How to Use Mirrors in Feng Shui

mirror reflectsOne of the biggest benefits of Feng Shui is that it can take a less-than-optimal environment and shift the energy to be nourishing and positive. Once you learn what to look for, and how to see through the “eyes of Energy,” you have taken the first step.

 Many people who begin to study Feng Shui become overwhelmed and concerned that their homes and offices are “all wrong” but don’t fret.  Feng Shui translates aswind waterbut I say it really means “It Depends.”  I often say that their is neither good nor bad…only: does it work for you or not?

Remember: Your spaces are NOT all wrong, they are a reflection of where you are now and with Feng Shui wisdom, we can see and make simple changes to rebalance and harmonize you and your spaces.


The mirror is one of those powerful objects used in Feng Shui to redirect energy. Called a Feng Shui ‘cure,’ mirrors have many different effects depending on what is around it, how close and who is viewing it. For these an many other reasons, mirrors are used very gingerly in Feng Shui.

Mirrors will, at the same time:

1. expand space 2. add ‘water’ energy to a space 3. activate a space 4. double what it reflects 5. redirect and reflect energy 6. draw boundaries 7. repel negative energy 8. more…

1. Expand Space

A mirror will expand space, calling in light and energy from other rooms or the outside view.

Take for instance an entrance to a home. Walking into a cramped entry where it’s pinched and dark will have a negative effect on us. As we walk into a space, when we have the feeling of open and expansiveness, our bodies and subconscious translate that to our phsyiology and the feeling of opportunity, welcome, and space. A mirror will easily open up a space and make it seem larger, but depending on how far from the door you place the mirror you could be pushing beneficial life force away. In an entrance, it’s recommended against placing a mirror across from the door if the wall on which the mirror is hung is less than 6 feet away. The front door is the “mouth of ch’i” and where the life force enters your home and your life. The alternative to a mirror in that position would be to expand the space by placing a beautiful ‘long view” painting or artwork in that space. (Be sure you don’t have art with a waterfall flowing toward the door, as that will do the same thing as push the energy/life force out)

To open a space, placing a mirror to the side of the door is more acceptable, but be sure you know what it reflects. For instance, reflecting the powder room, where folks forget to close the door is a negative. (A spring hinge is easily placed on the door to correct that issue.) Also, a mirror (or water feature such as a fish tank) to the right of the door is not-so-good in Feng Shui and is seen to cause day dreaming and wishy-washiness.

2. Add Water energy to a space

Balance is  key to life:  just enough and not too much of any one thing.  Water is fundamental to life and the Feng Shui element that allows us to move in harmony with our life’s purpose, brings freshness, spiritual connection, emotional depth and more.   Too much water and we can become wishy-washy, bogged down, sleep too long, see our fortunes and life force running away from us.  To little water and we can become rigid, shallow, opportunities bypass us, our life force is not fresh and nourished, our ideas seem to dry up.  Just the right amount of water or water energy is what we strive for.

In the Bagua position of Journey, Life Purpose, using a mirror to add water energy would be helpful, depending on the other factors like what it reflects and it’s proximity to the door. In a home or room where the fireplace is located in the Health or Wealth sector, using a mirror over the fireplace would help to quell the Fire energy that would be burning up the health, family relationships or wealth. In a bedroom however, a mirror is recommended against on two factors: 1) adding water energy to a space that is primarily associated with deep rest could cause excess restful energy and cause ‘sleep hangovers’ or lethargy or 2) mirrors activate a space and a space meant is best to be quiet and calm.

3. Activate a Space

Mirrors are considered active because mirrors move energy around, reflect it back and also reflect motion.

Because they reflect and capture motion, often mirrors are used to put people in the “Power Position” , where the person would otherwise be facing a wall, such as in a work cubicle or a cook who faces the wall with her back to the crowd. In this case, a mirror strategically placed to signal an approaching person would be recommended to help the body to relax from its alert status and allow more creative thinking and efficiency.

mirror behind desk powermirror behind desk power

4. Double what it reflects

Whatever the mirror reflects will be doubled.  Be careful when placing a small mirror at your desk or in a room to open it up.  If the mirror is reflecting a large stack of work, bills or the powder room you could be working against yourself again.  Allow it to reflect something beautiful and wealthy. Also, a mirror that reflects the drain of your vanity sink is a negative so place the mirror above the faucet. Remember: water flowing toward the center of the home brings beneficial energy into your life; flowing out translates as energy and money flowing out.

