…Let’s do Both!

Consider this:  fluorescent light bulbs have been linked to  migraine headaches and worse.

Modern life has brought new exciting developments, most of which make life and living more fun, none of which alone would have a negative affect, but added together, our bodies have trouble adapting.   As we take a look at these influences and how to shift gently we can lessen our experience of ‘allergies’, illness and crabbiness, to mention a few.

The Light Link

Although florescent bulbs use less electricity and run cooler than incandescents, the use of these lights has been linked to minor and even more severe health risks.   Migraines, epileptic seizures, decreased immune system function, nervousness, inability to focus and depression are some of the problems linked to time spent with fluorescent lighting.

What are our options?  We have a few:

  • Install New Fixtures
  • Use full-spectrum bulbs
  • Integrate natural daylight
  • Use new LED replacement bulbs for florescent fixtures (avoid blue spectrum bulbs if you can)

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health says that some of the problem comes from the “flicker” effect of the fluorescent light bulbs.  That ‘flicker’ effect is inherent in the operation of the bulbs as bursts of electricity ignite the gas inside the tubes. The effect is worse in older fixtures.  According to the CCOH, you can reduce the ill-effects of ‘flicker’ by buying new fixtures which have electronic (rather than magnetic) ballasts, by replacing your bulbs frequently and making sure all parts of the fixtures work perfectly.

A study done by the CCOH also showed that employees whose offices were located on upper floors (where there is greater exposure to daylight) suffered less ill effects from the bulbs.

Question: If there is a way to reduce stress, inability to focus and immune system suppression, and help our children in schools, our employees everywhere (hospitals, banks, prisons, you name it) shouldn’t we DO IT?

“Flicker” is not the only issue.  Most of us use ‘cool-white’ bulbs, and Jacob Liberman, OD, Ph.D., in his groundbreaking and hopeful book Light: Medicine of the Future, suggests that we can reduce the ill-effects even further IF we use the correct fixture and ‘full-spectrum’ bulbs.  These bulbs are more costly initially but when that cost is weighted against our ill-health, increased crime rates the figure becomes minimal.

Consider just this ONE study:

“…The development of full-spectrum artificial lighting…prompted Ott to further investigate the possible negative effect of improper lighting on health and performance in human being.  In 1973, Ott and the Environmental health and Light research Institute undertook a study involving four first-grade classrooms in Sarasota, Florida.  Full-spectrum, radiation-shielded fluorescent light fixtures were installed in two of the window-less classrooms in Sarasota, Florida.

“Full-spectrum, radiation-shielded florescent light fixtures were installed in two of the windowless classrooms, while standard cool-white fluorescent fixtures were installed in two other identical windowless classrooms that served as controls.  Concealed time-lapse cameras took random sequences of student and teachers in the classroom. Although teachers were aware of the program, neither they nor their students were aware of when they were being photographed.

“The photographed results were significant.  Under the cool-white fluorescent lighting, some students demonstrated hyperactivity, fatigue, irritability, and attentional deficits.  In the classrooms with full-spectrum lighting, however, behavior and classroom performance , as well as overall academic achievement, improved markedly within one month after the new lights were installed.  Furthermore, several learning-disabled children with extreme hyperactivity problems miraculously calmed down and seemed to overcome some of their learning and reading problems while in the classrooms with full-spectrum lighting.

“This study additionally demonstrated that children in rooms with full spectrum lighting developed one-third the number of cavities in their teeth as children in the classrooms with standard cool-white fluorescent lights.”  Liberman, Jason, Light: Medicine of the Future, Rochester, VT:  Bear & Company Press, 1991

Empower your home:

  • If you must use fluorescent bulbs, use new electronic fixtures and full-spectrum bulbs.
  • When possible, daylight is best.   Take advantage of the healthy properties of sunlight.

Think you can’t more daylight into your home?  Think about installing Sun Tubes (aka Solar Tubes, Sun Tunnels…do an Internet search) which allow natural daylight to enter even your ‘captive’ rooms.  There are many companies making and selling them; be sure to use a reputable installer.

Here is a link to the Daily Mail article:
Energy-Saving Bulbs Causing Migraine Headaches


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Timing is EVERYTHING: Light and Color Activate Health in our Bodies

Blue light tells our bodies to “Wake Up!” The Blue TV and Computer light at night is wreaking hormonal havoc on our bodies.

You may have heard about Circadian Rhythms, the cycles of life driven by the sun’s rising and setting and the amount of light and darkness in our days.

