Feng Shui Bedroom for Health? What NOT to do!

A wonderful, delightful client of mine showed me this room.  Pulled from the internet, and described as “a good Feng Shui Bedroom,” he asked me to help him re-create it for him.  It was a challenge because much of it is not ‘good’ Feng Shui for HEALTH as described here.  The nuances are subtle but so very important.

No judgement–as a Feng Shui Designer, I get paid to see the details and interpret how they influence life.  Analyzing spaces through true Feng Shui eyes is the best guarantee for beneficial environment–it takes real knowledge and awareness of how your spaces FEEL–really. The hardest part is seeing it all for what is really there.  Take a look:

Beware: Labeled on the Internet as a Good Feng Shui Bedroom for Health, many things in this bedroom are NOT conducive to Good Health and therefore NOT beneficial Feng Shui.

Let me show you:

Four things stand out  as NOT-SO-GOOD Bedroom Feng Shui for health:

The Colors, The Furnishings, The Bulkhead Treatment, The Bamboo Plants

#1 Color:  

My client is looking to engage more of nature into his home, adding this bright green will do that but it is likely to exhaust him because the energy of the room will be that of early spring and the sprouting plants pushing upward through the surface of the soil–we’ll have to make sure we watch if he’s not sleeping well as sleeping deeply is the first key to good health.

It’s true that Green is a very healing color; just the sign of green speaks to our hearts and nourishes us.  However, it is an active color, upward moving and independent.  Not the first choice for a bedroom where sleep is the main function or where a couple want to get closer together.   Used well it is a good color for independent retreat  and rejuvenation in a spa-like setting but be aware of how well you are sleeping.  The color shown here looks like a subtle version of green, but because lighting and photography change the color, we can’t be sure.  If you need to have a green bedroom, something muted will do well, such as PPG’s 407-3 White Clover or 308-3 St. Augustine or ATC-53 Bay of Fundy.  (I was just there by the way, so beautiful.)    Ben Moore’s 682 Warm Springs is nice and I always love Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage.  But remember, it’s important to choose your paint color LAST–read why.

#2 Furniture:

#1 “Not Good” Health Thing:  This dresser and its placement looms over the bed, creating a large block that can eventually cause ill health.  Large and looming furniture in a bedroom does just that, imposes a block in our energy.  My priorities:

  • Move the dresser out of the bedroom. Personally I recommend that there be no clothing in the bedroom but in closets or a spare bedroom be turned into a dressing room.  Clothing is of the outside world, and our clothing carries our experiences of the day.  I recommend all laundry go in the laundry room until it is returned clean to the closet, dressing room or drawers.  
  • Replace the tall dresser near the bed with a low dresser.
  • Do not use a mirror in your bedroom as a mirror will activate space and disrupt sleep.  If you want to test this, place a towel or scarf over your mirror and feel the space…it will feel quieter.
  • I highly recommend that if you must have clothing stored in your bedroom,
    • Only have clean and nicely folded and stored in your low dresser, well organized, socks paired, everything folded.  It takes some time, but the energy you put into your clothes will stay with you all day.  I know this for a fact.
    • Nothing hung on the back of a door
    • No jewelry showing (clean your jewelry as well, soak it in sea salt — if it won’t damage the finish or stones– or take it to a jeweler and have them clean it.  Baking soda will also help to clear the energy of jewelry)
The Side Tables
  • Really look at them, they are ‘leaning’ against the wall, not stable on their own.  This fact would speak to your subconscious about the inability to stand firm on your own and lead you to lean or feel crippled.
  • Sharp edges:  this is something that speaks to our bodies and sets us up to be tense; it’s so automatic that we don’t register it in our awareness until we focus on it.  Round the edges and soften them so that you aren’t being sniped by ‘flesh eating furniture”.

The headboard

This is really not so bad, it’s soft and it is supportive.  The color is earth, nourishing and supportive, but it too looms, but is a background, much like the support of having a mountain behind your back, a feeling of safety.  The squares bring an additional element of Earth but the headboard is a bit too high but the  many squares will give you a feeling of segmentation and disruption.