5. Redirect and reflect energy

As in the case above of water flowing to or from the home or office, a mirror can be used to redirect the flow. Many corporate buildings have a waterfall that flows toward the street. This position is beautiful for the community but is draining to those in the building or complex. The simple answer is to place a mirror, even a small mirror to reflect the energy back into the building. Of course scale matters, but even a simple small mirror will have a dramatic impact. This can also be used in a bedroom above a garage, for instance, as one way draw the boundary between the spaces. Place a mirror under the bed facing toward the garage (shiny side down). Mirrors can be used to deflect energy from a bedroom or bed that is located above a garage or refrigerator, near an HVAC unit or adjacent to a bathroom or any other overpowering structure. If possible, avoid having a bed/bedroom in this position, but with the use of mirrors and other feng shui cures (color, shape, placement) we can help to rebalance the space for harmonious and nourishing sleep.

6. Draw Boundaries

A mirror can also help to draw boundaries: mirrors can ‘call in’ missing areas on a floor plan or lot plan.   The mirror need only be as small as 1/2 inch diameter and can be found at craft stores.  These little mirrors become power ways to send away negative energy.   These small mirrors can be used as ‘laser points’ to call in missing areas of the bagua when it’s placed over your lot plan or floor plan or room plan.

small mirrors
Small Mirrors as found in craft stores can be used to make amazing changes.

Mirrors can be used If you are unable to ‘anchor’ the energy of the bagua with other methods such as placing landscaping, lighting or other features relative to the particular area (for instance in the wealth area, wind catchers or upward lighting can help redirect the energy).  I talk about this in my seminars and if you have questions, be sure to email me, as it would take a while to explain it here in this post.

The small mirrors can be used to send off negative energy of a crabby co-worker or neighbor as explained below.

7. Repel Negative Energy

Mirrors can be used to deflect and repel negative ch’i, whether it be from oncoming traffic, overhead power lines, unsightly neighboring environment or even cranky neighbors or co-workers. (Elinminate Negative Energy)

Feng Shui uses BaGua mirrors, placed only on the exterior of a building, to deflect negative chi and encourage positive ch’i.

Concave Bagua Mirror - Early Heaven Sequence  3 solid lines at top
Concave Bagua Mirror, Early Heaven Sequence 3 solid lines at top — only use outdoors

BaGua mirror placement is very specific: I use primarily concave mirrors (because they absorb negative ch’i rather than send it back to the person/place/thing.

I also use only what the Chinese call Early Heaven Sequence: where there are 3 solid lines at the top of the octagonal mirror. This mirror is placed above the front door or above a window, or even on the side of a building if necessary, but never inside and not in an apartment building.

You don’t need to use a Bagua mirror, if that is not in line with your philosophy or decor. You can
deflect or repel energy away by using a mirror (or even a reflective surface) to reflect back the issue/person/etc. and it can be subtle and invisible. (No need to exacerbate a negative situation by engaging disdain or ridicule if having this piece above your door would do so.) You can place a mirror on the outside wall (or on the inside of your space-shiny side toward the offending issue/person-you’ll see the back of the mirror and can cover it with a piece of art). The mirror can be small (1/4 inch round available at hobby shops like JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels.) If you hang it inside your space (home,, office or work cubicle) it can be hidden from your view under a painting, at the baseboard (painted to match the color of the baseboard), behind a drapery or curtain-always facing shiny side toward the negative energy.

One of my favorite Bagua pieces, that hangs outside my own front door is the Lady of Nine Heavens Bagua. bagua not mirror

I use the company and recommend them if you are interested.

This part is very important: Thoughts are things…detach from the drama of any negative situation and allowthe others to have the right to be as miserable or objectionable as they want. As you are placing the mirror, say, “good luck with ‘that’ over there.” When using cures, never curse the other person or interfere with their free will to live their lives as they wish; otherwise the energy will become stronger – as though you have essentially held out the tug-of-war rope and you are now tied to them.  Release them, drop the rope and they will move on.

What usually happens: the person will calm down, get a transfer or quit to move to a different position…with your good wishes, perhaps they will open to a better place for themselves. Either way, you have stopped giving it your power and the Feng Shui has worked to assist you.

8. More…

There are many notes about mirrors and here are a few more:

  • Use large mirrors that reflect as much of the person as possible; don’t cut off the head or make them squint to use the mirror
  • Use clear and clean mirrors; faded, cracked mirrors are a negative and will inhibit clear thinking and clear vision
  • Use whole mirrors…pieces of mirrors or segments of mirrors fracture a person’s image and also fracture the person’s view of herself/himself and life.
  • Avoid placing mirrors directly across from each other as this creates what Feng Shui calls “infinity” and creates confusion and disorientation.
  • Clean mirrors often — I always do a mini space clearing when cleaning everything: “Good healthy reflections and increase of happiness and abundant love and wealth flow into my life and my home…” or something like that. What you focus on when doing any task is the energy that gets into that area…may as well do a wonderful job!
  • Esoterically speaking: in some realms it is believed that a mirror across from the bed will confuse the dream traveling part of the spirit as it attempts to return to the body after traveling through dream worlds. I cannot speak to that but want to include it as it may be relevant to some of my readers.

