Bagua Placement: Which Way Is Best?

“Feng Shui only applies to you if you have a body and live on Earth”   (me) Fawn Chang

One of the biggest problems I encountered when I first learned about Feng Shui over 30 years ago was the confusion I found based on the many teachings.  It was enough to make me want to throw up my hands and walk away but something inside me told me there was really deep value to this study.

I decided to look beneath the dogma, the cultural significance and mythology to find the essence of how this information was relative to every human on earth.   I studied a lot to tease apart the significance of how humans interact with the intelligence that is Earth and how we create our reality within the Earth’s structure and systems.

Compass School or Form School? Which gives you the best? You Decide.

How Do I Use the Bagua? Two Main SchoolsWhen you pick up a book on Feng Shui, to find which part of your home or office is your ‘Wealth’ Corner or your “Marriage” or “Partnership” corner, which part will keep you ticking along with all things good, you will be asked to align a little map called the Bagua to your spaces.

There are two ways you’ll be told is best to use the Bagua:  align it to the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W and the directions in between) called the Compass School or position the map aligned with the entrance/front door called the Form School.  Pick the one that you resonate and use that one because:

Both work.

There are many layers to life.  Feng Shui addresses all of these layers.  The problem comes when we try to address them all at once.

Form school looks at the forms we encounter:  where’s the door, where are the walls, how does the energy flow, where am I being blocked, where’s the water and how is this indicative of energy flowing or stagnating? Where do I feel safe or exposed (my back protected, in full commanding view of the room, etc.)

In my experience, we encounter forms in our world and we need to navigate them.  The energy of the compass directions too have influence, but I feel it is secondary to setting our spaces up to address the flow of humans and energy on this level.

If we had the resources of Genghis Khan or the Emperor of China, we could find the perfect mountain to place at our back and allowed our front door to face the proper direction for our Feng Shui energy that allowed the proper compass direction as well as protected our backs from the invasion of enemies all the while affording us the long, horizon view in front of us, with water nearby, and lush vegetation to feed our hordes.  But many of us live in the homes we do right now and with the forms of walls, furniture and the energy still has to navigate through beautifully to support us.

I also know the effect of positive space, human and energy flow.  In the Form School, the energy builds from a slow flow into the space at the entrance.  This is energy of life force entering the home or office.  It is associated with North, Water, Life Purpose and Journey.   The energy then begins to rise and grow in a clockwise manner,  building into the space to a crescendo at the back where we see the Fame position.  It’s something our bodies feel and know as we live life in buildings that become a landscape of their own.  (Notice when you enter an office of a high-powered executive, what you see behind them is what they want you to know they are known for, what you can expect while you are there.  It sets up a vibration in your expectation.  See Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking,  and Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladstone)

It makes no sense to me to struggle to put the head of the bed toward the North for health if it means that the head of the bed is at the door facing into the room.  This  is not in the ‘power position’ which would challenge health in a bigger way.  Since they work equally as well, here in the west, the Form school position, being easiest to use is the one I recommend we all start with.

Try Both

If you are comfortable, look at your spaces from the perspective of both.  You can do a little backward detective work to get more in tune with your spaces and see exactly where your problems are anchored in your spaces.

Using the Compass School, what does your SE corner look like?  what is there?  Does it look like full-blossom Spring, open and wealth?  Is it upward moving, flourishing and make you feel blessed.  Then look at the North, is it quiet, calm and flowing toward the center of your home?

Energy to the North will be more quiet, rejuvenating and cold, associated with Water, Life Flow and Career.  Energy to the South will be warmer, more exciting and lively, associated with Fire and Fame.  East, as this is where the sun rises, is associated with creativity, health and inheritances, fresh energy of a new day and Spring, also the Liver and Gall Bladder (energy rising).  West is associated with Harvest, Autumn, creativity, Joy, Metal and accountability.

When you Look at your spaces from the Form School and position the wealth corner in the furthest left corner…what is there? Is it wealthy, healthy and vibrant? Is there a bathroom or water there?  What is the status of the water, is it clean and flowing freshly toward the center of the home or is it flowing out, taking your money and health with it?

Of course all areas of your home can be arranged this way, to be organized healthy and wealthy looking, but in my experience, the Form School is extremely accurate to show where counter-forces are negatively impacting lives.

There are some great books about how to use the Compass School,  Simon Brown is one author who seems to make it simpler than most, although many folks I talk to find it can be quite challenging and tedious and they often feel they’ve gotten it ‘wrong.’  (a bigger deterrent than help)

I like the Form School, and also use Nine Star Ki to discover your personal Feng Shui energy.  Both are easily understandable and both work.  No matter which school you use, Feng Shui only works if you do, establishing a link with your awareness of energy and how it influences YOU!

It’s all about you, your life and your ability to feel Safe, Comfortable, Organized, Refreshed and able to Express your true, beautiful self.

Check out the Feng Shui Calculator at my website to discover your Feng Shui Energy.  Download the free eBook, Guide to Discovering Your Feng Shui Energy  and let me know what you think!

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns or you can contact me for an online consultation if you’d like and we’ll get it working right for you!


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