The location of the seams is not-so-good: the seam at your head would be infringing on your brain and the seam between the two people could serve to separate them, especially if there is a split box-spring beneath the mattress.  (cure for boxspring:  place a pink sheet between the box spring and the mattress.)

Feng Shui:  I’d recommend three or four horizontal rectangles rather than all the squares.

#3 The Bulkhead

A very big Feng Shui no-no, this sharp line of the white bulkhead draws itself right across the head of the sleepers.  This would cause headaches or illness along the line where it hits the people, perhaps sore throats, teeth issues, sinus issues.  How?  We are so powerful and our subconscious so strong that we can actually recreate what we see around us.  Try it:  think of a flower for a moment, then notice how many times today you notice a flower–we do this all the time, calling to our attention that which we focus on or ask for.   This shape is talking to your subconscious and the way the energy flows along this surface, it is a constant dripping of too much energy.  Too much or too little is optimal for health.

  • One simple cure:  Paint the bulkhead ‘ceiling’ the same color as the wall and make the edge disappear.  Traditionally, Feng Shui would suggest hanging bamboo flutes with the mouthpiece to the bottom ‘blowing’ the energy upward.  This is not compatible with a lot of decor and is as I call it a “Feng Shui Bandaid” it will work but it shows everyone that you have a boo-boo.  You can also use upward facing lighting to “raise the energy” but it’s still there at night–the flutes would be a better idea.  There are other cures, and if you have an issue like this, comment here and I’ll help.

#4 PLANTS in the Bedroom

1. Feng Shui has recommended against live plants in the sleeping areas.  Here’s the scientific answer:  Plants emit Oxygen in the daytime, hooray, thank you very much.  Plants also go through the process of respiration and at night they take in Oxygen and emit CO2.   You might need a garden of plants to make this a real immediate emergency, however, when you are in an enclosed room with limited circulation and limited access to real natural air, this could have a long term negative influence.  Silk plants would solve this one issue, but then there’s this:

2. Plants are also ‘tree/wood’ energy, meaning the focus is on upward movement.  Sleep is a YIN event, the energy goes down and to the quiet, quite the opposite of the plant energy.  A little is happy and okay, but all these plants are sometimes just an excuse to call something ZEN or Feng Shui when in fact, it is not.

Because something is uncluttered and new-looking, doesn’t make it good Feng Shui.   Don’t mistake a design that looks ‘calm’, ‘clean’, and has a bamboo plant or a Buddha figure in it for a design that is Feng Shui.  (“Feng Shui” is a very hot search term:  and some know that calling something Feng Shui will bring it attention and perhaps sell the item).

No judgement–as a Feng Shui Designer, I get paid to see the details and interpret how they influence life.  Analyzing spaces through true Feng Shui eyes is the best guarantee for beneficial environment–it takes real knowledge and awareness of how your spaces FEEL–really. The hardest part is seeing it all for what is really there.



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18 responses to “Feng Shui Bedroom for Health? What NOT to do!

  1. jane

    husband ill possible chemo trtmts. redoing bedroom w.platform Q-bed.
    White sheers – no plants – lavendar cream linens – not sure of headboard.
    morrored closet doors need to cover. maybe area rug on hardwood floors for his comfort and water elment. Two end tables /lamps. I think that is it. Maybe couple of wall hangings.

    • Hi Jane,
      Platform bed would ground the energy of your husband and you and that might not be the best.
      For Health, the best setup is a bed that has ‘breathing room’ all around it, except for behind the headboard, which should be placed in the Power Position.
      As to color, I would do some quick research: Take the Feng Shui Calculator at my website (www.fawnchang.com/fengshuicalculator) and see what his Feng Shui Element is. Then try to use colors that will support him.
      Lavender is possibly not the best color for his healing. I might recommend light blue, but lavender can sometimes be challenging to our ability to go deep inside and heal our bodies, especially if it is a color that we dislike.

      Lavender scenting, on the other hand can be healing as can the Essential Oils from Young Living such as Thieves. Thieves® was created based on research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health. (Thanks to Dawn Wilkerson for this information)

      White sheers are good. I would make sure that the headboard is in the Power Position AND that the headboard is NOT against a wall adjacent to a bathroom or water closet (toilet). If you cannot accommodate both those, use the mirror cure.