I have many, many stories, and personal experience with the power of mirrors used this way. As always, Feng Shui puts you in the center of your Universe and helps you look at how energy is moving through your spaces and moving YOU. Let me know if I can help!


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81 responses to “How to Use Mirrors in Feng Shui

  1. dharmendra sharma


    I still didn’t got the answer. I have around 3 trees in front of my east facing house. I have recently placed a bagua mirror on the entrace gate ( outside the hous). is it correct.

    • Hello Dharmendra

      Nice to hear from you. Regarding your front entry, it would be necessary for me to see images in order to really tell you what to do but here are some suggestions:

      Trees in the East are beneficial Feng Shui, associated with growth and freshness, exactly the energy of the East. If the trees are blocking negative ch’i from entering your home, such as traffic from oncoming street or power towers or other negative ch’i they would be beneficial as well.

      If the trees are too close to your front door and blocking your view or imposing, they are negative only in the effect that they are blocking your ch’i because they are so close. in that case, the bagua mirror would be helpful.

      Yes, place the mirror facing the trees, outside your home and make sure that the 3 solid lines are at the top.

      If you want to send me a photo of your home from inside the front door looking out and from outside looking at the front of your home, I may be able to advise better.

      Also, be sure that when you open your door, there is a lovely view of the inside as well as of the outside (which I believe is what we are working on right now).

      Smile, laugh and know that you are bringing positive energy into your life by working with your home…Everything Matters and nothing is so serious that can’t be changed with laughter and love.

      Send photos if you’d like and have a wonderful day!


    • Suzannah

      I have a bad legal dispute with a neighbor I have just noticed they have placed a mirror in one of there windows filling the whole window facing me. I have placed a small mirror in a window facing out to reflect it back and put wind chimes on the outside of the building corner along with some outdoor mirror on that side wall facing there house is this correct?

      • Hello

        So I am clear—is this the person you are having a legal battle with?

        It sounds like the mirror placement is correct.

        Drawing boundaries is beneficial—drawing battle lines is stressful. Not knowing if you are suing or defending I cannot help more until I know more.

        If You would like a quick consultation (15 minutes for $45) email me your issue and as much background as you want and I can help more.

        Best always,


  2. Delores Lewis

    Wow, I had no idea that mirrors can play such a vital role in redirecting positive energy in your living environment! I am very intrigued by the Feng Shui philosophy. I will be using these tips for placing my newdecorative wall mirrors in my bedroom! Thanks!

  3. ed

    hello ms chang,

    i desperately need ur advice-

    we have a bathroom and an overhead water storage white plastic tank on the right of the main door..both these features cannot be moved…please give me some remedies to nullify the bad effects of these water features to the right of the main door.

    thanks n regards

  4. veena

    hello ms chang
    i need ur advice on my living room i have a door which opens to a balcony which we never open we have a east facing main door can i place a mirror on the inside of my balcony door which we never open as this door is on the north wall
    with due respect and looking forward for ur reply

  5. I really liked your way of placing the things. The thought that “drop the rope and drop the negative thought”…. it is indeed way of peaceful life.

  6. Dear Fawn,

    I require a support from you. The entrance of our office is a bit complicated to explain. Still I will try to furnish the detail and would like to have your say on that. I can also upload a diagram of it if you can provide me ur email for correspondence.
    From the main corridor there is an entry of another corridor approximately 2′ wide. Then we reach a “U” shaped junction with entrances to four different units. The On the dead end we have 2 main doors of others property. On the right turn we have ours and on the left we have the fourth neighbor.
    The real problem started approx. 6 months back when our fourth neighbor (bang opposite to us moved in). He has placed a round shaped mirror with slight outward curve above his entrance door. We can easily see the reflection of our entrance door and if our door is opened our entire internal corridor is seen.
    We are facing a hell of problems since then like huge increase in expenses. current projects held up, new inquiries got stuck up, loosing on competition, disturbance among office collegues.

    Can u please suggest us the remedy so everything got settled.

    • Hi Rahul,
      This is a very complicated situation and one that is pretty easily remedied. I have just received this and apologize that this response is so late. If you are still in your current office and would like to discuss this, please email me.

