2008: Year of the Earth Rat ~ “Itza gonna be a bumpy (but fun) ride!”

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! This can be a great year, but we have lots of work to do to make it that way, so here’s a bit of help to get you jazzed about living your happiest life.

February 7 begins the 2 week celebration of Chinese New Year: the turning point during which things begin to grow.   The Year of the Earth Rat promises to be a busy one, filled with opportunity, industry and romance.  But be careful: choose wisely as the choices you make and actions you take will be with you a long time.

2008 is a Nine Star Ki 1 Water Year.   These Feng Shui tips can help to make sense out of energies that might otherwise be daunting.  You can make your life flow more easily through this year. 



  • Be on the lookout for water under the earth, do a maintenance check of all water systems and catch any problems early.  Many of the folks I know have been already dealing with unfortunate issues.  Water is a metaphor for the emotion in your life.  Too much emotion is as ill-fated as not enough.  Feng Shui would look at which area of the Ba Gua this water was found and would tell you what area of your life is out of balance. 
  • The Year of the Rat will bring new romance to our lives, either a new love or more passion to an existing one.  Make sure your home is ready too.  Make your home a place where YOU would like to be romanced, place flowers, art, candles, a newly cleaned bedroom, a new mattress and some loving or sultry artwork.  These things help you create the love in your life and for your ‘significant other’. 
  • Clean everything.  Everything matters and when things are clean and clutter free your life flows endlessly better.  Check out the Clear Your Clutter 4-week babysteps to begin to build your own good foundation for HW&H!  (health, wealth and happiness)
  • Your stove and plumbing are associated with wealth and nourishment, be sure they are clean and working perfectly.
  • Clean your office and filing systems if you haven’t already.  If you want more clients or work, leave 1/4 to 1/3 of the space open and make the preparations to accommodate more business.
  • Clean your windows to bring clarity and vision into your daily life.
  • Use your front door, make it beautiful, sweep it with a new broom, place a new welcome mat and place something red on or near your front door.  Turn the light on and ring the bell!  All this welcomes the New Life Force into your home. 
  • Take some time to live with Presence and Purpose.  Set your intentions for the day, the week, month, year.  Goals are endpoints, intentions are the fuel that gets you there.  With your intentions set, you’ll enjoy the process AND meet your goals. 
  • Focus on being happy.  There is nothing that the grace and grease of happiness won’t make smoother or more enjoyable.  Find something, ANYTHING to be appreciated, you elevate your energy and draw goodness to you.

Reserve your place at the next Class Astrology & Feng Shui: now taking registrations.

March 7, 2008  The Open Mind Bookstore  call to register  412-741-1888.


I am always available for business and private consultations or classes; call 412-741-1222 if you think I can help you.

Have a beautiful beginning to a prosperous 2008.  Even in darkness a light will shine.


All my best,




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3 responses to “2008: Year of the Earth Rat ~ “Itza gonna be a bumpy (but fun) ride!”

  1. Darlene Oshop

    I’ve studied Feng Shui before; I am trying to figure out why my friendships have become strained over the past few months. Is there some material I can read regarding this subject. Also, I did have a bad water leak (7/070 from the upstairs bathroom thru the dining room ceiling (which has been fixed). I don’t know which part of the Bagua this area refers to. Could it be the friendship area? It is in the middle room, left side of the house (while looking at the front from the outside). Any reading material you could recommend would be helpful and appreciated.
    Thanks very much
    Also, what is the cost of the 3/7 seminar and where?

  2. Fawn Chang

    Hi Darlene,

    The energy of the past few months has been intense for all of us. Some Astrological happenings could be hitting you especially hard: the bottom line of this energy is: What does not support you in your life’s purpose will be, sorry to say: destroyed. Pluto, the main planet in this energy, is the destroyer, making way for new structures.

    By your description, the area of your home would be your Health and Family area. (Is this from the front door looking in? The left side, middle third?)This relates to your family or your family of choice, i.e. friends that you have made into family. Too much water would mean that your emotions have not been expressed properly and are now overflowing causing damage. If this sounds like it fits, rest assured, this is good news.

    You now get to evaluate your friendships to see how they support you in your Life’s purpose. Do your friends ask about YOUR life, YOUR day, do they come to YOUR assistance, as well as you to theirs?

    Come to the workshop and we can be more accurate about what exactly is going on with YOU and give you some major suggestions to help you clear out the old and make way for your NEW people to come play with you in your beautiful life that makes your heart SING.

    The workshop is being held at The Open Mind Bookstore in Sewickley (412-741-1888) and is $35 (for pre-registration). It’s a BARGAIN for all the information you take away will help you get back to where YOU need to be: happy and alive in your life and relationships.

    Let me know if you think I can help you further.


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