Red: Energy, Fire & Activation

More than just a feeling, red will activate a space and those in it. Use it sparingly or in rooms you'll spend just a little bit of time.

Red   The energy of Red is exuberant, advancing and activating.  In Feng Shui Red is associated with fire, outward expansion,  networking, clarifying, and brilliant.  It is the color of Life Force in China and considered the luckiest color.   Other associations are  Wealth, Health, and Happiness, also with Summer, Fame and Reputation.   Red is used to activate spaces and therefore aspects of your life.

Red is the color associated with our physical body’s own connection to Life, besides being the color of oxygenated blood, it is associated with our electromagnetic system called Chakras.  Red is the color frequency of our Base Chakra, that energy vortex within our bodies at the base of our spine that keeps us connected to Life, the Planet, and helps us survive so we can Thrive…so you can probably see the association of Red with Life, appetite and movement.

[Our own electromagnetic field is made up of energy vortices called Chakras;  we have 8 major energy vortices that run along our spines at the junctures of our major neural plexi.  Each Chakra regulates certain energies in our lives…remember that everything is interconnected.]

When to use Red:   Use Red when you want increase activity, get things moving, increase passion, action or get noticed.

Use Caution though, Red is like a dash of tabasco, it can turn up the volume on your life.   For instance:  Red in a bedroom may increase passion butpassion also includes arguments and tension. (Try adding a bit of warm rich pink instead, and you don’t even have to see it, place a little pink color under your bed for some reconnection and romance.)

Red in a dining room can increase appetite and digestion, but if you or guests start to argue or feel hypertensive, it will be time to decrease the amount of red or move to another room for dessert.

There are two healthy ways to use red:  a small quantity of color or small quantity of time spent with the color.  Just a little in a room, or a lot in room you spend a little time, will serve you better.

More than just a feeling, red will activate a space and those in it. Use it sparingly or in rooms you'll spend just a little bit of time.

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