How To Buy a Happy Home – The Secret To Avoid Trouble

The Secret to Buying a Happy Home

-or- How to avoid a divorce, illness, job loss, or worse..


When you buy a home, what you are buying is the next phase of your life.  By the end of this article, you’ll know some major things to look for.

Why would you want to imagine what it’s like to live in their shoes?

If you buy their home, you will begin to live the same life.  If it’s a wonderful life, buy now.   But unless you use “Feng Shui eyes” you could be in for an unexpected turn of events.  In my experience, homes don’t lie.  Rarely is a home so toxic it can’t be solved, but it does happen.  Most often, the energy can be adjusted but if you don’t know the difference–you’ll be in for trouble.

Things that matter when buying a home:

  • The Outside: Neighborhood, Land, Style & Layout
  • The Inside: Style, Layout, Colors, Shapes & Items
  • The History

Feng Shui wisdom can save you a trip to the divorce attorney or worse.  If you find a home that you love and that home has some challenging Feng Shui issues, you can usually reverse the negatives by making some changes that won’t cost a fortune:  that’s the beauty of the science of Feng Shui. 

The Outside – The Neighborhood
     determines your ability to be effective in the world


1.    A healthy and vibrant neighborhood:  good life force means you won’t be drained or asked to devote YOUR energy to keep it vital.  It will support you rather than drain you.

2.    A healthy business district, health trees, well-maintained homes, gardens and streets.

3.    Not directly near a cemetery, hospital or church –while these are important aspects of a community, living too near these can deplete your own health.  Avoid living near a prison or municipal buildings such as Fire Station, Police Station or water treatment plant.

4.    Traffic – make sure it’s not coming directly toward your home, and you are not on a one-way street (you’ll be stunted in your ability to move in your life), nor are you near a fast-moving highway or traffic pattern.

5.    Not overshadowed by larger buildings and watch out for “poison arrows” which are structures that would point dangerously at the house (corners of other buildings, oncoming traffic, land features such as rushing water) cell towers, electric towers, etc.

The Outside – The Land
determines your lot in life…choose property that :

1.    Has the ‘armchair’ position:

a.     Has a strong backing: a gentle hill behind the house.  If there is no hill, this backing can be accomplished by a strong treeline.

b.    A beautiful view from the front door, onto an open vista.  A hill or uphill grade in front of the home will set you up for an “uphill battle” every day.

c.    Soft support on either side, similar to a comfortable armchair.

d.    A flat “seat”, wide enough to allow graceful ease around the home, at best a flat space at least the width of the home all around it.

2.    Where the home is positioned on the lot is also very important, too close to the front and you won’t be able to relax, close to the back and you could become a hermit. 

3.    Look for dead trees, the direction and flow of streams, underground streams, overhead wires, transformers, etc.  These are all negative drains on your life force.

The Outside: Layout and Style of the House

1.     Style is important.  If it doesn’t reflect who you are your self-esteem will suffer as will your fame and reputation.  You will find it difficult to live your fullest and be “who you are”.

2.    Construction:  choose a good solid construction and one that supports your Feng Shui energy.  I use Nine Star Ki to determine the energy of my clients, it aligns space, place and time so that you can know how to choose color, shape and material that supports your energy.

3.    Layout and shape of the home.  Exterior things to consider:

a.    When a garage is the first thing you see as you approach and enter your home, the pace of your life will increase and you’ll find yourself always “coming and going.”

b.    Make certain the path to your front door is obvious, beautiful, well-marked and well-maintained.

c.    A lot of homes today have the “McMansion” look of many angles and bump-outs.  Done well, this creates interest, but many are not done well.  Look closely at the proportions, the angles and the real relevance of those builder ‘features’.

d.    ‘Missing” areas:  these are spaces in the layout where the home doesn’t form a rectangle.  If the far right-hand corner of your home’s layout is ‘missing’ you are setting yourself up for divorce or struggle in romance and partnership.  On the other hand, if you have a room or addition that extends out in this area, there will be a dramatic imbalance in the relationship favoring the women to the detriment of the men living there, the  partnerships and marriage.

e.    Chinese saying:  “the bigger the bedroom, the higher the divorce rate.”  Comfortable, “not so big” spaces engender more intimacy which is a hallmark of a good marriage.