What you might not know is that light is color and color is light.  The colors of light, at specific times of the day, activate our bodies to respond in different ways.  Mix up the colors and the rhythm and you would be challenging your body’s ability to regulate itself through sleep and hormonal cycles.  Some recent studies have actually shown decreased human growth due to overexposure to the ‘wrong’ color light at the ‘wrong’ time of day.

Researchers have discovered that blue wavelength light, which is most available in the morning, has a way of signaling the pineal gland to stop producing Melatonin, the sleep hormone.  No melatonin, you lie awake unable to sleep and you body is unable to regenerate itself as efficiently and you are deprived of the all-important REM sleep needed for a healthy mind, body and soul.  The answer, turn off the TV and the computer in the early evening or at least an hour before bedtime.  You’ll have better sleep and perhaps more cuddling with your significant other.

Wall Color

Color is actually Light, and each color is its own frequency that speaks to our bodies unlocking different responses in our physiology.  The color around us, either on our walls or reflected to us from the greenery outside, or from the TV or computer screen,  speaks directly to our bodies rearranging our ability to be healthy, happy and wealthy.   Feng Shui has known this and .

Here’s the bottom line:  the colors of our spaces influence us:  our moods, our associative memory and our phyisology.  Feng Shui has been telling us this for thousands of years, the Egyptians for thousands of years before that and now researchers are proving it with scientific accuracy.   To paraphrase T.S.Elliot, its as though  our explorations have led us back to the place where we started and we know it as if for the first time.  (full quote here.)

A Better night time color scheme: warm, soft “flesh tones” and sunset colors. Prior to sleep: full darkness allows our bodies to regenerate and reach REM sleep.

Excerpt and link:

Research Team Shows Skin Stem Cells Run By Circadian Clock

( — Most everyone has heard of the circadian rhythm or the internal clock that people have that tells them when to do things, such as go to sleep. In fact, researchers have actually located where this “clock” resides in the human brain. It’s in the suprachiasmatic nuclei, a pair of distinct groups of cells located in the hypothalamus. So, that would seem the end of it right, except it’s not; new research by a group in Spain has found that individual stem cells in skin have their own circadian clock of sorts that tells the skin when to do certain thing, like regenerate. The team led by Peggy Janich and Salvador Aznar Benitah, has published the results of their study in Nature.

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Program Your Day for Success

How to Write a New Script So That Miracles Occur

“What you are thinking, you are creating in your life.”  Esther Hicks

We don’t often realize it but what we think will occur in our days is usually what does occur, except for that random moment when something fantastic happens and we think — how’d that happen?

Well, I can tell you exactly how that happened:  at some point you thought or dreamed it and have forgotten that you actually programmed that piece of your day and life.  Most people don’t want to believe it, but we are powerful beings in the ability to create our lives.

Take a moment each morning to program your day.  Push the thoughts toward the joy you are wanting, like skiing through spring snow, it might be difficult at first but you’ll soon be sailing on well groomed thought patterns toward your best day.

Here’s how: The Old Script Has GOT to Go

The few moments between sleep and wakefulness are magical moments.  Of course, all moments are magical, but these are ones that, in our current state of ‘doing the day’ seem to be the closest we actually get to the magical flow. 

You can use those moments to script a different day, write a different story and program your day.  I want to show you how to do it, because it works!  Of course you can do this at any time, before a meeting, when driving to work (see the traffic moving smoothly) when looking for a parking space (imagine a great one where you’d like it to be and then let the thought go–pay attention to the flow of traffic knowing this is putting you in the right place at the perfect time for your parking space, etc.)  Just reprogramming your expectations will reprogram your day and your life for the better.  

