Colors to Heal Your Body Now: A Guide to Your Chakra Energy Centers

We understand the power of electricity.  We know we can’t see it, but we use this energy to power our homes, office, auto and more.

Our bodies are intricately designed with energy flows; connections and matrices that govern and navigate every aspect of our existence from thought, feeling, emotions, behavior, intuition, digestion, metabolism, love, wealth, relationships:  name it!  Just like electricity, we can’t see this energy but it is there, powering our bodies and our lives.

You can’t change what you don’t know about

We can positively change our life and health with the knowledge of these energy flows and energy centers and how they impact our lives.

For thousands of years, Eastern cultures have understood these energy systems and  how to keep them alive, in balance and flowing for good health.   Chinese Medicine understands our meridian system and how to flow energy smoothly throughout bodies.  Feng Shui is the branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine  that looks at how to flow energy effectively through our spaces.

Ayurveda brings to us vibrant knowledge of Chakras:  energy vortices that pulse with life force and keep our bodies, minds, spirits and souls working perfectly.  Although there are millions of these wheels of energy in the body, occurring at nearly every intersection of neuron, joint and neural plexi, there are 7 major Chakras aligned along our spine.

Each Chakra is ‘in charge of’ or the key to certain aspects of our lives, health, emotions and connection to the earth and to each other.  We can use colors to help to rebalance our energy, just by seeing them, wearing them or living with them, they help to balance our lives.

One simple way to determine if your Chakra is out of balance is your response to color.  I wrote about the color Orange and what it means if you hate orange and how to address a possible disconnection from joy, sensuality, play or socializing.

Everything is interconnected.  Each area of our life, each chakra resonates with a certain frequency of energy that is translated as color, a sound, a sense, a body function, and emotions.  There’s a resonance between all aspects of our lives…all we need to do is start to connect the dots to live life more vibrantly and completely.

Just like any system we know, electrical or computer, our bodies get bogged down, overloaded and out of balance.  One manifestation is that our Chakras, normally spinning and whirring, pulsing like a precise gyro, begins to wobble or close or become clogged and we experience stress, dis-ease and illness.  Chakras out of balance at first cause dis-ease, pain or discomfort and if unacknowledged, can lead to withdrawal from certain aspects of life, illness and even death.   We no longer doubt that we can died of ‘a broken heart’…this is but one example of how unseen “energy” of emotion, becomes physically real.  Just like electricity, if it is not flowing properly, can cause all manner of negative results.

Here is a quick guide to your energy centers and a few things you can do to learn more about the body and world in which you live.   Everything below is accredited to DeniseLinn’s and her website at and reprinted here for your convenience.    Everything below is from Denise Linn’s Chakra Healing Meditations and is a part of the Soul Coaching Program.  If you would like to participate in the 28-day Soul Coaching Program with me, please email me.

Please visit these beautiful pages to view the healing energy and begin to rebalance your energy through your Chakras.   From

First Chakra  — Base of Spine  — Red

From Visit this site for a beautiful rebalancing of your Chakras. Photo credit:

Use the First Chakra Healing  portal on Denise’s Site if you are experiencing:

Lack   of Abundance
Poverty Consciousness
Low Self-Esteem
Being Fearful
Needing   Grounding
Trust Issues
Feeling Safe
Lack of Boundaries
Survival Issues
Lack   of Vitality
No Courage
Problem Being in Present Time

or if you are experiencing Physical Health Problems regarding:

Pain—constant and ongoing
Skeletal System
Lower Back
Large Intestines
Immune   Issues
Lower Extremities
Reproductive Organs

Second Chakra — Just below the Naval —   Orange

Second Chakra — Orange — Visit for a gentle rebalancing of this energy center.  Photo credit:

Use the Second Chakra Healing  portal if you are experiencing:

Relationship   challenges
Emotional swings
Addictions of any kind
Sensuality issues
Blocked   creativity
Lack luster
Lack of joy
Blocked emotions
Detachment   from people
Lack of intimacy
Overly emotional
Overly attached to others
Difficulty being flexible
Lack of pleasure

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Small Intestines
Lymphatic   system
Synovial fluids
Movement of muscles & joints
Sense   of taste

Third Chakra — Solar Plexus/Will — Yellow

Third Chakra– Yellow — Visit for a gentle rebalancing of this energy center. Photo credit:

Use the Third Chakra Healing portal  on Denise Linn’s site if you are experiencing:

Lack of self-esteem
Lack of focus
Feeling timid
Feeling   closed off from others
Bravado rather than confidence
Mental confusion
Feel that others control you
Problems sticking to your decisions
Overly optimistic
Overly   pessimistic or dour
No intuition
Lack of confidence
No personal boundaries
Closed off from others
Lack of personal control

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Solar Plexus

Large intestine


Gall Bladder


Digestive System


Fourth Chakra — Heart/Love — Green

Fourth Chakra– Heart– Visit for a gentle rebalancing of this energy center. Photo credit:

Use the Fourth Chakra Healing Portal on Denise’s Site if you are experiencing:

Lack   of self- love
Not following your heart desires
Low self-esteem
Isolated from others
Very   little love in your life
Trouble receiving from others
Distance from loved ones
Difficulty really listening to others
Dominating or suffocating others
Judgmental   of self and others
A hard time being in the flow

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Blood Vessels

Fifth Chakra — Throat/Ears/Communication — Blue

Fifth Chakra — Communication — Blue Visit for a gentle rebalancing of this energy center of your body.Photo credit:

Use the Fifth Chakra Healing  portal on Denise Linn’s Site  if you are experiencing:

Difficulty letting others know your truth
Having challenges speaking up for yourself
Lying to yourself and others
Fearful of letting others know what is true for you
Challenges with clarity of thought
Introverted   and shy
Difficulty with independence
Not speaking up for others in need
Speaking too much
Dominating others with your words
Difficulty really listening to others

Can’t express your point of view with   clarity
Feeling insecure, uncertain and fuzzy
Blocked creativity

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:




Endocrine Glands

Sixth Chakra — Third Eye/Forehead Area — Indigo

Fifth Chakra — Communication — Blue Visit for a gentle rebalancing of this energy center of your body. Photo credit:

Use the Sixth Chakra Healing Portal on Denise Linn’s Site if you are experiencing:

Unsure about your intuition
Rely on authority figures
Rigid beliefs
Easily swayed by others
Don’t think for yourself
Can’t   visualize
Lack of clarity
Have trouble visualizing
Diminished imagination
Confused thinking
Living in fantasy world
Can’t distinguish between inner &   outer reality
Inability to remember dreams
Overwhelmed by dreams
Psychic abilities are shut down
Psychic abilities are over-active

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Pineal Gland
Pituitary Gland

Seventh Chakra — Crown of Head — White/Violet Visit for a beautiful gentle rebalancing of this Chakra. Photo credit:

Use the Seventh Chakra Healing Portal on Denise Linn’s Site if you are experiencing:

Lack of connection to the Creator
Not aware of your spirituality
Rigid in your thinking

Unyielding in your beliefsDifficulty in seeing the viewpoint of   others

Fuzzy thinkingConfusion
Live in a fantasy world
Addicted to spiritual pursuits to
the detriment of earthly needs

Or if you are experiencing physical health problems regarding:

Top of Head

Pituitary Gland

Central Nervous SystemSpinal Cord



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