  7. me

    Rahul I don’t know if this will help since you have not gotten a response but what is working for me since I also had similar issues with very noisy and annoying people next door on both sides of me giving me problems well those problems have stopped.First I did some research with mirrors so I got out 3 medium sized like 3 feet by 2 feet so 36 by 24 anyhow I have three of those I spaced those in the particular room of the annoying,nosy neighbors. I spaced them away from each other the mirror facing them on the wall.What I did was prop up 1 push my bed against it,the next one spaced out behind a dresser drawer facing their wall,and another one on behind another chair anyhow their noise,banging ceased .I thought maybe it could not be possible but 2 weeks and counting and they have calmed down.I did this with the intention of goodness not evil since I was wanting them to stop the banging,fighting with each other .For the other side of my business with the other neighbors I put cactus plants outside by my outside windows and they have not been outside on my side for a month.Cactus is very good at guarding one’s space and home.On the inside to even out the cactus I have outside I have my lucky plants and one coin plant outside my door as to not get any negativity from my cactus plant.As for that neighbor that placed that mirror over to you he obviously did it because he wants to deflect negative energy but you can also place a bagua mirror above your entrance as to deflect right back and also put some stuff by your door a tall plant to block the view from offender.I have a big coin plant I place by my winding stairs to slow down any negative energy from my neighbors.Mirrors are very powerful I’am getting so much more peace and quiet since putting those mirrors I feel as if they deflected that anger coming to my area back where it came from and in turn made them stop because they don’t like the effects or feelings they are getting not knowing it’s because they don’t know those mirrors are on those adjoining walls.

  8. Dorothy Ling

    I bought a second hand condominium recently. The door opens SW and you can see right away part of the front glass sliding door. Please kindly comment. The master bedroom has a huge mirror on the wall on the left side of the bed. It shares the same wall of the bed head but it is quite a few feet away from the bed. This huge piece of mirror is facing the master bedroom’s bathroom. The vendor says it is good feng shui. I do do seem to understand. She told me to keep this piece of mirror. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you

  9. Sam

    A sea facing bedroom in a holiday home. Mirror with dressing table facing bed. But reflects amazing sea. There is other place to locate this dressing area. Is this ok.

  10. nat

    Dear Ms Chang, i rent a room in which i cannot change according to my ideal. The room consists of one bed and a mantle with attached mirror in which now I positioned behind the bed. Is that okay or should I put something in front of it (on the facing wall) to redirect the energy? At the moment,I put my ironing table and TV shelf against the wall facing the mirror. Because I really have no where else to put them. Grateful for your tips 🙂 Thanks heaps! – Nat

  11. Marites Migraso

    hi is it ok if e put mirror at above our fauset in the kitchen? thank you…

  12. Mushrat Hussain

    hi i live in a flat and i am confused where i can place the Ba Gua mirror. It will be awkward if i put it outside the main entrance door. Please suggest….

    • Hello,
      A bagua mirror is a very powerful ‘cure’ and should really only be placed outside the front door of your home. If you live in a building with other flats, use of a bagua mirror could be not the best thing as you sense.
      What is it that you are trying to accomplish? There are other ways to protect your home space while bringing in positive energy. Let me know and I can try to offer specific suggestions to help you reach your goals.

  13. jason

    desperately need your advice

    I want to buy a house, but the front door is facing the master bedroom door. I hear it is very very bad. What can I do? And is it really bad in fung shui that I know about this and still am purchasing it? Thanks

    • Hi Jason,
      This is not the best situation. If you must purchase the home, be sure to always have your bedroom door closed and place a small round mirror above it or to the side to reflect the draining front door energy from pulling your chi out the door. Place a rectangular rug between the front door and your bedroom door and use some art or lighting or a beautiful piece of statue away from the bedroom door, further into the living area that will take the attention into the house and direct it away from your bedroom door.

  14. Ann

    Hi, Thanks for sharing these interesting info. I want to ask, is it a bad feng shui to hang a large decorating mirror in my living room facing a tv hanged on the opposite wall? I hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

    • Usually it is not recommended to hang a mirror opposite the tv as that will double the effects of the tv. can you move the tv to another place or place it into an armoir?

  15. Nithya

    Dear Fawn,
    We live in a condo where the main door faces SW, I have a huge living area, in the NW, there is a wall which separates the kitchen & the living. The NE& SE have two bedrooms& adjacent to the SE is the third bedroom.
    We r living in this house for the past 2years & we r not able to find any progress in our life, in fact , we have so many mental or emotional issues going on, & people or friends who were close to us have moved away with no fault of us.
    So , I need to know what to do to change our ill effects, can I place a mirror in the living area on the wall which separates the living & the kitchen? We need some peace in the family. Please help.

  16. I recently moved into a home which is a friend of mines parents home. It is full of mirrors. Every room has them. Don’t take my words as complaining…I love them!!! When i was younger i always wanted my living room decorated with mirrors. My problem is my floors have a beautiful wooden finish. And for the life of me I CANNOT come up with a color scheme . I honestly wanted to do a rainbow theme. I see the rainbow colors in my mirrors all the time. When i think of rainbows i think of God’s covenant with his people. And the colored energies we give off. Please help…..