  1. Write a different script.  
    1. The stories we tell ourselves, sometimes without even knowing it, are creating our lives.  Take time to write a different script to positively program your day.  See the Script Below and make changes to suit your life.  
  2. Next, take control of your life by learning to create limits and boundaries.
    1. I am a big fan of the book, The Four Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferris.  There are many hints within this book to learn how to positively delegate, take control of your time and your energy and thrive in life and business.  I read between the lines of many of his antics (no judgment–it’s all an open field as Rumi says, “Out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing is a field; I’ll meet you there.”  What he has done has made his life rich and most of the tips and information are extremely valuable.   One of my favorite tips:
      1. Only check emails two times a day.  Note on your signature:  I only check emails at 11:30 and 3:30.  It works.
  3. Give yourself and others a break.  Forgiveness might sound lofty at best or impossible at worst but truly forgiving everyone and allowing things to be different opens the space within your life that your world can change.  
    1. Forgive yourself for everything that you often regret or feel guilty about.  This wipes the slate clean even though you might have to do it a few times.  (The ancient Hawaiian method called Ho’o PonoPono is a significant help and very easy…Watch Michael Goddard explain how to use this method easily to shift everything for the better.)
    2. See the people you are familiar with acting in a different way and then step back and allow it. When you recognize it, you’ll be amazed.  If you don’t recognize it, you’ll still experience better flow throughout your days.
  4. Watch your language.  We often repeat cultural ideoms and responses because it’s our habit.  Really listen to what is bumping around in your vocabulary cache because this is what is being created by your subconscious.  Instead of the negatives, catch yourself and change it:  “I am lucky, I live a charmed life, I am always happy to see ______, I always get a raise, money comes to me easily and from expected and unexpected sources…”  

As I mentioned, you can do this at any time you think about it…making a shift in your internal world will always make a shift in your outer ‘reality’.   The same holds true in reverse,  with Feng Shui knowledge, you can make a shift in your outer world that will always make it easier to remove struggle and make life, wealth, health and happiness easy.  It can be easy.  It can be easy.  That was easy!

My Script

My post New Book Finds on My Nightstand, I posted the script from Carol Tuttle’s book, Remembering Wholeness.  It’s a great book and she’s a wonderful Energy Therapist, I recommend you Check her out.  But her script, although beautiful, wasn’t what I wanted for my own life so I wrote my own.

I keep this on my bedside table and each morning and each evening I read it.  I also have one on my desk that I can glance at throughout the day.  Periodically,  I adjust things here and there, but I have to tell you: it works. 

Here is my script:

  Good morning.  (usually have the tune of “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” rolling through my head and heart) I am so lucky,  I am so happy with how easily my day goes.  Everything in my life flows smoothly, easily, and happily.  It is as if the Universe knows who I am and what I want and things flow to me in a perfect and timely way. It is as if I’m dancing with the Universe.  It’s easy for me to choose those actions and things that bring me the most joy and align me with the greatest potential to live my true potential.

     Every morning I awake, eager for the beauty I will experience today.  I am infused with the energy of well-being throughout my day.   I am rested, refreshed and filled with love.  I am so glad to be alive.  I can hardly wait to exercise my body .  I am healthy and perfectly fit. 

    I am thankful for each moment I can spend with my children.  When they awaken, they are joyful and happy to be alive, rested, healthy and eager to join in the day and live their full potential.  We have such fun interacting with one another.  We laugh and embark upon our day together–positively anticipating what will unfold and expecting marvelous things to happen, great and small surprises, gifts from Universe every day.  I love being a Mom.  I ask that I be given opportunities to show and tell my children how special they are to me, to tell them how much I love them and to guide them through their lives toward fulfillment, peace and pleasure. I receive their expressions of love into my deepest my joyful heart and into every cell.

    As I go through my day, it’s a lovely time.  I see beautiful nature, beauty in everyone I meet.  I so much appreciate all the wonderful people in my life.  I love to see their smiles and joy.  I love and appreciate everyone I meet.  Just by being around them, my joy helps their lives go more smoothly.  So much well-being abounds. 

  As I travel through my day,  I sense those little urgings of my inner guidance and know just the perfect way to travel, the perfect speed and the perfect route, traffic flow is smooth and easy, I send sparkles of love and peace, harmony and laughter ahead of me on the roadways as if they were a ribbon of love, light and healing for everyone to absorb.   I love new surprises that come, my ability to move with them, and the inspiration tht comes to me effortlessly.

     I listen and my guidance moves me to the highest opportunities for joy and to do my work, to help others live the bliss and happiness that is just a thought/feeling frequency away. I am so thankful to be able to align with my Divine Guidance and my High Self.  I ask that I be cleared, cleansed and aligned with the Divine, that my chakras and energy systems be balanced and that all my relationships be clear of negativity and infused with clarity, joyful communication, understanding, respect, love and laughter.  I love connecting with the Infinite Power and Knowledge of my life, I love the joy of the unfolding.