      I can help you with a an internet consultation. Let me know if you’d like to learn about how to do that. fawn@fawnchang.com

  2. Yvette

    Can you please explain the bulkhead treatment more? When you speak about coloring the bulkhead ‘ceiling’ the same color as the wall, do you me the underside of the bulkhead? What about the side of the bulkhead…does that get painted the same as the ceiling? Would you recommend putting pot lights in the bulkhead? What other cures are there for a bed placed under it?

    • What I mean is that the horizontal ‘ceiling’ part of the bulkhead would seem to disappear if it were painted the same color as the actual ceiling.

      Rather than create the line of white around the room or underneath the bulkhead.

      Does that help?

  3. maria


    Prior to my interest in feng shui 3 years ago i moved into a split level, from what i read not the best house to purchase. Ground & front part of upper level are cathedral ceilings, is that a no no in feng shui? would you suggest to paint them same color as wall? my problem would then be my kitchen its red, what cure could i use? its in W or WE.

    thank you

  4. Hi Maria,
    There are many schools of Feng Shui that say Always, always, always and others that say never, never, never. What I know is that the spaces we life and work in influence us and we need to be aware of how and how to make changes if it’s something that influence is challenging us.

    If we don’t like it, with Feng Shui we can make simple adjustments to change it.

    Cathedral ceilings will expand the energy. If you are feeling unable to focus, stretched in too many directions or not experiencing intimacy, then they are having that affect on you and if you want, you can make changes to bring your life more into balance. Which changes would depend on you, your energy, your home and your style, taste and which kinds of changes you are able and interested in making.

    On the other hand, if you had been overly focused on details before moving into the home and now you have more ideas, a better sense of your relationship to your Universe, and that’s working for you, then it could be termed a good thing. What I’d look for more is how the home is ‘split’ and where the ‘split’ occurs in the bagua and where the split ‘attacks’ your energy or body. Colors are just one aspect of Feng Shui and if you love the colors, but need more ‘metal’ energy in the West in order to enhance your creativity, or your ability to be clear, accurate and accountable, then I’d look at how to get that energy into your spaces with another ‘metal’ enhancement.
    If you want to send or post a photo on my facebook page, I would have a better idea of what it is that you are living with and looking at. And I am always available for a consultation via the internet or phone. Go to my website at http://www.fawnchangdesigns.com/askfawn.html We’ll get YOUR house working for you!

  5. Marie

    hi ,
    Can you provide some more tips on bulkhead cures. I have bulkheads in the bedroom and the ceiling and the walls are white.
    What other cures are an option other than the ones you already provided .

    Thanks, Marie

    • Sarah

      I’d like to know what other cures there are to deal with a bulkhead above the bed. Besides the flute or painting the bulkhead the same color, what other suggestions are there?

      • Hi Sarah,

        You could use a canopy that will protect the sleepers from the bulkhead. Another recommendation would be to move the bed, but for many bedrooms today the bulkhead created by a tray ceiling runs the full perimeter of the room. Using upward facing lights would also help ‘lift’ the downward pressure of the bulkhead.

  6. Liz

    What would you suggest for a cure for a closet in the far right corner of the bedroom? Thank you.

    • Hi Liz
      Great question! Far right corner will be your relationship Gua.

      No matter what type of relationship you want to be enhanced in your life it is best to have this area be clean clear and neat. If you are looking for a relationship, leave 1/4 to 1/3 of the space open and available. Be sure that all clothing is is perfect shape, all items are paired if they need to be and that using this closet gives you a sense of nourishment and peace.

      You can paint the inside a beautiful shade of pink or beige or soft yellow, even white although the other colors Make sure that everything about that closet is working perfectly. Place shoes on the bottom, clothes in the middle and hats or scarves on the top. Do not store shoes above your head as this will turn your world upside down. A rose quartz placed in the closet will enhance unconditional love and a citrine quartz will clear negativity. I’d place both. A mirror in this closet or area will increase water energy which can muddy the Earth energy that is associated with this area. To correct that you can remove the mirror or introduce some Tree energy which would be a photo or image of trees, e colors light blue or light green or vertical stripes.

