Classic Chair Designs of the 50’s by Charles and Ray Eames

Eames Plastic Side Chairs

The “Eames Plastic Chair” is a stackable design classic. Photo © Ailine Liefeld

Almost everyone of us has parked ourselves in one of their chairs.  Perhaps you have seen their video “Powers of Ten,” one of my favorites.

The chair designs by Charles and Ray Eames are iconic.

Even if you  like the Aeron by Hermann Miller better, there’s no getting around it, the Eames chairs are legendary.

Here’s a look at just a few of them.

Watch the video linked below, complete with retro music, that will show you a behind the scenes view of how the Eames fiberglass chairs were constructed in the past–those design changed the way we view seating.  You can read an more about  how the Eames are still influencing Scandinavian Design today in Europe.

Eames Rocker Chair Photo by Ailine Liefeld

Eames’ Mid-Century Modern furniture can be combined with many different styles, inlcuding this one that closely resembles the new 2013/14 Trend Artistic Expression.    Everything comes around…especially good design.   Photo © Ailine Liefeld

Eames Chair Leather
Other Eames Chairs replicas are  available to view or purchase at

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