     My Universal manager, and my Universal committee are always working to align me with my greatest potential and opportunities for success.  My Universal secretary takes care of everything, feeding it to me with grace and ease; my day goes smoothly and I am always pleased with the wonderful surprises.  (Here I usually insert something that I’d like to see or receive like:  my sons smiling with me or succeeding in school or with friends, I see an animal that I have never seen before, # new clients each week , huge sums of money from expected and unexpected places, an opportunity to exponentially help more people, delightful vacation travel, a new dear friend, or that someone anywhere on the planet feels the love they need…or whatever I would like to bring into reality.)

   I see all my current, past and future clients thriving.  I am so happy that I can help others make positive differences in their own lives.  The people that come to me are thriving because I help them see the power inside them; Divine Guidance comes through me giving my clients exactly what they need to joyfully create their best lives.  I love remembering to tune in and I am excited by how perfectly everything unfolds.   Most I love knowing that I can participate in anything I want to participate in.  I love knowing I have infinite choices.  Thank you for this beautiful day.”

How to create your own script:

Copy and paste this one into a document and change whatever you’d like to change.  Give attention to your health, your wealth, your roles (family, friends and work), and what you are grateful for.  Don’t be shy about appreciating the ‘things’ you have been asking for, but it’s a great idea to analyze as well the feelings underlying the ‘things’.  You may be wanting a new job, new mate, new car, new clothes, new body, but the feelings under that wish may be:  more freedom, happy relationship, no worries, self-confidence, or self-esteem, feeling secure within yourself and your world.  You can have it all… when you are grateful for the feelings, the things come more easily.  Your Divine Self sees you as perfect now, when you start to love yourself in that way, miracles flow to your and through you.

An important key

Phrase it in such a way as though you have it now and love it.  No matter what you have or don’t have in your current experience, be thankful and craft your script so that you are thankful that you already have what it is that you are creating.

Watch the feeling inside that might clench and say: no way, I want revenge, that person is a jerk and will always be so, or traffic is always backed up….  This is where you get to create a miracle difference and allow another reality.  That’s all, just allow it.  If you can’t do that, then just pretend you have hired a better actor for that role, someone who is funny, someone who is smarter, kinder, more centered and helpful–it’s YOUR screen play.   Go write the best day you can think of–imagine what it’s like to get that call from the headhunter that so-and-so GotRocks Company wants to hire you at such-and-such, which is 20 times what you thought you wanted…and then imagine how your new life will be–fantastic work, enjoyable creative people, great projects, fun with your family, you in those great vacation commercials.  Go for it. It’s only your mind–but that’s the engine that creates.

Word of caution

Whatever you think, you are creating and if you are creating a negative experience for someone else it will always backfire on you.  What you send out, you receive, so if you want to write a character out of your script, see them moving on to a new and joyful life somewhere where they will thrive, feel great for them moving out of your life.  This will help you create more in your life in an easier and better fashion.

Other Notes

Wording and feelings are subtle.  For instance the saying, “the rich get richer” carries with it a negative, “isn’t that bad and aren’t they taking advantage of the poor” connotation.  It’s often true that the ‘rich get richer’ because why?  It’s what they focus on…it’s their though pattern, it’s their script.

There’s enough for everyone and if you think your good comes from someone, you are missing the boat.  Your good comes from Source and when you focus on that and program your day, with your focus on what you want, you’ll be very pleased that this is always true:  “the rich get richer”

Example of a limiting program: I love anticipating all the positive changes in my life. (This will put you in the mode of constant anticipation)
Better:  Each day I am healthier and richer in all ways and more wise.

Feel free to send me your draft and I’ll critique it for you.  Between the two of us, you can be sure that your ‘script’ will see you living your best life in each and every ‘now’ moment.


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Enlightenment Through Your To Do List — Chop Wood and Carry Water

lovechoppingwood3As I prepared my daily “To Do” list for today the first thing that came to mind was

  •  chop wood

Not unusual, it’s winter, I live in the mountains and love a fire in the fireplace.

As mind would have it, a Zen parable came to mind and I just had to write on the next line:

  • Carry Water

I smiled.

Here’s the story:

A seeker asked his teacher:    “What do you do before enlightenment?”
Answer from the Sage:            “Chop Wood and Carry Water.”
Student:                                      “What do you do after enlightenment?”
Teacher:                                      “Chop Wood and Carry Water.’

Carry Water and Love itDon’t believe it

Don’t believe it.  In truth:  After enlightenment?  Chop Wood and Carry Water—And LOVE IT.