      What is your hope for yourself as far as relationship is concerned? Relationship encompasses a relationship with yourself, your Source, and others including but not limited to romantic love and marriage.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  7. Liz

    Hi Fawn,

    Thank you very much for the prompt and thoughtful reply, and for offering to answer more questions. I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

    Since moving into this house my fiancee and I went from having a very close relationship to being less close. After making the feng shui adjustingments things have gotten better. My intent is to improve my relationship with my fiancee to where we are both as happy and close as we were before.

    This closet is probably the cleanest one in the house. It will be painted and the plan is to put crystals on the top shelf. I would most likely use a rose beige to match the walls or off white to match the trim. Are those colors ok or do you suggest something different? The closet area is not simply a door in the wall, but was added on, taking space from inside the room and keeping that part of the room from having a corner. I’ve been keeping the door open to make it feel like there is more space there and hung a round glass crystal and two heart shape glass crystals on 9″ red cords on the closet door. I feel like there are more cures needed for the outer wall of the closet and the corner of the closet pointing into the room.

    The matress has a split box spring but that has been covered with a red sheet. The room also has sloping ceilings at the head and foot of the bed. For the ceiling issue I set some small mirrors on the nightstands facing up at the slope, and a small dresser at the foot of the bed also with a mirror facing up. Also placed two candles on each nightstand alond with some natural quartz spheres (rose, clear and amethyst) and natural stone hearts. I’m giving that some time to work. I’m also considering putting fabric where the ceiling is sloping or more mirrors on the nightstands and dresser facing up. I’d prefer more mirrors over fabric so the room isn’t too “girly” for my fiancee 🙂

    Thank you again for your time and your help.

    Best Regards,

  8. Mary

    Hi Fawn,
    My bedroom doesn’t give me many options as to where I can place my bed. One side is all windows. One side is mostly closet leaving no room on either side. I have the option of putting it on the same wall as the door but immediately on the other side of the wall is the washer/dryer which I’ve heard isn’t a good energy to have right behind your head while sleeping.
    My bed is currently under a split level cieling. Majority of the room is one level but 25% has a high cieling to accommodate the wall of windows (top to bottom). So the edge (where the normal cieling and the high part) goes right through my center. I have had 2 miscarriages in one year and can’t help but think that the sleeping position maybe related. I don’t have the option of a different sleeping space. Is there anything you can recommend to help with this? I had thought about a using a sheer cloth to cover the high point of the cieling but suffer from allergies and am afraid that will become a dust trap. Getting a clothe which is hung that high on and off for frequent washing would be difficult. Any suggestions?
    In gratitude,

  9. Katie

    What would you suggest for a slope backyard? I am building a home and was thinking of vaulted ceilings in the bedroom, I heard that’s bad? Also, what if the house number equals up to 0?

  10. josie

    Dear Fawn,

    This article/post is so helpful, thank you. I just moved into a one room cottage in the country near the ocean, and it is set up well, except a place for the bed is a bit of a challenge. The best/commanding position has two windows that would be partly above the bed. Another possible position has it in line with the bathroom door. I am looking into making a headboard (I am on a fixed income due to health issue). Any suggestions on how to remedy the position in line with the bathroom door? The position diagonal against the wall has it not completely under the windows on each side, but partly. One window is longer than the other. The studio has a lot of windows, a near full kitchen (portable burner and oven in place of regular stove/oven and smaller fridge), ensuite bath with stall shower, wood floors and is located amongst woods and houses and gets a lot of light. Infinite thanks in advance for any advice.


  11. Roberto

    Please send more information on cures for the bulkhead.
    Roberto 🙂

  12. victoria carballo

    Hi, I would information on a cure for a bulkhead all around the ceiling of my bedroom. It is already painted the same color. Anything else I can do? Thanks in advance. Vicky

  13. Margo

    Hi!! I was wondering where and how I would put the bamboo around my room that’s if the ceiling is a different color right or just the drop down?? Also I’m trying to get my bedroom facing the right direction for my number I guess you would call it ? and it’s almost impossible is there anything that I can do to help that situation out as well?? Thank you so much for ur time!!

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