True Story:  Every day on my way home I would pass a large and beautiful home being newly constructed and become very sad.  I wanted to tell the builder and the owners: “Stop! You’ll get a divorce if you move in to this home.”  I wanted to tell them how to correct this feature that they obviously loved but couldn’t: professional ethics prevent me from freely offering my Feng Shui advice, many reasons but one is that perhaps that is the path this couple needed to take.  Three years later a “for sale” sign went up and I asked a friend why.  You know the answer already:  they were getting a divorce.  Since then another family has moved in.   I wish I could tell them.

4.    Layout:  Interior things to consider:

a.    Front door opens onto an entry way/foyer.

b.    Line of sight does not go straight through the house.

c.    Long hallways that cut through the home will cause illness and family splits.

d.    Staircase to upper floors does not spill out the front door (this will deplete your health)

e.    Bathrooms not over kitchen.

f.      Bedrooms not over garage.

g.    Master bedroom in command of the house (don’t give the children the largest and best bedroom, they will rule the house and the family will suffer).  Bedroom doors at the top of the steps lead to illness and depletion; low ceilings and sharp corners from dormers etc., keep children from growing to their full capacity.

h.    There are many other things to consider and a full list would be tedious.  Watch the flow from room to room, the ability to be private and the ability to easily place furniture where everyone is well-supported.

The History of the Land and Occupants

If the previous owners suffered misfortune, you can bet that it is in the home.  If you purchase a home cheaply due to bankruptcy, divorce, or death, substance abuse, (name it) you will be buying the same fate unless you spend some of your time, energy and Feng Shui wisdom to change it.  Determine how much of your own life force it is worth to you to turn the tide; it can be worth it but you must take the steps or you will be repeating the pattern.  At the very, very least, have the property blessed and cleared before you move in and frequently thereafter.

Even if you have time to learn Feng Shui, I recommend you contact a Feng Shui Professional to help you.  It may sound heady to say that when you are buying a home you are playing with your life and your fortunes but that is the truth.

Have any questions?  Ask here or leave a comment!  Have any home-buying stories?  I’d love to hear them! 



Next up:  The Inside of Your New Home



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2 responses to “How To Buy a Happy Home – The Secret To Avoid Trouble