    • Hello,
      Choosing a color scheme can be daunting and there are afew ways to go about it. Is there a painting or a fabric design that you like? you can choose colors from that and then look at each room as to what is happening in the room and choose colors to support what you want to have happen, for instance bedrooms are best to be soft, subtle colors, if you are married the major color scheme of a bedroom is best to be warm, rich, colors that I call ‘flesh tones’ anything from pale yellow to warm rich cocoa or burgundy. Look at your house as a complete picture. Choose your inspiration piece, a rainbow may be too broad and the rainbow colors might be just a bit too vibrant for everyday life, place those colors in perhaps the kitchen and dining area, the ‘sun room’ but save softer versions of those colors for the bedrooms. Look on the website and look at color schemes and start an ideabook for all the colors and furnishings and items you like. after a while, you’ll start to see your own design style come together and jump right out at you. Let me know if I can help you, send photos and we’ll see if we can’t get you a color scheme that keeps you as happy as rainbows!

  17. kate garces


    My mother in law placed a mirror right across my bedroom door. Is this good or bad? Everytime i go out my bedroom door i see the big mirror right in front. Yay! scary! i need expert advise.


    • HI Kate,

      You are right: that can be uncomfortable. A mirror placed across from any door would send the energy back into the room. If you can remove the mirror, I would recommend it and place a beautiful print or painting or scene of a long-view, as though you are stepping out of your room into a wonderful meadow or expansive view…this will help you to open to new possibilities in life.

      If you need further information, just let me know!

      Good luck!

  18. Karen Gonzales

    Hi Fawn,
    My little family and I will be moving next month to our own home. It’s a very small property so that the bedrooms have limited space. I’d like to seek advice on what to do with the bedroom doors set up of the masters bedroom and the kids bedroom upstairs. Their doors are directly facing each other in perfect alignment and I was told it’s not good feng shui. Is there anything I can install to counter this? Thank you so much.

  19. Hi Fawn, I had a mirror question I’m hoping guy can answer for me. I have a family room with a wall facing opposite large glass windows and sliders to our yard. Right in front of the windows is a piece of exercise equipment. So it would reflect in the mirror as well. How would that work. I’ve had the mirror sitting on the floor for months unsure of what to do with it. I’ve just started taking more of an interest in Feng Shui and am hoping to learn more, especially since I work with energy in other ways. Thanks for any help.

  20. Valerie

    Another “I need help with a mirror” question. My son’s new home is being constructed and the master bath will have his n her vanities across the room from one another–their mirrors creating the “infinity” effect. Is there a cure for this?

  21. neeta

    hi can i put a big mirror opposite my tv

    • This is a good question! It depends on a few things…where you will be viewing the mirror from and what else will it be reflecting? Take a look at how much energy you want to bring into the room as well…you will be doubling the energy level.
      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Hello,
      If you do so, you will be ‘doubling’ the effect of the television. It’s neither good nor bad, just an issue of what you want to accomplish. Your room may become very active, however if you place images of beautiful nature rotating through, you could increase the feeling of serenity.

  22. lizaa

    Hi im renting a small room. My space is not too big so i decided to put my cabinet on opposite site with both mirrors attached on it, and one thing, when im opening the cabinet the mirror that attached on my cabinet is again facing the front door. I can feel that there is a bad things going on … please help me

    • Hi Lizaa,
      Try to cover the mirrors for now, you can find some window clings online that may make you feel great…try a long view, and make the mirrors look like windows to a world that will make your heart sing! Look for window decals with scenery, perhaps even will have something. Then use the bagua to determine the best scene — whether the best season, the ocean or a Savannah or mountain view, or even just a pretty design.
      I hope that helps!

  23. Diane Mattei

    I have a framed mirror with an elephant head at the top of the frame. The mirror is permenantly attached(glued) to the frame. My daughter accidentally cracked the upper right portion of the mirror. Are there any ‘cures’ for this so the mirror can be used?

    • Hi Diane,

      If you send a photo of the mirror, I may be able to help you. You may want to take the mirror to a frame shop and perhaps they can replace the mirror for you. Other than that, I would say that a crack in the mirror is not the best Feng Shui, and just the fact that you have this awareness is important in determining how it would affect your Feng Shui. If you’d like, send me an image. 🙂

  24. Kristina Novikova

    Hi Fawn. I have a huge mirror installed in the bedroom. Is it equally good cure to cover it up with curtain or sticker as compared to removing it? Thank you!

  25. Bb

    Hi, can i use non reflective glass frame photo in my bedroom that i place opposite my bed?

  26. Simy

    I have a mirror with a border formed with nice curved pieces of mirror. The mirror is in my living room and it faces my dining table in the dining room next to the living room. Behinh the dining table, there r Windows that overlook greenery. I am not sure if any of this is an issue. Please help

    • Fawn


      It doesn’t sound like any of it is an issue, but not seeing it I can’t say for sure. — It sounds beautiful and healthy and rich, all great things for vibrant life and as they say “Good Feng Shui” — if your life is working well for you, then yes! it’s “good”

      If you have another question, or if there’s something that you would like my input on, just let me know!


