Dry Erase Walls? Awesome!

When I was a kid, it was a bad thing to write on the walls…but it sure was fun and convenient.  And now it’s not just for kids!  We grown-ups get to speak our minds…the walls have not only ears but doodles and drawing and well, you get the point!WhiteyBoard yellow room

Without changing the color of your decor, you can turn nearly any wall of any color into a dry-erase board.  There are some great products for helping us get our point across easily–and one of them is dry-erase paint that you can use on any wall!


There are a few companies who produce the paint.  I like Whitey paint, from www.whiteboard.com which costs about $65 per gallon but is one coat and done.  Or–you can use a very inexpensive stickon erase board made by the same company…blank or preprinted, white or midnight, these things are fun, easy and awesome! Check out also www.ideapaint.com (until December 31, 2012 30% discount on their products).

whiteboard child's roomSo go ahead! Speak your mind, write your list, even paint this on the inside of cabinets, on walls in your garage, or in your powder room…leave a crossword puzzle or love notes for those you love, especially yourself. Life should be fun and colorful, don’t you think?

Helping Kids Decompress

This is a great product for children who need to express themselves.   Caution, make sure you are clear about which walls are fair game…keep the walls isolated in one room or one wall to keep from having to repaint your entire home.  Also, the markers are not ‘natural and organic’…I don’t recommend leaving them alone with small children, of course.

My sons loved the midnight boards…black backgrounds with neon colored markers.  Have fun!


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