  1. Janet

    Dear Fawn, Regarding homes~my husband and our daughter and myself were living in a downstairs apt. and my mom and sister upstairs.
    Before that my husband lost his job and we moved and only lived there 3 months and had sold our home next door to mom and had to move back in with her & sister. I was attacked in ’99 and thought it was my husband. Things were missing all the time and we have now lost home due to foreclosure. My grandmother died unexpectedly during the night in ’86 and that’s the apt. we moved into. I would like to send you an email of the photos if you would be able to tell me what you think happened. I believe I opened a “door” by using a ouiji board in maybe 1979 when a co-worker asked me to and I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to do that. I took the photos in my sister’s bedroom upstairs in March of 2001 and there were no images in the room or on the developed film–BUT when I came across the photos on 9/28/06 there were what looks like tornadoes coming through her window. On 3/21/07 my husband and I heard people walking upstairs and he ran upstairs and no one was there. “IT” followed us to an apt. The night we moved we both heard a bicycle bell ringing in the back seat. The week before the priest came to bless the apt. I saw a black shadow fly across the living room on Tues. & Thurs. night @ 6 p.m. I called the priest on Thurs. to tell him I was scared and he told me not to worry–that he’d be there on Tues. to bless the apt.–he blessed the apt. on 6/18/07 but last August 12, 2008 my pocketbook was cut in three places. I would very much appreciate any insight you have into the photos and what you think was happening. The Bishop of our diocese (Catholic) thought my grandmother was trying to warn us that we were bad and someone else said that she needed prayers. Of course I was very afraid when all this was going on and I am still leary. I was extremely depressed until the past few months out of the 22 months we’ve been in this apt. My husband was screaming at me all the time and it wasn’t until a couple was praying for us and having masses said for us that my depression lifted and they also put petitions for us in the church basket for petitions. I can see the difference. The husand also came over and we were both depressed and this was a couple of months ago and he really helped us turn things around just by visiting and having mass said for us. Now my husband and I are praying more together and things are getting better but I find myself getting depressed easily over something upsetting and very quickly and like in a wave of a depression. It could be a feeling of rejection, etc. I’m hoping that you might have some insight. The clutter was horrific and I was reading on feng shui for the past couple of weeks and have been getting rid of stuff and I still have a long way to go. It seems as though I am STUCK on paperwork. There is a small kitchen lenghtwise which is okay–living room when you walk in and table to the left and then the bedroom and small bathroom. So my husband who is 67 and is collecting social security spends all his time watching TV or reading a book in the living room and I hang out in the bedroom on the computer trying to learn everything I can and I’ve read books about the paranormal to try to understand what happened and both my husband and I had general confessions and they really worked–when the priest put oil on my forehead and held his hand over my head I felt warmth coming down and my resentment toward my husband (for his constant raging at me and criticisms) had disappeared but then after a while came back because he wouldn’t stop with his raging. He has been different for the past couple of weeks and I am wondering if it has to do with the changes I am making with the feng shui. Our
    daughter lives in another state and we don’t have the means to visit her often but I email her and we talk on the phone occasionally. Because of the things my husband did (I think he was intermittently possessed) we were both afraid of him but also things I thought he did it was “IT” that did them. I am trying to fix the relationship aspects through feng shui and thing is that she has picked up some of my husband’s bad traits and she lives with and in her boyfriend’s house and pays her share for rent, etc. and he’s anxious to the extent that he was in the hospital with an ulcer and every time his mom left the room his blood pressure went sky high. My daughter has experienced some times when her boyfriend was very controlling–by things he said or did–only a few times though but she can’t see it and I don’t want her to go through what I did. He’s talking about buying a larger house in the same area. I’ve heard (never saw) that their kitchen is red and black and they had a pirate flag outside the house (which I have no idea what that signifies).
    I have gotten rid of a lot of clutter but am still working on it and I have important papers to take care of (I have no health insurance and need to get the papers out for some assistance) and also I’ve been having trouble getting the rest of the bankruptcy papers out to the attorney. We have no savings left. We live from paycheck to paycheck and I saw a test online about beliefs about money and I do have very negative ones. My one sister used to curse me all the time and rage at me and my mother. She moved to another state when mom passed on. Then my husband started raging. I heard something on TV a few months ago that if you know someone who rages all the time they could have borderline personality disorder so I looked it up and it fits both my husband and sister to a T. But things actually do seem to be changing for the better since I’ve been making some feng shui changes. It’s truly amazing. I would need an email address to send you those photos I mentioned to you. There was another set of photos I found on 10/3/07 that was at my sister’s house up the road from that house and there was a smaller tornado in that photo (that was another sister) then the sister that was living with us found some stuff on photos she had in her apt. My mother was wearing the same dresses over and over again for years so much so that we were getting sick of looking at them and my sister was doing the