Things look totally different after that.  I’ll tell you how.  Feeling your body, carrying water, chopping wood, driving, making dinner, phone calls, cleaning, selling, decorating, speaking, and Loving the moments, loving it! That’s the difference that will make the difference in your life and the lives of those you love.

I laughed because right after I finished my daily TO-DO list,  I realized I had already taken a case of bottled water from my car into the house, HAH! Carried Water—check, done.

Did I love it? Well, I didn’t hate it.  I’ll do it differently next time, in fact, right now, I’ll dial back into that moment and Love it. Send a bit of love back into the moment, into the water, appreciate the weight of it sloshing in the bottles, the dogs barking around and tripping me, the door needing to be opened.  Hah! I love you all.  I’ll share a most powerful example of this with you.

True Story

One evening, at about 7:30 pm, when my younger son was in High School he came to me and asked, “Mom, can we clean this sweater?  I need to wear it to tomorrow’s match.”  I looked at him and the wool team sweater and explained that normally this would need to be dry cleaned, but let’s see what we can do.  I decided that rather than be grumpy about the event of 11th hour cleaning, I’d LOVE it. I smiled and told him to go finish his homework and then I put the wool sweater into the sink with some natural shampoo, cold water and baking soda and loved the sweater and the fibers, did Reiki on the sweater, sent comfort, confidence and health into each fiber as it would be worn by my son whom I love dearly.  I imagined it gently and harmoniously* filled with light and vibrance.  I squished it clean, rinsed it, rolled it in a towel, stepped on the towel (that part feels so good on my feet) and hung it on 6 hangars stacked together (to prevent the shoulder pops).  I hung it near the warm blower of the gas fireplace and loved it.  I checked it often, hoping that it would be dry for tomorrow’s match.  The next day it was, he put the sweater on and went off to school with a “Thanks, Mom.”

Late that evening, as I checked my emails there was one from his Coach.  “Mrs. Chang, I just want to tell you that today Jordan was more confident and composed than I have ever seen him.  He played extremely well, and was especially considerate and welcoming of the visiting team.  I wanted you to know this because although he is always kind and considerate, there was something different about him today and I was very proud of him and thought you should know too.”

“Hmmmm,” I thought as I wiped my tears, “Chop Wood, Carry Water, Do Laundry and Love it!”  That’s the power we all have, intention, action, enlightenment.

Sometimes I do forget, but it’s less and less often that I forget.  I realized since that I can do this with everything and anything that I want to be filled with ease and eagerness.

I am always amazed that I am amazed by how much greater the results of my day and my life become, how the return on my ‘investment’ is way over what I expected, when I LOVE what I am doing.

Try this today:

What is on YOUR to-do list today? How can you remember to do the mundane and banal things and bring ‘en-lighten-ment’ and love to each “to-do”?  With whom do you wish to share enlightenment, health, personal confidence and personal power?  Who would you gift a day free of struggle as if the wind were at their back and the sun shining gently on their skin?  You can do this:  enlightentment is right now.

From your To Do list, choose:

  • 1 thing that you can do to put something from the past to rest (go all Ho’o Ponopono on it …Watch here as Michael Goddard explains how to make everything shift for the better with Ho’o Ponopono)
  • 1 thing that you can do to support your today (breathe, laugh, walk, finish a project, delete a project, say no to an expectation that doesn’t make you joyful, add 15 minutes between appointments for nothing)
  • 1 thing that you can do to support you in your future, your heart, or your relationship…1 person or situation you want to open to possibility, joy and personal alignment with the best version of herself or itself, the best outcome for the highest expression of more love

Then, make the choice to be/feel ‘in love’ while doing the task.  Think about the most joyful, happy, healed powerful thing you can while you are doing that ‘thing.’  Put Love In to the moments, LOVE the task, love the process, caress it, see it, hold it. Finish it and let it go. Thank it and check it off!

On to the rest of my to-do list! I hope you love yours!

All my best,


*This is an important piece when offering Love to someone…ask that it be harmonized to them.  In the same way that  your eyes might hurt and you’ll flinch when you come from a dark room into the bright sunlight, filling a situation with light can be uncomfortable for someone not expecting it.  If you ask that it be harmonized, that person can more easily adapt, similar to the way a fresh scent that they love would please them. 


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The Power Position: Your Body Knows!

“One cannot choose wisely unless he dares to listen to himself–his own self–at each moment of his life.”  Abraham Maslow 

Right now, take a moment to notice your body in your chair, what is around you?  Who is behind you, what’s above you, do you feel like you are powerfully seated, protected and able to be creative?