  27. Ally

    I have new people who are renting the house behind my apartment. They are an awful family with children who scream and fight every single day after school for 3hours and all day on Saturday & Sunday. My living and bedroom are directly facing them so I’m either woken up or have to leave the apartment entirely to have a moments quite. The family who lived there before them (the owners) were a beautiful family that I loved. I have placed mirrors (inside with mirror facing towards them) & a bagua mirror outside facing them but the noise continues. I am miserable now they live there. What else can I do to make the noise stop and ultimately make them move out quickly?! Please help.

    • Fawn


      The mirrors are a great option…remember when you place them there to be in a place of compassion and boundary setting.

      There are a few more things I might recommend but without knowing you or what is going on in your life, I can’t comment further.

      Let me know if I can help you.


  28. Hi there,
    In my office…I have a large river picture on the wall behind me. I put a large mirror across from my desk against the wall… I can see myself while I am working and I can also see the river picture behind me…Is this good for my career.
    Thank you,

    • Fawn

      Usually water is better at the doorway. I don’t know the layout of your space, so I cannot comment on the position of your desk according to the Form School Bagua, but I would place the Bagua over your office and see how that lays out.

      You are best placed in the power position. Office layout has a few more things to take into consideration than I can address here, but if you’d like help just let me know.

      Seeing yourself in the flow of a river is not a negative but behind you is the “fire” energy area–water and fire–you know what that does. Behind you is the area which is relative to your Fame. in front of you as you sit in your office, I would recommend that the river image be in place of the mirror in front of you, and behind you place an image of a secure mountain, or your company logo, or your certificates or diplomas.

      Hope this helps!

  29. jennifer morola

    Is it ok to hang the mirror adjacent to a koi picture frame?

    • Fawn

      Yes, of course. Just be aware of what the mirror is reflecting–what is the ‘picture’ you would see as the mirror would be next to the koi?

      Hope this helps

  30. Farida

    Dear madam /Sir I want to regarding simple round mirror outside front door of neighbor house in which when we open our front door directly we see our face reflection as it is placed on eye level.what should we do because it is very disturbing for Us. Kindly guide ?does this give any bad or good effect to people living in both houses?

    • Fawn


      Without seeing the actual mirror it sounds like your neighbors may have been setting a boundary for their home and family. This is not necessarily a negative for them, but because it bothers you and your vision that’s a negative influence.

      Of course you can always ask them a simple question about it, but it would be much better if you place something between your home and theirs that would block it from your view.

      Also, I would consider doing the same thing for your home, placing a mirror to reflect negativity and draw a boundary. Not in a way that would be negative, but instead peaceful.

      I hope this helps!

  31. Sandy

    Is it okey if one side of my aquarium is made of mirror?

  32. Dennis

    Hello Dharmendra, is there an effect if your study table & your back is infront of a big mirror. How can i reposition myself with respect to the location of mirror when studying. Thanks!


  33. Maggie Fournier


    I have a living room with a vaulted ceiling. As you walk in the front door to the foyer, the door to the garage is just past to the right. beyond the garage door is a large brick fireplace with unpainted red and brown muted color brick going all the way up to the vaulted ceiling. There is another door beyond the fireplace to the backyard. The back wall has two large windows overlooking the backyard full of trees. I would like to put a large mirror on the wall across from the fireplace, like full length for dancing infront of. It would not be seen from the front door, there is a coat closet in the foyer on the left side. I would not be able to see myself from the garage door or the backyard door. Looking at the mirror from the foyer would reflect the backyard. The wall is in the center of the home with the kitchen behind it, however it is a south side of the room wall, does that matter? The mirror would reflect the fireplace and chimney. I have planned to put something large and round and green, perhaps a piece that had living moss on it above the simple brown mantel on the brick chimney. The room will be a mid-olive color and there are a lot of plants in the room. Could I put the mirror here across from the fireplace without creating negative energy?

  34. LDV

    Hi, I have a tall leaning mirror in the bedroom facing the bedroom door. The mirror reflects the dining/living room when door is opened. The bed is next to the mirror, so there’s no reflection of the bed. I really like the look of this mirror in the bedroom. I understand it is not good feng shui, is there a feng shui remedy for this?

    Thank you for your time.

  35. Maria ND

    Hi, I am a victim of envy at work and have a coworker whose placing me in trouble lately. I want to cure it by using mirror maybe?
    Is it ok to wear a 1/4 inch mirror place it inside my ID badge to cure this bad chi?
    Please, I need your help for it really affects my work! I want her to stay away and leave me alone.
    Thanks! Maria ND

  36. charmaine

    Hi i have mirror ball hanging at all my windows …is it good or bad . plz let me know thank u.