same thing–she wore one dress for an entire year and washed it while she was wearing it in the shower and when it was winter we had to turn the heat up because she was cold. When she went out of the house which was very infrequently–we had to beg her to get out of the house–she would tuck this long green dress under her blue jeans and top. I noticed that the past couple of years I was doing the same thing. I wore the same dress any time I went out for an entire two years. I checked out a website–the story of Amazing Grace and we went through similar things with the locks in the house. I thought my husband was playing with the locks. I sat in a chair and it totally collapsed on me–the screws were missing and I thought my husband did it but he didn’t. A few days after I was attacked while I was sound asleep 3/19/99 at 3:19 a.m. and thought my husband did it, there were black marks on my upper right leg. That was when I decided to move out of our bed and slept in our daughter’s bedroom and pushed a bookcase of books against her door. I was petrified of him. Also there was a girl that lived with her mom and brother diagonally from my sister’s bedroom and her mom told me when I showed her the photos–she mentioned that her daughter was into Satanic worship for a time. But when I showed her the photos she said it was nothing that she was just reading some dream books, etc. but before I showed her the photos she told me she needed to get some boxes because of all the stuff and books in her daughter’s bedroom (her daughter had moved in with her boyfriend). So I don’t know if it was my fault (for using the ouiji board) or what. If it was from all the raging my sister did since we were younger or if it was something bothering her that made her rage in the first place and not a mental disorder like OCD or BPD.
    Though she was raging when we were young and living with our parents in another state. Also I would like to know if the mirror thing works on a person that has hurt you in the past that you can’t come to terms with. Say if you put a mirror in front of that person’s photo? Because I have had a lot of people be really mean to me throughout the years including my sisters but I am thinking about a girl that made a nasty comment about my daughter in front of a lot of schoolmates and she was right there and heard it and to this day she is adversely affected by that comment and she reads up on her blog, etc. and that girl is getting married in a couple of months and my daughter is still very hurt and I would appreciate knowing how she can just stop thinking about her and what she did to her. I kind of believe that it is a negative entity that is doing this to her because it’s happened to me a lot. Also she has a lot of clutter to get rid of and she’s afraid of being homeless. Her boss said something to her a couple of weeks ago about greeting someone although the other girl was talking to the person and she didn’t think she had to–my daughter’s vision of the door is blocked by the coatrack. Another interesting thing is that a few months after our daughter started college about a 2-1/2 hour ride from home–she was home for a few days and we went to a different church (not the usual Catholic because I was being oppressed there big time and didn’t understand it at the time) and so there was a friend of hers from school and her mom took us to her house and an elderly gentleman prayed over her and a short while after we left she had to puke and then she looked ten years younger! So even though they were not Catholic I understand that both methods of deliverance worked. Also I don’t want to get involved in superstitious stuff and there was a list of 33 questions that we had to read before going to the priest and I had been involved in the New Age stuff and read Edgar Cayce books which was on the list. The feng shui stuff seems harmless enough though but some of the stuff reminds me of things I learned in the New Age material and I don’t want to do the wrong thing. But I have read a lot about energy in the “right” books–like The Demonologist–the life story about Ed and Lorraine Warren who were demonologists for over 20 years. That book mentioned energy and so that’s why I was wondering if it was the energy from my sister raging–BUT she always felt very uncomfortable in her bedroom and kept re-arranging her stuff and stuff under her bed and sometimes slept in the kitchen on a summer lounge chair or on the couch or the porch so I was wondering if there was something that was conjured up by the girl that lived diagonally across from her bedroom. Also one day I got a piece of paper from my computer that said Beware and it had a picture of a skull and cross bones on it and I called a lady that worked as a Franciscan and she told me to burn it which I did–in the yard on the stones and then I poured water over it but I wished I kept it after I found the photos and everything else happened. Those black marks on my leg–that I thought my husband made with a marker–after I found the photos there was a black mark on my top while I was getting ready for church and I wondered how it got there and all of a sudden it started to disappear so at that moment I realized that my husband didn’t put those marks on my leg. Another important thing is that the girl at work that I held the ouiji board with–she told me that I would marry my husband but that I would have trouble down the road with him. Her friend told me that her veil was opened or something like that. So the Bishop wondered if she was responsible for “suggesting” something to me. It was really weird. Before all this stuff started happening I had a dream that there was a piece of metal missing from my wedding band. I would certainly appreciate any intuitions you receive when you see the photos–that is if you would see them. Please let me know. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Janet

    • yaniko

      Hey Janet,
      You definitely need to go to look at the videos in youtube from Dr. Bill Schnoebelen The Church on the Haunted Hill. His book on deliverance are great. Also look at youtube Dr. Walter Veith Atheist to Believer testimony.
      To learn more about the Bible go to Best wishes.

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