Your body knows whether it feels safe.  Our bodies have tremendous awareness and if you doubt that, just notice next time something drops, or something flies at your face:  you automatically flinch just in time.

Where you sit, sleep or work influences your ability to be your best. Notice the next time you have an option for a seat at a restaurant or the auto-repair shop.  How do you know which seat will give you the best outcome for your time spent dining or waiting?  After you read this article, you’ll know.

By placing yourself, your desk, chair, bed, sofa, even your stove in the power position, you are able to access more creativity and health than you may have known you were missing out on.  It allows your body to relax, feel safe, and not on alert.  You are “protected” and  that allows you to access the higher-order thinking and relating areas of the brain.

Dragons and Godfathers 

This ‘power position’ is called in China the ‘Belly of the Dragon” because it is where you are safely snuggled and protected. In the west we call it the “arm chair” position or as I like to call it, “The Godfather” position.  Watching “The Godfather” as a young teenager, I was captivated by the ritual the ‘Wiseguys” took to seat the Godfather for a meeting…know what I mean?

 They positioned him with his back protected,  seated him furthest in a room, not directly across from the door but where he could see someone approaching and have full commanding view of everything going on in the room.  They never placed him in ‘line of fire’ between a door and a window, or two windows or doors.

The power position is based on placement relative to what is in the room:  windows, doors, closets, washrooms, overhead beams, jutting walls, water, electricity, etc.   Your body is best served when not being ‘assaulted’ by fast moving energy or what the Chinese call sha ch’i,or “poison arrows”…meaning edges of walls, beams, things hanging “over your head,” “negative” shapes pointing directly at you.  It’s best to move yourself out if the way of those sharp edges or you can place something between you and the sharp edges of walls or furniture.

 Power Position 1 Desk

Bedrooms, Offices, Kitchens and more…

The next time you go to a restaurant, take notice of the best seat in the house.  It is the one that is away from the door, away from the kitchen and traffic pattern, and follows the ‘godfather’ scenario:  furthest in the room, view of the surroundings, back protected.  Most men know this and when arranging themselves for a lunch or for a meeting, and you can always tell who has the power in the group.

Power Position 1 Bed

Where Feng Shui Comes In

When  you read these suggestions, you may think your layout options are hopeless but don’t despair.  If you cannot have the perfect Feng Shui, there are options to make changes to be sure that the spaces are supportive.  The changes don’t have to be the ‘traditional’ Feng Shui cures of bamboo flutes, Chinese statuary, crystals or ribbons–those work but there are ways to make changes to suit any decor.not power feng shui

If you can’t place yourself in the ultimate Power Position, do the best you can to secure your back against a solid wall or at least place something solid behind you.

What if you are unable to face the door?

~ In an office or cubicle, place a mirror so that you can see behind you.  Be careful of what it reflects because you can be doubling your work or your bills or a crabby co-worker.  Make it reflect something beautiful and happy.  It only need be large enough for you to see behind you.

~ In a bedroom, place the mirror so that it does not reflect the sleeper, but instead offers a view of the door.  Mirrors are recommended against in a bedroom because mirrors activate a space but this use may be necessary.

~ In a kitchen, the stove in an island facing the family or guests is the best position.  If that’s not possible, use the mirror cure to allow the cook to feel secure and part of the crowd.

~ At a table, dining or in a living room:  everyone needs to feel ‘powerful’ and able to be their ‘best self’.  Check to see that each person has a powerful position.  Offer a view of the door when possible, protect their back with a solid chair back or by placing something between the door and their chair, place mirrors strategically so that they can have a view around the room if possible.

Feeling powerful is vital to our well-being.  When we feel safe only then can we be vibrantly healthy and productive. Arranging our homes and offices, knowing how to chose colors and shapes that we love and support us, allow us to make life for everyone around us better than we could ever imagine! 

When we feel safe and in control of our surroundings, we have seventy-five percent of the battle won.  Safety is the foundation for your ability to create your life and what A. Maslow calls the “Hierarchy of Human Needs” leading you to full self-actualization, meaning, living your highest joy creating your particular contribution to humanity in peace and love.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s your birthright and we need you to be wrapping your work in joy.

 More Feng Shui Steps for Success:

·        Put yourself in the power position.

·        Reduce negative influences

·        Bring in healthy and positive energy

·        Hire the Heavens: Invite Divine Assistance

·        Be happy


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