  37. Ruchi

    My almirah is having mirror on it door and it is facing fridge means fridge reflection is seen in the is good?

  38. Hi I just want to know how good or bad my mirror place. I hung my mirror on the wood divider between my room and living room it place on the South east direction and it reflect my living and dining’s wall at the same time, would be fine? I only have small space that’s why I really don’t know where can I place my mirrors

  39. Melissa

    Hello Ms Chang! I am decorating the house I rent. I want to place a mirror above the budget server that would be on a wall between the health and family sector. It faces a doble door that goes out my yard and the Gate with my neighbor. I am afraid i might do some harm and am afraid to hanging it.

    • Hi Melissa,

      It’s difficult to tell from your comment how far the mirror is from the door and what it will be reflecting. It could be inviting your neighbor into your home and taking your personal energy out into the world.

      Things are not just good or bad but mostly will that work for you or not?

      Send a picture and perhaps I can help further.

  40. Mirrors and Windows?

    I have a full length double mirror in my home office. I cannot cover it. It reflects my desk but i have nowhere else to place my desk where it does not reflect it, however i am not facing the mirror it is to the left of my desk and chair. Is there something i can do to improve the problem. I also have a window behind me at the desk and no room to place a plant or artwork as it is a full wall window and small room, i have thick red draps as it is also my fame bagua, is there anything else i can do to improve this problem? Also, moving my desk means my back is facing the door. Thanking you in advance. Elle

  41. tghq

    Hi We have recently done our wardrobes and i have a mirror that is facing side of my bed, if at all i need to cover it so my middle body does it seen through it during sleeping which color cloth i should use also if that mirror height is adjusted so that the bed is not visible will correct it ?

  42. Khaja

    I want to put a mirror on the ceiling of the drawing room which has double height and a chandelier. Is there any bad effect to it

  43. Yolanda Cuesta Gutierrez

    Hi, I live in a flat and my two bathrooms are located to the east. They are next to one another and the entrance doors are to the west. I was told by a specialist to put two concave bagua mirrors on or over the doors to help with heart and lung problems among other things. But I have read that yu should never place a bagua mirror inside a home as it is very dangerous. I really don´t know what to do. This frightens me a bit.

    • Hello

      First I would say don’t be nervous and then take down the mirrors.

      I would recommend using another feng shui cure for those areas such as color (Add light green or blue) shapes (stripes or coloumns) images of trees. Be sure the area is clean and organized and makes you feel wealthy, healthy and vibrant. Remember to have fun in your life too–laughter will support all that you are wanting.

  44. Mon

    I want to place a decorative mirror (round shape with golden leaf frame) in my living room on wall just above the sofa. Is it right? or I should not go for it?

  45. Angel Amitiel

    Hello This was helpful information but can I use a concave and a convex mirror together above my front door to bring luck and repel the negativity of very abusive neighbors? And if so in which order? Or is it best to have the concave over front door and convex over a window where it would face power lines and the nasty neighbors ? we desperately need to reflect the energy away as they even trespass sometimes to scare us. Also can I use concave convex concave across the front of our home? Angel Amitiel

    • Hello

      I recommend only using a concave mirror as it does not reflect negativity back which could make it seem as though the situation gets worse.

      I recommend concave mirrors one above each door and, if you want, window. The intention and energy with which you place these is important–drawing a boundary but not judging or belittling. Something like: “good luck with that–over there.”

      The more peaceful and loving you can be within your own spirit and heart, the easier you will see that negative energy isn’t attracted to you. Try to add things to your home that make you happy, keep it organized and fresh.

      Of course always be aware of the energy around you, set your boundaries in all aspects of your life with love and try to focus on the things that make you feel happy and successful in living your purpose and talents, whatever that is.

  46. Mainelatina

    If my mirror is facing a blank wall of another Bagua. Say that wall needs fire in that Bagua. But my mirror is in a Bagua needing water. Should I place a fire image on the wall or a water image to reflect in the mirror?

  47. William manemgyap

    Can i ask question regarding the placement of mirror inside my office and my bedroom if where can i place it?

  48. Ushas

    I bought a flat facing south west , because , it was really airy & had nice natural light. But now many are tellg south west direction main door is not auspecious. Can i use a mirror against the main entrance( more than 6 ft away) or outside the main door to deflect negative energy

  49. Edralyn

    Hello, is it ok to put a full body mirror on the back of a bedroom door? Thank you,

    • Hello Edralyn,

      Here I go again: it depends. Personally I would not because that makes the bedroom feel like a dressing room rather than a sleeping & reconnecting room. But if you must, just make sure that you don’t see it from the bed? If you must, you might think about placing a sheer over it that is on two small rods (one top and one bottom). The sheer would be best to be the same color as the door so it sort of disappears when you are not using it.
      If you can pull the sheers to the side and use the mirror, then pull them closed over the mirror, it could work better without activating your bedroom and disrupting your sleep energy.
      I hope that helps!

  50. Geraldine Dunne

    Hello. I’m building a house at the moment with a Living Area, Fire Place positioned North East. Can i place a mirror above the Fire.
    Thank you

  51. Sarah McDonald

    My house faces west, my front door. And my windows. But where do I put my bagua. Front door, inside house faces, my kitchen with taps and window. Out to back garden facing east. Bad energy in house, my health is bad.

  52. Hi Sarah,

    Feng Shui will help you get clear so you can shift the energy in your home and life. It’s not a quick cure all, it does help you get on track and more importantly it gives you a place to start to shift the energy.

    Only use a BaGua mirror on the outside of the house; place one over your front door and go ahead and place one over the windows on all 4 sides if you wish. (unless it will draw negative attention then only over your front door)

    Here are some steps to take to relieve stuck, negative energy in your house:
    1. Clean thoroughly, including the windows. If there is dirt or mold, you are being influenced by those…make them go away and then refresh your home.
    2. Remove clutter and everything that doesn’t bring you joy, even if you have to live without a few things at first.
    3. Change your bedding, if you can change your mattress/box springs great. If not, wash all your linens and use 1/2 cup sea salt and lavender essential oil in the laundry. If you have carpet, clean and vacuum them. Remove as much of your clothing from your bedroom as possible and do a really thorough review of the art, books, etc. Less is better in a bedroom.

    Those are a few steps that will be a great start to shifting the energy in your life. If you’d like a consultation, just reach out and I am happy to help.

    Best always! Remember that YOU are powerful and can make the changes to enhance and expand all your goodness coming to you always.


  53. Dear Fawn, I don’t know if you can help me; I am concerned for a friend. She has a very very small silver jewelry shop-workshop on a very narrow street in Barcelona. Right across from her a new watch shop has opened and has place 9 long rectangular mirrors inside their shop on the wall directly facing her. She, or parts of her (depending on where she is) and strips of her store are reflected back at her. Sometimes there seem to be multiple reflections, perhaps from the glass storefront windows (the other stores as well as hers) creating even more reflections. I am very worried that it might affect her business. I asked if she had noticed any changes and she commented that lately many people came in to ask to see things from her window, but there had been no purchases. Can it be that these mirrors are affecting her shop negatively? Is there anything she can do?


    • Hello Daina,

      What a dear friend you are to read the space and be concerned. Here is my take on it, without seeing it. It depends on how overpowering the other shop feels…it could be a bonus to have them open so close to her’s and bring more customers her way. Also, remember the McDonald’s Wendy’s factor, they usually are located very near each other as a way to create an attraction factor, both succeed because of the location next to each other. Also, it’s not usually a healthy thing to think the other shop has conscious mal-intent with their decor, most people aren’t aware of how decor influences energy and people. (If there is mal-intent, the mirror cure is a good one as listed above.)
      As to the mirrors, they are drawing a boundary and pushing her shop away from theirs, not really a bad thing but she can do the same thing to draw a boundary and not allow her energy to be absorbed or sucked in by them. As to the reflections, your concerns are not unwarranted: when mirrors (or highly reflective glass) are across from each other they can create imbalance. This could negatively influence passers by and anyone seeing the illusion. I’d need to see a picture to further evaluate the issue and the adjustments. There are a few things she can do. She can use small mirrors (either in her windows or on the wall facing toward the other store to draw the boundary for herself. She may want to use a film on the exterior that will polarize her windows and negate the reflections, this will allow the passersby to see into her windows. I believe I mention this is the above post. She can fill her windows with things that will send a pure and positive message about her offerings and bring her customers to her. Her jewelry display is best to reflect her style which will bring in her customers. She can make sure her sign is prominent and beautiful and her address and hour are posted clearly and cleanly. The other things she can do will be on the inside of her shop, for instance she can enhance her wealth corner, and secure her Helpful People corner. (See BaGua Post: ) The placement of her cash register will be important (first for safety and then enhanced for increased wealth). She can stay out of “competition” with the other and focus on her own true worth. If she was successful prior to the other store moving in, she could very well be even more successful if she rides the energy well. As to the mirrored reflection coming into her store, send me a picture so that I can better help.
      You are a dear friend to reach out on her behalf. You can continue to best help her continued success by holding the thought and feeling that she is powerful to create her wealthy future. Try to avoid “worry” as that is a feeling/thought that resonates to create stress and disaster (you can replace it with “awareness” as that is a softer version sort of like “hm, do we need to be aware of something and make adjustments?” I realize you may not have been “desperately worried” and that I may have read that wrong. Keep me posted! Fawn

  54. Beverly Cole

    My daughter and I have become very distant.She is very controling as well.
    Would find shui cure would you suggest. I want to build bridges with her.
    Thank you.

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